She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 648 - The Way to Have Triplets

Chapter 648 - The Way to Have Triplets

Chapter 648 The Way to Have Triplets

When Jessica heard this, her expression instantly changed.

However, she suppressed her laughter and regained her calmness in an instant. Mrs. Livingstone, your words are a little frivolous. Before us, other families have had quadruplets, quintuplets, and sextuplets. They have all been on the news. Why are you only focusing on our triplets?

When she said this, her voice was very low.

She clearly did not want it to be made public.

Mrs. Livingstone began to count. There are not many twins in wealthy families, let alone triplets. But in the past few years, there have been a total of seven pairs of triplets in wealthy families. The first is yours, the next is your second sisters, and then yours again. Your second sister even gave birth to quadruplets.

Your family has a lot of children. Your mother gave birth to them. You and your second sister are also twins. We dont have any doubts, we only exclaim how awesome your genes are.

However, following that, the Lloyds also gave birth to twins. The strange thing was that be it the man or the woman, there was no precedent of them having multiple births. When I asked around, I learned that the mother of the girl from the Lloyds was your mothers half-sister! It was only because the two of them did not live together since they were young that the outside world did not know about their relationship.

At this point, Mrs. Livingstone smiled and continued, And She explained the origins of the seven triplets clearly. In the end, she said, Therefore, your family must have a way to have triplets. Tell me, I will never slander Helen outside in the future! Also, once she gets her dowry back, I can also share a portion of her shared assets with Thomas.

When Helen got a divorce, she had only brought back her own dowry.

But actually, her dowry and the Livingstones assets had earned a lot of money over the years.

Logically speaking, Helen should get a bonus.

Unfortunately, the Livingstones did not give it to her.

Helen was anxious to get a divorce and wanted to cut everything off and start a new life. She did not force it.

Hearing Mrs. Livingstones words, Jessica bit her lips and said after a while, Mrs. Livingstone, I dont know or understand anything youre saying. Triplets and twins are the same. It depends on genes. This also depends on fate! It was impossible for Jessica to reveal this secret.

She had thought it through very clearly. Being able to have triplets was her younger sisters trump card to find a man again! As long as this trump card was around, she did not have to worry that no one would want to marry her.

Seeing that she refused to speak and that other than the two of them, the other three pairs of triplets were not conspicuous, Mrs. Livingstone could not force her.

She could only say angrily, Alright, since you dont know whats good for you, dont blame


With that, she left without explaining anything to Helen under the scrutiny of the crowd.

Jessica looked at her back and took a deep breath. She felt that she had taken extra care of the Livingstones when it came to handling matters, but the Livingstones current state was really disappointing.

As she was thinking, she heard Nora say, Theres nothing wrong with Helens injuries. Its just a normal fracture. Shell be fine after resting for a while. I have some special ointment here that can heal her wounds faster. And, dont worry. this injury will not affect her future life.

Noras words were vague, but everyone present understood.

Helen was fine!

She could conceive!

When Thomas was proven to have weak semen, Helens reputation would have become better. However, if no one clarified, it was indeed difficult to say.

Who knew if there was a problem with both of them?

Now that Nora had said this, it was equivalent to guaranteeing that Helen did not have a problem!

Therefore, the gazes around her instantly became more enthusiastic.


Jessicas heart warmed up. She walked to Nora and suddenly made up her mind. She grabbed her hand. Miss Smith, are you interested in having triplets with Mr. Hunt in the future? I have a way Nora: ?

She had already given birth to a pair of twins, and Xander was most likely her child. What else could she want?

Three were enough!

However, as she thought this, she narrowed her eyes and suddenly said, I wonder what your method is?

Jessica looked around and finally leaned close to Noras ear mysteriously. I have a medicine. Ill give it to you for free.


Nora was stunned and looked at her suddenly.

Her heart skipped a beat. She suddenly asked, Where did you get this medicine?

Could she have given birth to triplets because of this medicine back then?!