She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 657 - The Mystery of Xander’s Birth!

Chapter 657 - The Mystery of Xander’s Birth!

Chapter 657 The Mystery of Xanders Birth!

Old Maddy said, I dont know why he was chosen, but your mother told us at the time to choose the smartest one. Thats because the serum she gave you improved ones genes. Even if it was passed on to the child, their genes wouldnt be modified much if the child was born very smart. This way, if the serum is unable to do what its supposed to, it will become ineffective. I would think that is likely the reason why.


So, Justin had been chosen because of his high IQ?

The corners of Noras lips spasmed.

But she felt that the answer didnt seem unacceptable either.

After all, Cherrys IQ was slightly higher than Petes, probably because half of a females genes were inherited from the father.

Then, heres my last question.

Nora stared hard at Old Maddy. If I gave birth to more children, would the amount of serum distributed to each child have become smaller, thereby making it safer for them?

If her theory was correct, then she could conclude that she had indeed given birth to triplets!

Her mother must have given her the triplet-making drug in order to let the three children share that bit of gene serum. If so, Xander would be her son!

However, Old Maddy suddenly smiled and answered, Of course not.

He sighed and said, Your mother only injected you with a very low dosage of serum in the first place. The number of children you gave birth to didnt affect anything. It can be said that the serum could not bring much harm to the child after passing through your body.

Nora was stunned.

Why was the answer different from what she had imagined?!

She frowned, perplexed as to how things had turned out this way.

While she was thinking, Old Maddy spoke up again. Besides, your mother once said that the Andersons have genes for having twins, so it all depended on your luck. Whether you have twins or just one child, they are all still your children.


Nora looked closely at Old Maddy for a long while. In the end, she lowered her eyes. I see.

She went out of the room to see Lily standing there and nodding off as she leaned against the wall.

Nora asked, How long has it been since you last slept?

Lily, who was taller than her, immediately replied, Twenty hours, I guess?

Nora uttered an oh and then said, Get some rest.

Those three words made Lily all excited, but unexpectedly, she then heard Nora say, Once youre rested, try to restore Xanders DNA data as soon as possible.


If she wanted it as soon as possible, how was she going to get a good rest?!

She couldnt help but complain, Boss, you are so impractical. Instead of saying so much, its better that you just give me a pay raise instead.

Nora looked at her curiously. Are you very short of money?

Not really~

Lily blinked and replied, Its mainly because it costs quite a lot to support young men. Besides, that man in question is even your cousin. Boss, how much do the Smiths give to Quentin each month? Can we negotiate a little and have them give him a bit less in the future? If not, I wont have enough to keep him as my mistress!


She patted Lily on the shoulder. Then, she turned and left.

When she returned to the Smiths, to her surprise, she found Samuel seated in the living room. Seeing her, he immediately came forward with an ingratiating smile and said, Nora, can you talk to Joel and have him release your Grandaunt Sue?

Nora: ?

She looked at Joel, only to see him as smiley as ever as he said, Granduncle Samuel, what are you saying? Nora has nothing to do with


As he spoke, he gave her a look.

Nora went upstairs at once. In the corridor, she could still hear Samuel downstairs. He said, Joel, you cant do this. Sue did make a false police report, but its already been so long. Shouldnt you let her out by now? I heard that you even talked to the police, so shes having a hard time inside. You cant treat her like this

Joel was still smiling at him. Granduncle Samuel, what are you talking about? I dont understand

You wolf in sheeps clothing, stop pretending! I know all about it!!

Samuel yelled angrily.

Joel, however, remained as smiley as ever. Really? So, what do you know, Granduncle Samuel?


She finally knew how Joel came to be known as a wolf in sheeps clothing. He was really good at frustrating people and making them feel as if everything they did was useless.

And in private, not only was he merciless, but also vicious.

She was sure that Joel was definitely the one behind Sues continued imprisonment.

It was like back then

After Hillary was imprisoned, she had been having a very hard time.

Nora had wanted to punish her at the time, but when she looked into it, she found that both Karl and Joel had talked to the people inside. This led to Hillarys life inside becoming a living hell. This was also why she had been duped in the end the moment they gave her a bit of hope.

Joel might look like a pushover, but in truth, he was secretly very vicious!

Moreover, after Tanya poisoned Hillary and was falsely accused of murdering her, and then her name subsequently cleared again, someone had exhumed Hillarys grave.

She was already dead, yet her corpse had been taken out of the grave and whipped One could say that this was revenge for Mia.

The woman who impersonated Jill also had a miserable end. She had attempted suicide several times in prison.

It was just a pity that Joel would not allow her to die after all the wicked things she had done, so she hadnt been successful in killing herself all this time.

Nora went upstairs and ignored the ongoings downstairs. It was just that after a while, she heard that Samuel had decided to withdraw from the companys board of directors and that he had also voluntarily given up some of his dividends to expand the ancestral graves and repair the Smiths ancestral home.

Nora shook her head, feeling like Joel was really someone who got things done quietly and inconspicuously.

However, she didnt care much about these affairs in the Smiths.

After going upstairs, she posted a missing person notice in the online version of a newspaper.

Because she had spent some money on it, the missing person notice was published right in that nights newspaper.

As long as Charles was still alive, he would probably take the initiative to contact her when he saw the ad, right?

After Nora was done, she leaned on the desk, her fingers tapping lightly against the desk as she waited quietly for the call.

Old Maddys recovery had allowed her to come one step closer to the truth. She had also received a great deal of information earlier in the day.

The mystery of why she would have died if she hadnt had a baby had finally been solved.

But when she thought of this, she hurriedly stood up and walked over to Pete. Pete, who was writing his assignments, sensed her presence. He raised his head and looked at her. Whats the matter, Mommy?

Nora held his hand and said, Nothing much. Just a routine check of your pulse.

Pete looked at her quietly, his dark eyes filled with trust and love.

This made Nora suddenly think of the split-second glance she had seen from Xander when she was at the Hunt Manor earlier that day. It seemed like there was a similar pair of innocent eyes looking at her at that time

A few hours after the ad in the newspaper was published, her cell phone suddenly rang.

Nora looked over-it was an unfamiliar number!

Charles call was here!

The mystery of Xanders birth would finally be revealed!