She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 641 - The Unsuccessful Scheme Backfires

Chapter 641 - The Unsuccessful Scheme Backfires

Chapter 641 The Unsuccessful Scheme Backfires

Helen stared at her and snapped angrily, Are you here to tell me that the child is not Thomas?

Cecelias expression changed drastically at once!

She said, What nonsense are you talking about?!

Helen sneered, The bellies of women only one month pregnant wont show at all! They only show up when they are at least three months pregnant! But Thomas was not in the country at all three months ago. Heh, did Thomas take you abroad with him? Cecelia clenched her fists and narrowed her eyes. What nonsense are you talking about? My baby is only one month old. My belly is only showing because I have been eating too much recently, so I have gained weight! I know you cant have children, so youre venting your anger on me, but even so, surely you cant slander me like that, right?

Helen took a deep breath. Then well just wait for the Livingstones to do the DNA test when youre four months pregnant!

She turned to leave.

However, Cecelia grabbed her arm and held it tightly. She sneered, You are just jealous of me, right? Thats why youre saying things like waiting for me to become four months pregnant and whatnot. Mark my words, I wont give you the opportunity to do that!

After speaking, she suddenly let go and fell backward!

No one noticed what was happening to them. At that moment, Nora, who had been stopped by Thomas, yawned sleepily and asked, You need something?

Thomas smiled. You sure are stubborn, Ms. Smith! Given how things are, you still told my grandaunt that Im sick?.

Nora looked at him and replied seriously, You really are sick.

Youre the one thats goddamn sick! Thomas suddenly lowered his voice and swore. He said, Nora, dont think that youre my sister-in-law just because they say so! Youd best keep this in mind: Even if youve married Justin, Im not to be trifled with, much less when you havent even married him yet!

Also, Id advise you to show my grandaunt respect. Otherwise, dont blame me if I dont hold back! I have a hundred ways to make your life a living hell!

Nora: ?

She asked curiously, Which hundred ways are those?

She only had the same few methods she used for interrogation, so she was really rather curious. If they proved useful, she could even tell Morris about them and impart them to the special department.

Thomas sneered, Didnt you just have a taste of the suffering that public opinion can bring? Everyone now knows that your alternative medicine skills are half-baked. Half of the power and authority that you established in the field of medicine has been destroyed by me! Ha!


Nora sighed disappointedly. She wanted to tell him that it didnt affect her in the least and that she didnt feel anything at all. But before she could speak, a scream suddenly rang out from the side!!

Then, together with the scream, a thud rang out, like that of someone rolling down the stairs and then hitting the floor heavily!

Noras pupils shrank. She turned around abruptly and walked towards the stairs.

Thomas was also taken aback. Why does that voice sound so much like Cecelias?

Cecelia It seemed like she had left with Helen just now.

One must know that Cecelia was currently pregnant with his child!

When Thomas thought of this, he hurriedly walked over. When he saw a group of people surrounding the front, he immediately took a step forward and broke into a furious rant without even a moments thought. Helen, what did you do to Cecelia?! You vicious jealous woman!

But as soon as he walked over and saw the person lying on the ground, he was utterly stunned.

~ A minute ago

Cecelia grabbed Helens arm. With a mocking smile on her lips, she said, I will never give you the opportunity to do that.

She mustnt keep the child.

If she did, it would just be evidence of her cheating. However, she mustnt let the baby just disappear either. If she had a miscarriage right after she was asked to do a DNA test, it would arouse too much suspicion.

Besides, if she lost the baby, it would become even more unlikely for Thomas to marry her!

This was the only solution she had. If she lost the baby because Helen had pushed her off the stairs, it would give the Livingstones an excuse to attack Helen!

And when Cecelia became the victim, the Livingstones would have to take responsibility for her. Even if it was just for the sake of dealing with public opinion, in order not to bring shame to the family, they would still let her marry into the family to appease her!

The corners of her lips curled up into a smile as she cooked up a beautiful daydream. In fact, she was already imagining the day when she would become Mrs. Livingstone. Therefore, she let go of Helen and let herself fall down the stairs.

But the next moment, someone grabbed her arm tightly.

Helen grabbed her forcefully, pulled her up, and then pushed her further up the stairs.

Helen fell down the stairs while Cecelia was pushed up the stairs onto the third floor.

When Cecelia looked back again, she saw the look in the eyes of Helen, who had always been elegant and gentle, in mid-air as she fell.

Her lips moved and she said, I will definitely give you that opportunity.