She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 651 - Yvette’s Words!

Chapter 651 - Yvette’s Words!

Chapter 651 Yvettes Words!

The note should have been written a long time ago. The edges had been worn down to the point of being dilapidated. It had been protected very well by the Stewarts.

The piece of paper was probably very old. It was slightly yellowish as if it would disintegrate with a light tug.

Nora was silent for a moment before suddenly asking, Can I have this piece of paper?

Jessica sensed Noras expression and knew that the matter seemed to be a little serious. She said, Sure. Actually, we have already recorded the formula on this piece of paper. We kept this piece of paper to commemorate it.

This piece of paper was meaningless to the Stewarts.

Nora nodded. She carefully folded the piece of paper following the creases and placed it in her pocket.

When she looked up again, she looked at Jessica and thanked her.

Jessica said, I should be the one thanking you. However, please keep this between us.

If everyone came looking for their secret medicine, it would be troublesome.

Nora understood, so she nodded.

She did not stay long with Justin. Before leaving, Justin suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked at Jessica. If theres anything in the future, you can directly come to me. This was a promise Justin made to her.

After all, although Nora had helped the Stewarts, It was hard for Jessica to take out the formula to repay her. Now that Jessica was being so cooperative, the Hunts could not ignore them. Furthermore, if Jessica did not give the formula to Mrs. Livingstone, she would probably become enemies with them. Justins words were also a promise to the Stewarts for their protection.

The Hunts would not stand on the Livingstones side!

Jessica heaved a sigh of relief.

The reason she was so cooperative was that she hoped that the Hunts and Smith would not interfere in this matter. The Stewarts and her husbands family were not afraid of the Livingstones. What they had always been afraid of were the Hunts!

After leaving, Nora remained silent.

After getting into the car, Justin did not ask her why her expression was serious and only asked, Where are we going?

Nora was silent for a moment before replying, The Andersons.

Justin paused for a moment and drove straight to the Andersons.

When they arrived at the Andersons, Melissa was a little surprised. Nora, why are you back so soon? Did something happen?

Noras expression was better now.

Or rather, she had always been expressionless. Therefore, at this moment, she was expressionless. The people from the Andersons did not notice either. Nora said, I came to see Grandma.

Although Mrs. Andersons eyes had recovered, she was still old. All kinds of things had happened to her body, and it had worsened with age. Therefore, Nora would visit her every once in a while.

She felt that her words were flawless.

However, Melissa glanced at Justin, who was following behind her, and lowered her eyes. Okay, go!

Nora went upstairs and Justin sat on the sofa downstairs.

This was the Andersons house, after all. He could not go upstairs at will. There were many women at the Andersons. It was not like the Smiths where he had his own room.

He had just sat on the sofa when Melissa suddenly sat opposite him and said, Justin, there are a few things Im not sure if I should say.

Justin immediately sat up straight.

Justin had always admired the Andersons.

Yvette was a admirable figure in the past, and the Andersons had not lost their pride all these years. Although they could not compare to the Hunts in terms of business, they had always been in the lead in the pharmaceutical industry.

Melissa was a scholar and also a well-known painter. He would often visit the Andersons when she was in California.

Hearing Melissas sudden serious tone, he said humbly, Please speak.

Melissa lowered her eyes. You should know Noras temper and character as well. Shes not one of those gentle women who stay at home. She has a huge drive and can go even further than her mother back then. You know this, right?

Justin nodded. I know. I never wanted her to feel trapped.

Others tied their wives down, but it was impossible for him to do so.

Even if she became Madam Hunt, Nora would not be his accessory!

But why would Melissa suddenly say such things?

As he was thinking, Melissa said, Yes, I heard you have an illegitimate child?


He understood!

Although Nora had acted very normal earlier, Melissa had still caught her mood immediately. She had pretended not to see it. Now, she was knocking him down!

Although not many people knew that he had an illegitimate child, there were still quite a few. Melissa had probably heard some rumors!

He hurriedly said, I havent confirmed it.

Melissa looked at him. Huh?

Justin suddenly felt like he was facing his mother-in-law. He hurriedly explained, We havent confirmed if that child is mine yet, but dont worry. Ive already dealt with the person who pretended to be his mother. Also, I dont think Ill make things difficult for Nora because of him in the future.

Melissa then heaved a sigh of relief. Nora has a cold personality and is not suitable to take care of children. The Hunts are very busy. Its not like we cant afford to raise a child. Us Andersons and Smiths are not petty either

Melissa had long guessed that if Justin had an illegitimate child, he was probably schemed against.

To be honest, this was not Justins fault.

After all, the children between Justin and Nora seemed to have been schemed against.

Melissa could tolerate him raising a child outside. After all, it was too unreasonable to stop a father from raising a five-year-old child. However, this child could not appear in front of Nora and disturb her!

Hearing Justins guarantee, Melissa frowned.

Was Nora a little frustrated? Was she frustrated about this?


Nora checked Mrs. Andersons pulse and confirmed that she was fine. Then, she went out and entered the room she had stayed in after returning to New York.

That room belonged to Yvette.

After entering, she went straight to the study and took out the medical book Yvette used to read. There were many notes on it, all written by Yvette.

She took out the piece of paper she had brought with her and unfolded it. Then, she looked at the words on the paper.

Yvettes writing was extremely aggressive. She always liked to draw the last stroke very long. Her handwriting was unique and different from others. When she turned a corner, she liked to draw an extra arc.

After careful comparison, she finally came to a conclusion.

The words on the paper were indeed written by her mother, Yvette!