She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 64 - I'll Give You Anything You Want

Chapter 64 - I'll Give You Anything You Want

Chapter 64 - I'll Give You Anything You Want

Everyone turned and looked over to see a slender figure casually standing there. The young woman looked charmingly beautiful, and her cat-like eyes were slightly downcast as if she was sleepy and tired.

Yet she also gave off a sense of unbridled arrogance.

Her fair slender fingers went to her pocket and she took out a black pill wrapped in a white paper. After tearing off the simple and crude white wrapper, she held it between two of her fingers and looked at Jon. She said, "This is the real deal itself—the Carefree Pill."

Jon's eyes widened the moment he saw her. The young woman simply resembled Yvette Anderson too much, making him a little dazed. It was just like that time back when that other young woman had stood in front of him and declared proudly, "I've successfully made the Carefree Pill!"

Someone in the crowd exclaimed, "Dr. Lincoln, have a look at it! Is that the Carefree Pill?"

Dr. Lincoln was a well-known traditional medicine practitioner in the circle. Upon the request, he took a step forward and took the pill from the young woman. Then, he scratched off a bit of it, held it to his nose, and sniffed it carefully.

A moment later…

"It's the Carefree Pill! In addition, it seems like it was made recently!"

"What? Made recently? That young woman seems to be from the Andersons…"

"Could it be that Yvette really was the one who created the Carefree Pills?"


As soon as the words left the speaker's mouth, the hall fell quiet.

Simon's eyes lit up and he immediately said, "Mr. Myers, you have nothing to say now, do you?!"

Jon regained his composure very quickly. He said mysteriously, "I had made medicines together with Yvette back then. I didn't expect that she has also successfully created the Carefree Pill…"

He was trying to make up for the embarrassment just now.


Melissa chuckled softly. Although she hadn't said anything, it nevertheless made Jon's face burn as if someone had slapped him a few times!

Everyone exchanged looks with one another.

Suddenly, Dr. Lincoln stepped forward and asked, "… Mr. Anderson, may I know if the pill is for sale? I'm willing to pay $15,000!"

As soon as he said that, everyone else also regained their senses and started to swarm toward Simon.

"I'm willing to pay $23,000!"

"I'm willing to pay $80,000!"

"I'm willing to pay $150,000!"


This was obviously a conference, but if anyone were to pass by outside, they might have thought it was an auction house instead.

Simon ignored them all and carefully put away the pill that Dr. Lincoln was holding. He said, "This pill…"

Before he could say the words 'not for sale', Nora said unhurriedly, "… is for sale, of course."

Simon, "!"

The Myerses could even make a name for themselves in New York just by relying on a mere pill. Did Nora have any idea just how valuable the pill was or not?

He was about to speak when Nora started taking out more pills from her pocket. One, two, three… She took out a total of twenty pills!

She said calmly, "The Andersons' new product, the Carefree Pill, will be launched at the end of this month. The retail price will be… $3,000 per pill?"

She had originally planned to price them at $1,500 each, but going by their fervency just now, it seemed like she could also sell them at $3,000 without any problem? Nora was still wondering whether or not the price was too high when the crowd started shouting:

"I want 200 pills!"

"I want 2,000 pills!"

"Mr. Anderson, I want 3,000 pills!"

All the drugstore and hospitals' procurement team representatives started to yell out their orders.

Simon swallowed and subconsciously glanced at Nora, who said dispassionately, "The production process for the Carefree Pill is a complicated one, so we can only produce up to 10,000 pills per month. They will not be sold at wholesale price but retail price."


Everyone was a little disappointed, but someone nevertheless approached Simon. "Mr. Anderson, if I order 5,000 cartons of Vitality Water, can you sell me 200 Carefree Pills? I'll buy them at retail price, not the wholesale price!"

Simon replied, "… Okay."

"Me too! I want some too!"

The crowd, who had been rather dismissive toward Simon just a moment ago, surrounded him one after another.

Deputy Dean Lucas of the Traditional Medicine Hall also squeezed into the crowd. He said, "Simon, on account of our friendship, you have to give me 500 Carefree Pills no matter what!"

Unfortunately, before he could squeeze into the crowd, Sheena stopped him.

With an icy smile on her face, she said, "Interested in our products, Deputy Dean Lucas? They'll cost you four times the usual price."

Deputy Dean Lucas, "…"

He had demanded a 60% discount on their products just now and now, the Carefree Pill's price had quadrupled! Sheena was definitely doing this on purpose!

Justin, who was standing nearby, looked a little stunned.

His original intention was to give her money, but now…

"The pill retails at $3,000 but she's selling it to us at $800 each. In other words, we earn a profit of $2,200 per pill, which makes $11,000,000 in total! Mr. Hunt, Miss Smith has actually given us such a large cut of the profits!"

Behind him, Sean was calculating the numbers. He remarked, "Why does it feel like we ended up taking advantage of Miss Smith?"

Justin, "…"

He was originally intending to return her a favor, but it seemed like his debt was increasing instead?

The chilly look on his face and the impatience in his heart had already dissipated at some point. The corners of his lips suddenly curled upward and even the beauty mark at his eyes was exuding joy.

The young woman amid the crowd had already meritoriously retired by now.

She slipped away quietly, leaving all the hustle and bustle to Simon, and walked toward Justin.

She had a bit of a complicated look—there seemed to be a little hesitation, as well as a little uncertainty. What was she intending to say to him? To think it was actually putting her in such a spot.

The smile at the corners of Justin's lips widened a little further.

But just as she got closer and closer to him, the woman suddenly turned and walked toward Joel, who was next to him, instead.

Justin, "?"

The smile on his face suddenly froze.

Nora was indeed feeling a little hesitant and unsure.

She didn't know whether what she was doing was right or wrong, but she simply followed her heart and walked up to Joel. She said, "Mr. Smith, the Andersons are willing to provide your uncle's medication at no cost."

Joel had already heard the commotion a long time ago.

However, he hadn't expected Nora to take the initiative and offer him the pills.

His flirtatious eyes raised slightly, but his smile also completely disappeared. His eyes were icy-cold as he replied, "I appreciate your kindness, but…

"My uncle doesn't ever take any of the Andersons' medicines."

After speaking, he nodded coldly at Nora, turned, and left.

Nora was rendered speechless.

Not expecting a response like that, she was stunned to the spot.

A low voice reached her at this point. "Ian Smith has great pride. Your mother embarrassed him back then. He'll never use the Andersons' medicines."

Nora turned to see Justin standing behind.

She clenched her jaw and then sighed.

There were mistakes that one could make up for, but there are also some that one couldn't.

In that case, there was no need for her to meddle anymore.

Seeing that she didn't seem to take it to heart, Justin coughed and slowly said, "Miss Smith, the new product…"

Nora waved and said, "Since I'm giving it to you, just take it."

Justin chuckled softly and asked, "Is there anything you want, Miss Smith?"

Anything I want…

With her eyes all bright and shiny, Nora looked at him and asked, "Will you give me whatever I want?"

There it was, that scorching gaze again.

Justin let out a low "Yes", his voice deep and sultry.

Nearby, Sean was rendered speechless.

Boss! I can't bear to watch you anymore!


His cell phone beeped.. He looked down to see that someone had sent him the photo of Nora's daughter that he had asked for just now.