She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 643 - Results!

Chapter 643 - Results!

Chapter 643 Results!

The two bodyguards walked up to Cecelia obediently.

Terrified, Cecelia screamed and grabbed Thomas hand. She said, Thomas, the baby is still too young. It will die if the test is done on it! Ive already asked about it, it can only be done when the baby four-months-old!

Thomas was also outraged. He looked straight at Nora. What are you doing? Do you have no regard for human lives whatsoever?! Nora cast her eyes down. Four months old? If you count the time, its already about there anyway.

When Cecelia told Thomas about her pregnancy, she had already been more than three months pregnant. Now that a few more days had gone by, the time was almost right.

Besides, she would be asking Lily to do the amniocentesis test, in addition to the DNA test. She had relatively good technique, so it would not harm the baby.

Although the child was not Thomas, when it came to children, Nora had never thought of going as far as to take its life.

even if Cecelia, the childs mother, didnt want the child anymore.

Cecelias pupils shrank, but she still firmly refused to admit it. What do you mean by that? You must be Helens friend, right? Are you actually doing something like this just for Helen? Do you have any idea who the Livingstones are or not?! Dont you know that the Livingstones and the Hunts share very close ties?!

As soon as she said that, Thomas said, This is Nora.

Nora Smith?

Cecelias eyes flickered a couple of times and she understood at once. Her expression changed drastically in fright.

But she absolutely must not go with them. Once she did, everything would be over!

Therefore, despite spacing out for a moment, Cecelia quickly calmed down and continued acting. She said, I get it now. Its because you misdiagnosed Thomas, so you want to vent your anger on us now, right? Thomas! Do you really not want the baby anymore?! Dont forget that the doctor has already said that its certain that our baby is a boy!

There were many ways of determining whether a child was male or female when they became six-weeks-old.

One of them was by looking at the ultrasound scan when the baby was six-weeks-old. If the fetus was rectangular, it was a boy. If it was squarish, then it was a girl.

There was also numerical data to support the theory.

Therefore, Cecelia was very sure that the baby in her belly was a boy.

Her shout made Thomas even more anxious.

When he was twenty years old, he had accidentally impregnated a woman. Later, as the womans social status was too low, Mrs. Livingstone had forced her to have an abortion.

After that, for some strange reason, even though Thomas had fooled around with a lot of women, he had never managed to get anyone pregnant ever again.

At first, hed thought that it was because he was lucky and had done a good job at taking preventive measures.

But even after marrying Helen, he still didnt have children despite so much time passing. To be honest, he was also very anxious about it. Now that Cecelia had become pregnant after so much difficulty and the baby was even a boy

Thomas went up to the two bodyguards and got physical at once. He said, Dont touch her! Im telling you, dont touch her! I will fight whoever touches my baby!

Unfortunately, the two bodyguards didnt listen to him at all. One of them grabbed him while the other grabbed Cecelias arm.

The people Justin gave to Nora would naturally be rather skilled.

There was no need for Nora to take any action at all. They subdued Cecelia straightaway and led her-or rather, forced her-out.

Nora didnt look back. Instead, she got the paramedics to take Helen with them straightaway. The group walked out the door with great momentum and went to the hospital.

Behind them, Thomas was shouting, Nora Smith! Helen Stewart! This is no different than kidnapping! I will never let you people off! He struggled and tried to break free of the bodyguards hold. It was just a shame that he simply couldnt break free, no matter what he did.

He looked at the bodyguard and yelled furiously, Justin Hunt is my cousin! Youve got a lot of balls to have the audacity to do this to me!

However, the bodyguard still kept his eyes lowered and said nothing. It was only when Nora and the others got into the ambulance and headed towards the hospital that he finally let go of him.

After Thomas regained his freedom, he took out his cell phone and called Mrs. Livingstone. Then, he rushed out.

By the time he drove over to the hospital, Mrs. Livingstone had also arrived. The two went upstairs together and found the place where they had forcibly brought Cecelia to.

Cecelia had already been forcibly pushed into the operating room for an amniocentesis test.

As for Nora, she had dressed Helens fracture and arranged for her to be sent to the VIP ward.

Thomas rushed in at this point and yelled at the two of them, Helen, thats enough! Just because you cant have any children, do you also want to kill off my family line? If anything happens to my son, I will kill you!

Helen was already as calm as still waters by now.

All her sadness at the divorce had already disappeared.

Perhaps it was when Thomas cheated on her, or perhaps it was when she slowly discovered Thomass true colors; but after a point, she didnt have any feelings for Thomas anymore.

She kept her gaze lowered and said nothing.

Jessica said, It doesnt take long for amniocentesis test results to be out. The same goes for DNA tests. You will receive the results very soon.

Thomas, however, sneered and said, You people were the ones who took Cecelia. Who can be sure whose DNA sample it is?! Jessica said, You can take Cecelias DNA sample and do a test yourself!

Thomas frowned deeply and said, Jessica Stewart, Nora Smith, do the two of you have any idea what you are doing? Just who is it that gave you the guts to do that to my woman?! Almost as soon as he said that, a deep voice came from the door: Me.

Thomas froze when he heard the voice. When he looked behind him, he immediately saw the big and tall Justin standing right there.

Thomass flames of fury were extinguished at once.

Nora raised her eyebrows slightly and walked over. She asked, Why are you here?

Justin cast his eyes down, his voice gradually warming up as he replied, To inspect the hospital, and also to visit Quentin along the way. When I heard that you are also here, I came over to have a look.

Quentin was Noras cousin, so of course he would have to take good care of him.

Enlightened, Nora nodded.

At this point, Thomas rushed over. Justin, Justin! You have to help me! Isnt Nora clearly bullying me here? If she doesnt like Cecelia and likes Helen more, she couldve just said so earlier. That way, I wouldnt have gotten a divorce! But shes straight-up getting rid of my baby, Justin! I cant have that!

Justin laughed. Your baby? Can you even have children?

Thomas choked. Then, he insisted stubbornly and said, Why wouldnt I be able to have children, Justin? The baby in Cecelias belly is mine!

Justin said coolly, Oh, then lets just wait a few hours for now!


Since even Justin had told him to wait, of course Thomas wouldnt dare to go against him.

However, Mrs. Livingstone, who was standing next to him, suddenly said, Justin, since youre standing up for them, then I can take a step back with regard to Ms. Smith and that little bitch Helen bullying the Livingstones! We will not pursue the matter of them making the decision on their own to do an amniocentesis test for us! But if Cecelias baby is indeed Thomass, or if the amniocentesis test leads to a miscarriage or other consequences, then we must be compensated for the damages!

Before Justin could say anything, Jessica had already asked, What kind of compensation do the Livingstones want?

Mrs. Livingstone suddenly smiled. I have heard a long time ago that your family has a secret technique for having triplets, right? If the child is Cecelias, then you must give us the medicine for having triplets for free! As compensation!

Medicine for having triplets?

Upon hearing this, Nora suddenly looked at Jessica.

For some reason, she suddenly had a strange feeling in her heart.

At this moment, Lily finally walked out of the operating room.