She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 640 - Her Schemes Fail!

Chapter 640 - Her Schemes Fail!

Chapter 640 Her Schemes Fail!

Nora raised her eyebrows. Helen clenched her fists and asked hostilely, What are you doing here?

Cecelia walked over and sighed. I am here to give you a gift, of course.

She handed over the gift box in her hand. Thomas bought this handbag for me. I think it suits you well, so Ill just give it to you

The handbag that Thomas had bought for her Thomas had never bought her even a single gift during their three years of marriage!

Helen became even angrier, and she felt like her heart hurt a little.

In the end, what exactly was her three-year-long marriage?! She clutched her chest and took a step back.

Jessica stepped in front of her and said, Sorry, you are not welcome here.

Cecelia sighed. Jessica, you can say that we were close friends back then. There are only so many people in the circle. They may be divorced, but do the Stewarts really want to have a sour relationship with the Livingstones? Im sure the people attending the birthday party today wouldnt want to see the two families fall out with each other, either!

The people around them felt rather awkward at once.

For the sake of the Scotts, they were willing to attend the party, but if they were going to fall out with the Livingstones, then they would be unwilling to see that happen.

Cecelias words seemed to force the people present into taking sidesin other words, forcing them to become enemies with the Livingstones.

To be honest, the Livingstones werent scary. It was the Hunts who were!

Everyone glanced at Nora and then at Cecelia.

Nora was the Hunts future mistress, but Cecelia was part of the Livingstones, and the Livingstones were the elderly Mrs. Hunts family.

Would Mrs. Hunt sit by idly and watch the Livingstones get bullied?

For a while there, everyone was thrown into an internal struggle. Had they known this would happen, they would have made up an excuse and skipped the party!

Jessica understood what they were thinking. They were only here as a favor to her so that the divorce wouldnt look so awful on their part. They had kind intentions, so she couldnt possibly let the people who had come leave the place unhappily.

Therefore, Jessica said promptly and decisively, Youre making it sound more serious than it is. What do you mean by a sour relationship or whatnot? Are the Stewarts and the Livingstones going to become enemies just because the two of them have divorced? We are still friends! Besides, I even sent an invitation to the Livingstones for Helens birthday party today!

Cecelia went with the flow and said, Thats right. Since we are friends, then dont you welcome your friend here?

Jessica: !!

The huffy woman could only say in an aggrieved manner, I was just worried about your health. After all, youre pregnant, arent you?

She looked at Cecelias belly.

Cecelias belly was already starting to show a little. Jessica immediately said, I heard you are one month pregnant? Why does your belly look like you are three months pregnant instead, though?

As soon as she said that, Cecelias eyes flickered.

She was so scared that she looked straight at Jessica. However, the other party had a sincere look on her face as though she didnt mean anything else by what she said.

Cecelia breathed a sigh of relief.

She must have been thinking too much. At this time, there was activity at the door again. Everyone turned their heads to see Thomas walking in.

He even had a bouquet of flowers in his hand when he entered.

At the sight of him, everyone looked at one another.

To be honest, in a divorce between two wealthy families, it was impossible for the two families to break off all ties with each otherbecause the two families businesses had already become entangled with each others at the point of marriage. This was the reason why so many people would rather have their own relationships in private than divorce.

Driven by interests, to be honest, even Jessica didnt actually want to fall out with the Livingstones, either.

The reason for the birthday party today, as well as why she had even invited Thomas to the party, was actually so that she could give Thomas the evidence of Cecelias cheating behind closed doors. By choosing to tell them the truth before Cecelia and Thomas got married, one could say that she was showing the Livingstones goodwill.

After that, they would publicly announce that Thomas and Helens divorce was not because of Helens infertility.

Jessica knew that this way of doing things was actually very frustrating.

But she had no other choice.

This was the way it was in the world of grown-ups. Jessicas plans were very beautifully thought-out.

Seeing that Thomas was also being very supportive and had even brought flowers, she breathed a sigh of relief at once. She walked over and said, Youre here.

Thomas had always had a good reputation among outsider. This was also why Mrs. Livingstone was sure that the Livingstones reputation wouldnt suffer even if they divorced.

He looked straight at Helen and handed her the bouquet. He said, A night of love is worth a hundred days of friendship after all. Even though we are no longer husband and wife, we are still friends. If you ever need my help, you can approach me.

During the divorce the day before, the bastard had said such scummy things in private, causing Helen to leave in fury.

But when he said those words today Even though she knew very well that the mans words were not to be trusted and were false, in that instant, Helen still felt like crying.

As she held her tears back, she lowered her head, took the flowers from him, and nodded.

Then, she said, Excuse me, I have to go for a change of clothes.

After speaking, she turned and walked upstairs.

Jessica wanted to follow her, but more guests arrived at the door at this point. As the hostess, Jessica had to greet them.

A bored Nora was about to follow Helen when Thomas stopped her. He said, Ms. Smith-

The mans smile made him look very cheap.

Nora raised her brows.

Elsewhere, Helen had reached the stairwell on the third floor. She was about to turn the corner when she heard a voice come from behind her: Helen.

Surprised, she looked back to see that Cecelia had followed after her at some point and was standing on the step below her.

After Cecelia came up, she held her hand and said, I have something to tell you.