She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 647 - Triplets!

Chapter 647 - Triplets!

Chapter 647 Triplets!

He was wild rude and had a strange temper Little Demon

These words entered Noras ears, making her very uncomfortable. She did not understand why, but when she heard others say that about Xander, she felt that although she was right, these bad words were too much for a child. Her eyes turned cold suddenly and she sneered. Do you think its really that easy to treat his weak semen?

Mrs. Livingstone was stunned and asked, What do you mean?

Nora had already lowered her eyes and did not want to speak anymore.

Thomas had been overly indulgent and had serious kidney deficiency. His weak semen had already reached the level of sterilization.

This illness was really difficult to treat.


If he wanted a child, she had an alternative medicine pill.

She had originally wanted to say this, but after Mrs. Livingstone had scolded Xander, she suddenly decided not to mention it. Yes, she could not be bothered to mention it previously

She smirked and did not say anything else.

Mrs. Livingstone still wanted to ask more, but Jessica walked forward and stopped her. She lowered her voice and said, Mrs. Livingstone, I have clues about the adulterer. I can provide them to you for free.

Mrs. Livingstone narrowed her eyes and looked at her warily. Are you that kind?

Jessica sighed. I just want you to take back what you said about my sister not being able to have children! If this gets out, my sisters future wont be easy. When Mrs. Livingstone heard this, she suddenly thought of something. She instantly smiled and grabbed Jessicas hand. Jessica, look. This is a misunderstanding! We cant get a divorce. Thomas is just a child. He also realizes his mistake this time. The two children are really ignorant. Why are they getting a divorce so hastily? Sigh, I think well get them to remarry tomorrow!

Jessica: ?

She frowned. Mrs. Livingstone, theyre already divorced. Besides, my sister cant possibly live with your son anymore!

Mrs. Livingstone waved her hand. Why not? Theyre husband and wife. A day as husband and wife means a hundred days of grace. When they got a divorce, I saw that Helen was also very sad. Now that I know that this is all a misunderstanding, I think we should let them get back together. Dont worry, Ill look after Thomas in the future. I wont let him make any mistakes again!

Nora, who was beside him, could not help but interrupt. He doesnt have the ability to make mistakes anymore.

He had been indulging himself too much. He probably cant even get a morning erection anymore.

He still wanted to make a mistake?


When Mrs. Livingstone heard this, she blushed.

Jessica was even more furious. She lowered her voice and said, Mrs. Livingstone, I asked you to say this because our family doesnt want to fall out with you. I think you shouldnt go overboard!

With that, she leaned closer to Mrs. Livingstone and lowered her voice. Mr. Hunt is right here. Im sure you saw his attitude. I dont think you want to make things difficult for Mr. Hunt and Mrs. Hunt, right?

The sole reason the Livingstones were respected in New York was Mrs. Hunt.

Mrs. Livingstone also relied on this confidence, but Justin was the head of the Hunts!

When Mrs. Livingstone heard this, she knew that this matter could not be blown out of proportion. She lowered her voice and said, Alright, in that case, lets make a deal! Ill help Helen clarify that its not her fault. This is all a misunderstanding. Tell me the way to have triplets!

She still wanted triplets.

After all, it was really enviable for a wealthy family to have triplets!

Twins were very common nowadays, but triplets were very rare!

Jessica frowned and sighed. I really dont know what youre talking about.

Mrs. Livingstone sneered. Stop pretending. Ive already done my research. In the past five years, there have suddenly been many triplets in New York. And all of those families are more or less related to yours!