She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 645 - DNA Testing for the Truth

Chapter 645 - DNA Testing for the Truth

Chapter 645 DNA Testing for the Truth

Nora glanced at the report and could not be bothered with this woman. She threw the report to her.

Mrs. Livingstone immediately took it.

After taking a look, she was stunned and frowned tightly.

Jessica, who was accompanying Helen, walked over at the right time. When she saw Mrs. Livingstones disbelieving expression, she walked to her and said, This child is almost four months old. Now that the results are out Mrs. Livingstone, you should believe it, right? Hearing her words, Mrs. Livingstone suddenly looked up.

She did not dare to believe this report and said, Impossible. After I found out that Cecelia was pregnant, I personally took her to the hospital for another checkup! It was indeed a month


How could she not know how long Cecelia was pregnant for?

She had suspected it before, so she specially took Cecelia to the hospital. Yesterday, before Thomas got a divorce, she had done a fresh checkup.

As soon as she said this, Jessica asked, Which hospital did you go to? Mrs. Livingstone said, New York Womens and Childrens Hospital.

Jessica lowered her eyes and sneered. Dont you know that the director of that hospital is Cecelias cousin?

Mrs. Livingstone: ??? She was stunned. How could this be?! Why would she bother to find out who the director of New York Womens and Childrens Hospital was? Therefore, she had never thought of this question! However, when she went to the hospital and confirmed that the child was only one month old, the doctor had joked, Eat less. Those who dont know might think that your tummy is more than three months old. If youre too fat, itll lead to premature labor~

That was why she was certain that the child in Cecelias stomach was Thomas.

But now, she realized that perhaps this was all planned by Cecelia long ago! Mrs. Livingstones expression changed from white to purple and then to as pale as paper. A series of changes made Nora, who was beside her, click her tongue in admiration.

However, Mrs. Livingstone refused to admit this. This DNA report is definitely fake! You must be lying to me!

She took a step back and stared at Jessica and Nora. Have you two worked together? Hehe, are you still going to say that theres nothing wrong with Noras medical skills? Let me tell you, its impossible. My son cant have weak semen!

If the child in Cecelias stomach was really not Thomas

This proved Noras previous guess about Thomas being infertile.

But how could her son be infertile?

No way!

This report was definitely fake!

Jessica sighed. Miss Smith had already guessed that you might not believe it, so she got your son to find a random lab outside to do it. We can wait for your sons results.

With that, she decided not to go back to the ward and sat on the bench in the corridor. She said, Mrs. Livingstone, asthenospermia can be treated. You dont have to look like youre mourning your parents. At least your family wasnt deceived by Cecelia, right?

Mrs. Livingstone sneered. I dont believe anything youre saying now! I want to wait for my son to come back!

Alright, then.

After waiting for more than two hours, Thomas finally returned.

The moment he appeared in the corridor, Mrs. Livingstone stood up and hurried over. Son, is the result out? What is it? The child is yours, right? Tell me these people are lying to me! They brought me a fake DNA report!

Thomass expression was dark and he looked very angry. He did not speak for a moment.

After a while, he pushed Mrs. Livingstone away and entered Cecelias ward.

When Mrs. Livingstone saw this scene, she was overjoyed. A relaxed expression finally appeared on her face as she sneered at Jessica. Did you see that? My son went to see Cecelia first after returning. This means that Cecelias child is definitely his! Otherwise, why would he care so much about Cecelia?

However, as soon as she finished speaking, she heard Thomass angry roar coming from the ward. Tell me, who is the father of this bastard child?!