She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 642 - The Badass Nora Smith

Chapter 642 - The Badass Nora Smith

Chapter 642 The Badass Nora Smith

Cecelia: !!

She was so shocked that she couldnt even move.

It was only when the others rushed over that she finally came back to her senses.

With this, she couldnt give herself a miscarriage anymore! It would be too obvious if she fell again. Also, it wouldnt be Helen who pushed her down anymore!

For a while, Cecelia could neither advance nor retreat.

At the top of the stairs.

Nora was giving first aid to Helen.

She had slowly started to bleed after she fell down the stairs, and she was extremely weak at the moment. Nora gave her a checkup and found that she had suffered bone fractures and a slight concussion, but was not in danger of dying. Only then did she breathe a sigh of relief.

She was about to speak when Jessica rushed over and shouted, Helen, what happened?!

Helen was in a lot of pain. Both her arms and her legs hurt, but she still stared hard at Cecelia and said, Cecelia was planning to falsely accuse me of pushing her down the stairs. I accidentally fell trying to save her. Everyone there was a member of the rich and powerful circle. All of them were very familiar with little tricks like that.

Jessica understood everything with just those few words of hers.

Her eyes turned red from anger. She pointed at Helen and shouted, How can you be so muddleheaded! Even if she succeeds in slandering you, we still have evidence against her!

Jessica had already found Cecelias adulterous lover-in other words, the father of the babya long time ago.

She was planning to hand him over to Thomas together with the evidence today.

But Helen instead smiled at her wryly and said, Jessica, you dont understand what the Livingstones are like. Without the baby, there wont be any direct evidence. For the sake of not shaming themselves, they would rather refuse to admit or believe it.

If the child was gone, Cecelia and her lover would be able to insist that nothing had happened.

After all, even if Cecelia did have sexual relations with her lover three months ago, her private life had always been chaotic anyway. The Livingstones would never believe a word of what they said. Therefore, nothing must happen to the child! Because it was the most crucial evidence!

Helen was in so much pain that her face was as white as a sheet. While the ambulance hadnt yet arrived, she lay where she was and said to Jessica, I thought it through in that moment just now. Women have to stand up for themselves, otherwise, they will forever be looked down upon.

Jessica, I have become strong.

See? Im actually in so much pain right now, but I didnt even cry. Seeing her younger sister like that, Jessicas eyes reddened.

She nodded. Go to the hospital first. Ill handle the rest.

Im not going Jessica, I want to stay here and watch them make a joke out of themselves! Helen grabbed Noras hand and refused to let go, for fear that if she did, she would be taken away by the ambulance.

Jessica kept quiet for a while.

Nora said, Shes fine for the time being.

Only then did Jessica agree.

Everyone around them had heard their conversation. Even Thomas frowned and looked at Cecelia.

When he looked at Cecelia, who was upstairs, the woman finally regained her senses. She hurriedly came down and shouted, Helen, I know you loathe and hate me. I have also been apologizing to you the entire time just now. I told you, even if I become Mrs. Livingstone, you still have a place in Thomas heart. The separation is not your fault, it was just because you cant have children. But how can you jump down the stairs yourself and falsely accuse me like that?! You even said that I wont have the chance to become Mrs. Livingstone when you jumped down, sob

Its fine even if you dont want me to become Mrs. Livingstone, but you cant use such a suicidal method to make false accusations towards me! Thomas, you have to stand up for me!

Thomas immediately glared at Helen furiously. Why are you starting to resort to such tricks like crying, kicking up a huge fuss, and threatening suicide? Are you trying to save our marriage with those tricks? Ill tell you thisno way!

When Helen saw how Thomas had chosen to believe Cecelia without any hesitation, she knew at once that she had done the right thing just now.

If the child was gone, Thomas would definitely refuse to believe the truth.

She clenched her fists. Suddenly, she looked at Cecelia and said, In that case, do you dare to go to the hospital for a test?

Cecelia nodded. Of course! Why wouldnt I? But for the baby, I want to wait until its four months old before I do it. Its only a little over one month old right now, so there is no way to do the test! For the sake of my babys health, we have to wait! Thomas and I have already talked about it. Besides, I have a clear conscience, so Im not afraid! I am not scared of any test! Its just that its not the right time yet. Dont worry, two months later, I will have it done even without you needing to mention it!

She was stalling for time.

A lot of things could happen in two and a half months! At the worst, she would just find an opportunity to have a miscarriage at the very last moment. In any case, she mustnt cement those claims at the moment.

Just as Cecelia thought so triumphantly to herself, Nora suddenly stood up impatiently. She gave a wave, upon which the two bodyguards that Justin had given her rushed over.

Nora pointed to Cecelia and ordered, Take her to the hospital for the test. I will take responsibility for all the consequences.