She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 644 - Heartless Boss~

Chapter 644 - Heartless Boss~

Chapter 644 Heartless Boss~

When Lily came out, everyone looked at her.

Mrs. Livingstone was the first to ask, Is the child okay?

Thomas looked at her angrily as if she had just killed his child

However, Lily ignored these two people and walked straight to Nora.

One had to know that Lily was considered a famous surgeon outside. When had she been treated so slowly by others? Oh, except for her boss. Just like now, she had already walked to Nora, but Nora still did not speak. She could only say, Boss, Ive successfully taken the DNA sample, the patients child is fine. Noras reply was, Okay. She yawned widely.


Thomas, who was beside him, glared at her. You said that theres no problem, but how can I trust you? Ive already asked how to do amniotic fluid puncture. Forget about one month, even at four months the probability of a miscarriage is very high!

Nora looked at him slowly. Its highly unlikely that anything would go wrong when Lily is the one performing such a small procedure. Thomas: ?

Lily, who was inexplicably praised, instantly raised her chin in excitement. Her proud expression was very obvious. She rolled her eyes and handed a DNA sample to Thomas. This is your childs DNA. You can find a random testing facility now. If you suspect that I changed the sample, you can go to Cecelias side now to take her DNA sample for comparison. My results will be out in two hours.

Sigh! The DNA testing Lab would have taken at least three hours to produce the results!

How could she only need two hours?

She was too good!! Lily helplessly took another DNA sample and went straight to the monitoring room in the hospital. As she walked, she could not help but think: Was it okay to refer to herself now as a professional DNA tester?

After Lily left, there was silence.

Thomas looked at Nora and wanted to say something, but because Justin was present, he could only remain silent.

After staying there for a while, he saw Cecelia being pushed out.

Thomas pursed his lips and strode toward her. Amidst her cries of surprise, he plucked a few strands of her hair and turned to leave. Cecelia had her hair pulled out, but she could not say a word at this moment.

She knew that she was finished.

When Mrs. Livingstone saw Cecelia, she had already rushed up and held her hand to ask, Cecelia, how are you now? Wheres the child? Is the child still around?

She felt that the child would definitely not make it.

One month pregnant was the easiest time to have a miscarriage. After the amniotic fluid was punctured, the child would definitely be gone

Unexpectedly, when he said this, Cecelia actually revealed a hesitant expression. She bit her lip and said after a moment, It, its still

Still here? Mrs. Livingstone was also surprised, but she continued, Its okay. Some people dont have a miscarriage immediately In Mrs. Livingstones opinion, the child in Cecilias stomach was Thomas. Even if it was gone, it didnt matter. At the very least, after getting the secret to having triplets, their family could also have triplets!

Who would care about Cecelia?

Therefore, what she cared about the most now was to get the DNA results and then slap the faces of the Stewarts and Nora!

Nora did not have the time to stay in the hospital and wait for the results.

Justin was also a busy person. If he wanted to manage such a big company, he definitely could not waste time. But with these two people together

Justin whispered, Wait for the results?

Nora glanced at him and suddenly felt that being with him, wasting two to three hours was nothing

She nodded, so the two of them sat down on the bench in the hospital corridor and began to chat. What was Cherry doing when you went out?

Justin said, Oh, dont worry. I didnt let her play games.

If there was no flicker in his eyes when he said this, it would have been more believable.

Nora pursed her lips and chided him. Her eyes are still developing. If she stares at her phone all the time, she will become short-sighted.

Its okay. Shes a girl. If she wants to play, she can play for a while. Besides, were not short-sighted, so its not genetic. I help her do eye exercises every day and give her fish liver oil.


She grimaced. Dont you think youre spoiling her too much?

Is that so? Justin thought about it seriously. Its okay. Cherry isnt arrogant and willful. She has a sweet mouth and is especially obedient. I didnt spoil her much either. The child is sensible.

Nora felt that she simply could not argue with Justin.

She sighed silently. At this moment, Lily came out with the DNA test results.

Lily walked to Nora and yawned too. Then, she handed the results to her.

Lawrence, who had followed Justin, teased, Lily, youve been with Miss Smith for a long time. Are you also so sleepy? This is the third yawn Ive seen from you today!

Lily said unhappily, Boss yawns because of sleepiness. Im yawning because Im too tired! I havent slept for 24 hours.

Lawrence: Im sorry. When Mrs. Livingstone saw Lily, she walked over and asked, What was the outcome? The child must be Thomas, right?!