She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 658 - Hello, Charles

Chapter 658 - Hello, Charles

Chapter 658 Hello, Charles

Nora withdrew her hand that was checking Petes pulse.

Pete didnt have any major problems with his health. They were just some small problems typical of children.

From the looks of it, the gene serum didnt have any effect on him.

Nora was relieved. She narrowed her eyes and then answered the call.

A low and deep male voice came from the other end. Hello, who are you?

Nora frowned and identified herself at once. I am Nora Smith. You should know who I am, right?

The call fell silent at once.

Nora slowly said, Charles, I know you were my mothers subordinate. I have some questions for you.

Perhaps because she had called him by name, Charles replied, I have nothing to say to you!

He hung up right away after saying that.

Nora stared at her cell phone and clenched her jaw.

Why wasnt Charles talking?

Was he hiding something?

She picked up her cell phone and immediately started tracing the call to find out his location.

Half an hour later, Nora paused when she saw Charles location. She stood up, rushed out of the house, and drove straight to the hospital.

Thats right.

Charles was in the hospital!

After Nora rushed to the hospital and got out of the car, she immediately saw a group of nurses and doctors moving about in a hurry and busy at work. Ambulances arrived at the entrance of the hospital one after another.

A lot of people in white lab coats were anxiously giving first aid to the victims being carried out of the ambulances.

Their white clothes were dyed red, and some of the victims blood had wet the white sheets, forming a shocking and harrowing sight.

All the non-urgent passages in the hospital had been closed, and all the doctors had rushed over to deal with the victims of the traffic accident.

Nora stood at the door and looked at her busy colleagues. She heard a doctor approaching and asking, What happened?

Sigh, its a long story. A bus got into a traffic accident. All fifty-odd people in the bus are injured!

Really? How did this happen all of a sudden? Ill take over the patient here, you can take care of the one over there

Although the doctors were flustered, they dealt with the victims in an orderly manner. The other patients also wisely stepped aside.

When a real disaster occurred, everyone knew that life was more important than anything else.

Beep, beep, beep A medical instrument started sounding a warning beep. Nora looked to the side and saw that an unsupervised victim had suddenly gone into shock.

Upon hearing the warning beep, a panicked nurse shouted, Where is Dr. Wilson? Where is Dr. Wilson?

A patient went into cardiac arrest just now, Dr. Wilson has gone over!

The nurse was in a huge panic. This patient has gone into shock! What do we do now?

Nora rushed over subconsciously. She was wearing a black shirt. She took a white lab coat from the side and put it on. Then, she walked over to the nurse and said, Let me do it!

You? Who are you?

The nurse looked at her dubiously. Are you a doctor?

Noras one-liner made the nurse shut up: I am Anti.

The name Anti was most definitely a regal existence for people in the medical industry.

Therefore, a look of joy came over the nurses face at once. What should we do about this patient?

Nora took a look at the patient and immediately instructed, Start CPR at once. Inject 5ml of

Perhaps because her voice was simply too calm and collected, the nurse gradually calmed down. Under her orders, she began to perform CPR on the patient.

What came after that was a slew of first aid measures. At last, the patients heartbeat returned to normal. Nora touched his abdomen and said, The patient has internal bleeding. Send him for surgery at once!

Yes, doctor!

Patients typically needed to go for X-raysand on top of that, it wasnt even known which part of the body required X-raysbefore they could receive treatment. In the process of finding the cause of their illness, they ended up missing the most optimal treatment time.

However, with just a casual touch, Nora had figured out the cause of the patients condition, thereby speeding up the rescue process. This also saved them a lot of unnecessary trouble.

After the first aid was completed, the people outside gradually dispersed.

Most of the patients had also been categorized. Patients with minor or moderate injuries were currently resting in the corridor outside due to a lack of beds.

As for patients with serious injuries, they had been pushed into the operating rooms.

There were enough doctors in the hospital. Thus, after the initial panic, the order resumed and they started to provide medical treatment in an orderly manner.

Nora took off her mask and gloves, and then tossed the white lab coat into the room next door. When she looked around, she noticed a man standing at the door to the operating room. He was talking to a nurse excitedly. Im so excited. Oh my god, Im so lucky. Really, Im really too lucky This is a whole bus of people were talking about. The bus even rolled over, and everyone is injured, but not me! Look at me, I didnt even get a scratch!

The nurse said, Yes, okay, sir, we understand, but Id still suggest that you have a full-body examination done. After all, there could still be many internal injuries.

The man patted his chest. No way, I really am fine! Theres nothing wrong with me at all! Look at me, look at how energetic I am! I am the luckiest person on earth!

As the man spoke, he began to turn on the spot.

Nora had initially taken notice of the man because of his behavior, but the very moment he turned around, Nora suddenly froze.

Because there was a mole on the side of the mans face, and there was even a strand of hair on the mole!

When one connected this to the reason why Nora had come to the hospital

She narrowed her eyes. Suddenly, she took a step forward and patted the man on the shoulder.

The man turned around.

Nora narrowed her eyes and stared at him. What a coincidence, Charles.