She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 650 - It’s Her!!

Chapter 650 - It’s Her!!

Chapter 650 Its Her!!

Justin smiled. They havent met yet.

Nora: ?

She turned her head hesitantly and heard Justin say, Ever since Cherry came back, Xander has been hiding upstairs. He got the butler to deliver to his room. He has been acting suspiciously every day for god knows what I didnt bother with him too much.

Before confirming Xanders identity, Justins feelings for this child were still complicated.

On the one hand, he was disgusted by the sudden appearance of a child.

On the other hand, this child might be his and Noras. Even if it was not Noras, it should probably be his. Therefore, he could not hate the child.

There were even times when he looked into the childs pure eyes and felt that Xander could still be saved. Perhaps this child was not as bad as Trueman in his bones.

After all, he was only five years old!

In such a complicated situation, if he did not want to interact with Cherry, Justin would not force him.

Nora was silent for a moment. Are you sure they havent met yet?

Justin was about to answer yes when he suddenly paused and pursed his lips. At least they hadnt met before I went out.

Nora rubbed her forehead. Yes, I guess they will meet now.

She knew Cherry too well!

The little fellow was definitely not the obedient type. She would definitely be very curious if there was a child living upstairs!

Justin: !!

He immediately became nervous. That child, Xander, has a bad temper and a foul mouth. Would he bully Cherry? No, I have to call and get the butler to take a look.

Before he could pick up his phone, Nora pressed his hand down and sighed silently. Forget it. Its not certain who will bully whom!


His daughter was so soft and obedient, how could she bully others?

Nora rolled her eyes.

It seemed like Justin still did not understand the little demons nature. If she were that obedient, why would Nora be so strict with her?!

However, when the little demoness faced the little devil, she wondered who was stronger between Cherry and Xander?

Suddenly, she was a little curious!

Nora smirked. Just as she was thinking about it, she saw Justin say, No, I still have to make a call. Cherry is a girl. She cant be wronged!


Originally, it was not certain who would win between Cherry and Xander, but if there was a father to pull the strings, then Cherry would definitely be able to suppress Xander, right?

Justin went to make a call, but Nora ignored him.

After the call, the group arrived at the Stewarts.

When they saw them coming over in a grandiose manner, especially when Justin drove into the Stewarts house, the Stewarts instantly became nervous and trembled top to bottom.

Mrs. Stewart was very nervous when she saw this. The soft-hearted woman held Jessicas hand and asked carefully, Why is Mr. Hunt here?

Jessica looked at Nora helplessly. They have something to discuss. Mom, wheres that prescription from back then? Take it out and let Miss Smith and Mr. Hunt take a look!

Mrs. Stewart nodded and went upstairs. Soon, she came down with a formula in her trembling hands.

She handed the formula to Nora respectfully. When she handed it to her, she was still saying, Miss Smith, thank you so much for helping Helen! Without your help, Helen definitely wouldnt have been able to get rid of this marriage. If you want this formula, then take it! However, you shouldnt take too much of this medicine. Damn it, look at me. Youre an alternative medicine doctor yourself. What else can I say? Look at the prescription yourself and you should understand! Its best if you only take one pill every time. Your family already has twin genes. One pill can help you give birth to triplets! Dont take too many. Having too many children is very bad for the mother

Nora took the formula. After opening it and seeing the words, she was stunned!

It was her!!