She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 649 - That Lunatic

Chapter 649 - That Lunatic

Chapter 649 That Lunatic

Hearing this, Jessica was stunned and did not answer for a moment.

After a moment, she sighed. Actually, it was six years ago. I had once saved a lunatic. He was wearing ragged clothes and fainted from hunger on the way. Then, I gave him some food and some money. In order to repay me, that person gave me a formula.

Jessica sighed. At first, I did not believe in that formula. I brought it home for my mother who knew a little about alternative medicine. After taking a look, she said that it was a divine medicine. Therefore, she got me to make a few pills. When we wanted children after marriage, we ate one pill and really gave birth to triplets.

At this point, Jessica continued, Later on, I gave it to my second sister. She also gave birth to triplets. However, my second sister was more greedy. She ate two during her second pregnancy, so she gave birth to quadruplets

Nora: ?

This could still be controlled?

She hesitated for a moment. What did that lunatic look like?

At the mention of a crazy person, she thought of a possibility. It was Old Maddy who was still in the hospital and being taken care of by Lily.

Ever since Old Maddys food poisoning incident, he had been in the hospital. Later on, Nora taught Lily the method of acupuncture and asked her to continue treating Old Maddy.

Speaking of which

Not only did Lily have to perform acupuncture on Old Maddy regularly, but she also had to drug Quentin regularly. She also had to constantly do DNA tests and restore the DNA sequencing to its original state before using it to compare samples

She was really busy.

Yes, remember to give Lily a raise!

While Nora was thinking about this, Jessica said, He looked like a normal person. He looked quite dirty, but I didnt take a photo.

Nora took out her phone and found Old Maddys photo to show her. Is this the person?

Jessica looked at the disfigured person and immediately shook her head. No. The lunatic I saved spoke incoherently, but he wasnt disfigured. I still remember that there was a huge mole on his left cheek, and there was a strand of hair on the mole.

Old Maddy had been disfigured more than twenty years ago.

However, Jessica had saved the person six years ago.

Six years ago was also the time when Nora was about to get pregnant!

Nora suddenly asked, Where did you save him?

Jessica said, I was traveling in the country. It was in a small town, but as for where it was, I have to think about it It seemed to be near California!


Nora continued to ask, What about the time? When was the exact time six years ago?

Jessica recalled carefully. Six years ago it should have been winter. Because I remember the madmans hair was frozen at the time. The clothes he wore were tattered. I even gave him my husbands down jacket. Yes, it was winter. My husband and I had gone out for our honeymoon!


When Nora was pregnant, it was in the winter six years ago!

This made her even more suspicious of what had happened.

Jessica saw that she was asking so many questions and thought of how Nora had also come from California. When she saved him back then, that person also seemed on his way to California

She suddenly asked, Is this related to you?

Nora nodded. If Im not wrong, it should be related to me.

Justin suddenly said, Jessica, do you still have anything left of him?

As the head of the Hunts, it was difficult for the Stewarts to talk to Justin on normal days. Only someone at the level of her father-in-law could sit beside Justin and talk with him.

Therefore, when he spoke, Jessica instantly became even more proactive.

She thought about it carefully and suddenly said, Oh, the formula that person gave me back then is still here! It was written by hand!


Nora and Justin looked at each other and said in unison, Can we take a look?

Of course.

Jessica said, But its at the Stewarts. Should I go back and get it?

No, its fine.

Nora decided to follow beside her. Ill come with you to get it.

Jessica nodded without hesitation. In her impression, Nora could not have come to steal the formula for the triplets. After all, Nora was Dr. Zabes disciple!

Jessica trusted her medical skills very much.

After settling Helen down, Justin let her stay in the VIP ward and even sent someone to protect her to prevent Thomas from harassing her. After settling all of this, Jessica drove in front and Justin followed behind her with Nora. The two cars left the hospital and went straight to the Stewarts.

On the way.

Justin drove while Nora stared ahead and suddenly asked, How are Cherry and Xander getting along?