She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 65 - Someone Was Investigating My Daughter!

Chapter 65 - Someone Was Investigating My Daughter!

Chapter 65 - Someone Was Investigating My Daughter!

Justin stared at Nora intently with his head lowered.

There wasn't any of the cold and unfeeling demeanor he usually had. The well-tailored custom-made suit set off his big and tall figure, making him look tall and straight.

Dim light flickered in his dark, deep eyes, and even the beauty mark at the corner of his eye seemed a little darker than usual.

He seemed to be looking forward to something, yet also nervous about it.

Were Pete here, he would have discovered that the egocentric tyrant, who had always acted arbitrarily, actually looked somewhat nervous at the moment…

The woman's eyes were big and shiny and had none of their usual laziness as she gazed at him.

Her appearance made his heart suddenly race. For a moment, he suddenly had the illusion that he would agree to whatever she asked for, no matter what it was.

Her lips parted and a few words popped out. "I want you…"

Justin felt as if the whole place had turned silent around him. The corners of his lips curled upward subconsciously, and even his dark eyes seemed like they were gradually lighting up like a sunny day.

Then, he heard the second half of her sentence: "…-r son."

Justin was bewildered.

The bolt from the blue made him dumbfounded.

In fact, the man, whose expression had never betrayed his feelings, couldn't quite keep a straight face anymore. Even his voice sounded a little stiff as he said, "What?"

Seeing how big his reaction was, the light in Nora's eyes dimmed little by little.

She just knew that it wouldn't work.

That bit of profit that the Carefree Pills gave probably wasn't even a drop in the bucket for the number one family. How would it possibly move him?

Thinking about it from his perspective, if he were to offer to buy Cherry… Well, if he allowed her to sleep at the Hunts' residence, it wasn't entirely impossible, either.

Nora lowered her gaze, her long eyelashes casting their silhouette on her cheek. With a little disappointment, she said carelessly, "Just kidding."

Justin, "…"

Nora's cell phone rang at this time.

She nodded at Justin, then walked a few steps away and answered the call. Solo's voice rang out from the other end of the call. He said, "Anti, I found signs that someone was searching the Internet for your daughter's photo just now!"

Nora was puzzled.

Her eyes narrowed and she immediately looked at Justin, only to see that his assistant standing behind him was currently whispering something to him.

Justin looked up and glanced at her. Then, his assistant held up his cell phone, apparently about to open the email and show him the photo…

Nora panicked. She hung up and immediately took a step forward. "Mr. Hunt!"

Justin, who was about to open the email, was taken aback and he looked at her.

A cold glint flickered in Nora's eyes and she came right up to Justin. Then, she tiptoed, reached out one hand, and held his shoulder as she said in a low voice, "Your clothes are wrinkled."

With her cell phone in her other hand, she 'accidentally' bumped it against Sean's cell phone that Justin was holding. While pretending to pat his clothes, she counted silently:

Five, four, three, two, one…

Time's up.

Nora was about to take a few steps back to put some distance between the two of them when a large warm hand suddenly held her around her waist. "Look out."

A waiter happened to be passing by behind her.

Nora felt as if the palm on her waist was burning hot. She raised her head in discomfit and her gaze met with the man's smiling lip corners.

His lips were thin, but their shape was refined and good-looking.

His nose bridge was very tall, making him look very gallant.

His pupils were very dark, making them seem deep and bottomless.

Up close, his face had a bewitching charm to it.

Nora felt as if the air in her lungs had been sucked away, making her chest feel tight and stuffy. She hurriedly pushed him away and took a few steps back. After she steadied herself, she said, "Thank you."

Then, she turned and left.

As he gazed at her fleeing in embarrassment, Justin looked down at his fingertips.

The woman really had a fantastic figure. Areas that should be fleshy were fleshy, yet her waist was so slim and slender. It was as if he could hold it with just a hand…

After a while, he finally looked at the cell phone. However, the screen had turned black.

An astonished Sean said, "… Is the battery flat? It shouldn't be, though. The battery was more than 60% full just now. Why can't I turn it on anymore…"

After hacking Sean's cell phone, Nora lowered her gaze and tapped away on her big and heavy cell phone for a short while.

At this point, a shadow suddenly appeared in front of her.

Nora looked up—Tina was supporting Jon and looking at her with hostility.

As she tossed her cell phone into her pocket, she also heard Tina say cheerfully, "Miss Smith, something awesome is about to happen to you!"

She deliberately raised her voice, attracting the attention of everyone around them.

Jon let out a cough and said, "So, you're an old friend's daughter. Back then, your mother and I were good friends. Even though she went astray and ruined herself, now that you're back, I should guide you in your mother's stead. I heard that you're a surgeon? I wonder if you're interested in traditional medicine?"

A question mark slowly appeared in Nora's mind: ?

Tina said, "Miss Smith, are you so happy that you're lost for words? My teacher, Mr. Myers, is about to take you as his student, so hurry up and acknowledge him as your teacher!"

Nora, "!!"

Tina straightened her back and slowly said, "Miss Smith, perhaps you're not very familiar with the traditional medicine scene here. At present, there are a few masters of traditional medicine in New York—Dr. Myers, Dr. Lincoln, and Dr. Jenkins. The three of them were students of Dr. Silvester Zabe, the most famous practitioner of traditional medicine many years ago. However, Dr. Zabe hasn't seen any patients for many years, so there's no one better than Mr. Myers now.

"Mr. Myers is also the deputy dean of the New York College of Traditional Medicine. There are scores of people trying to apply to become a postgraduate student under him. It's your honor that he's willing to take you as his student. It's a blessing that many are begging for!"

As soon as she said that, the people around them immediately started to speculate among themselves. "No wonder Mr. Jon is so skilled in traditional medicine. As it turns out, he was under the tutelage of Dr. Zabe. But wasn't it said that Dr. Zabe didn't take any students?"

Jon smiled lightly and said, "I was lucky enough to have studied under Mr. Zabe for a few years. I suppose you can call me an unofficial student of his!"

The moment he said that, Dr. Lincoln, who had helped to verify the Carefree Pill just now and was of equal standing as Jon, muttered, "I heard that Mr. Zabe officially took in a student a few years ago and taught them everything he knew… But that's just a rumor, though. I've never seen that little junior of mine, so I have no idea whether they're male or female!"

Dr. Lincoln's words didn't attract anyone's attention, though.

Tina said, "Acknowledge Mr. Myers as your teacher here first. You can officially pay him a visit to complete the procedures next time."

Nora slowly said, "No, it's fine."

Disregarding how that man must be up to no good in his bid to take her as his student, and that he would probably make her lend him the Carefree Pill's formula to study and observe later on; just the fact that were she to become Jon's student… Wouldn't their hierarchical positions become all messed up?

Speaking of which, she was certainly being rather rude. Even though she had come to New York, she hadn't gone to visit her teacher yet…

While she was lost in her own thoughts, Tina's expression had already changed. She and Jon were about to say something when next to them, Joel Smith answered a phone call and his expression suddenly changed drastically.

He quickly took a couple of steps toward Jon and said, "My uncle is dying. Please come with me immediately and have a look at him…"