She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 646 - Furious

Chapter 646 - Furious

Chapter 646 Furious

After the angry roar, Cecelia kept her mouth shut. This child is yours. What nonsense are you talking about?

Smack! A slap landed ruthlessly. Thomas roared, This child isnt mine! The evidence is conclusive now, but youre still lying here?! Tell me, whose child is this?!

Its yours

Cecelia refused to speak.

F*ck, Ill beat you to death!

Thomas could not stand it anymore. Even in front of so many people, he began to curse.

The ward was instantly in chaos. Then, medical staff rushed in and said that Cecelia was pregnant, urging Thomas not to do anything.

Outside the ward.

Mrs. Livingstone stood there in a daze.

What did Thomas say in the ward?

Was that child a bastard?


Did this mean that the child was not Thomas? Then what Jessica and Nora said was right?!

Mrs. Livingstone suddenly looked at Nora and Jessica

Her son really had asthenospermia.

He might not have a child of his own in this lifetime!

Mrs. Livingstone stood on the spot in shock. The determination she had shown in front of them earlier was just as helpless and face-smacking now! She felt very embarrassed, especially since they were in the VIP ward. People in the VIP ward at this private hospital were all from wealthy families!

Justin had come personally. At this moment, everyone around had already stretched their necks to look at them.

A day ago, when the two of them got a divorce, Mrs. Livingstone had even spread rumors outside to prevent the Livingstones from being criticized. She said that it was fine if Helen could not have a child, but she even teamed up with Nora and planned to turn the tables on her. But now

Someone shouted, Mrs. Livingstone, so Helen didnt play the blame game. The one who cant have a child is really your son!

In front of Justin, someone also began to suck up to him.

Miss Smiths medical skills are really awesome. Its alternative medicine. She can tell that he has weak semen just by taking his pulse? As expected of Dr. Zabes disciple!

Yes, yes. Mrs. Livingstone, you were still talking nonsense just now. How Miss Smiths medical skills arent good and shes too young and hasnt grasped the essence of alternative medicine. Now, you realize that youve wronged her, right?



Mrs. Livingstone bit her lip in anger.

The Livingstones had always had a good reputation outside. Firstly, Mrs. Hunt knew how to conduct herself and had always taught them not to do embarrassing things, so the Livingstones had developed the habit of hiding embarrassing things. Secondly, Mrs. Livingstone was very scheming. When she heard these words, her eyes instantly turned red. She held Noras hand. Miss Smith, youre really a godly doctor. Weve wronged you! Its all my fault. Look, can you help Thomas treat his illness?

Nora: ?

She raised her eyebrows and suddenly smiled. Mrs. Livingstone, Im sorry. Ill be staying at home to educate my children and take care of my husband in the future. I wont embarrass myself outside.

Mrs. Livingstone: ???

She was stunned for a moment before realizing these were the words that she herself had said in a moment of anger back at the Hunts.

Now, Nora was using these words to shut her mouth!

Mrs. Livingstone bit her lip in anger, but in front of so many people, she continued to apologize. Miss Smith, I know youre angry. For the sake of Mrs. Hunt, dont fuss about it with me! Im an elder, so Ill inevitably be a little biased when I do things. I apologize to you, okay?

Nora: I only decided to concentrate on recuperating from now on because of you. I wont show my face outside anymore. Isnt this what you told me two days ago?

Mrs. Livingstone: ???

The surrounding people were speechless.

Who had not been sick before? No one could guarantee that they would not have to beg Nora in the future! Therefore, everyone criticized Mrs. Livingstone. Mrs. Livingstone, youre being too much. What era is it now? How can a woman not have her own career?

Thats right. Do you think were living in ancient times? Should a woman just raise her children and stay at home

Mrs. Livingstone, youre really old and outdated! Which young person these days isnt busy with their career? Besides, anyone can be a wife in a wealthy family. If Miss Smith doesnt use her medical skills, wont she be wasting her talent?

Mrs. Livingstone had always been someone who could occupy the highest position in public with just a few words. However, she did not expect that this time, she would be defeated by Noras two sentences.

She was furious. Hearing the words around her, she suddenly lowered her voice and said in a voice only Nora and she could hear, Nora, dont be shameless! So what if your medical skills are good? Others can also treat his illness. My son will give birth to his own child sooner or later, but what about you?! You still have to face Justins illegitimate son!! These words made Noras pupils shrink.

Then, she heard Mrs. Livingstone continue, I heard that the illegitimate son has a very strange temper. Hes almost a little demon king. He grew up outside, has a very wild personality, and doesnt have any manners. He stirred up trouble at home and wouldnt let anyone have a moment of peace! I think you should indeed put down your career and stay at home. You should teach your eldest illegitimate son well! Heh!