She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 639 - Face-Slapping At The Birthday Party!

Chapter 639 - Face-Slapping At The Birthday Party!

Chapter 639 Face-Slapping At The Birthday Party!

The rumors spread so wildly that the news became the juiciest piece of gossip in the circle.

After all, rich elderly ladies loved gossiping about other people the most.

The Stewarts had long since become the envy of everyone in New York because all the Stewart sisters had given birth to triplets, yet Helen couldnt.

Everyone was laughing at them.

As for Nora When everyone heard that she wasnt actually that skilled in alternative medicine, they finally heaved a huge sigh of relief.

It couldnt be helped. Ever since the return of the real young lady of the Smiths, she had already given everyone too many surprises.

After hearing that her medical skills were lacking, everyone finally found her more down-to-earth.

No one ridiculed her, however. In fact

Dont get yourself down, Ms. Smith! You are still young. Its only natural that the older and more experienced the doctor is in alternative medicine, the better they are!

Yes, thats right. Ms. Smith, alternative medicine pays more attention to relying on talking to the patient, observing the patients symptoms, and skillful pulse diagnoses. You have been working behind closed doors and away from the masses previously, so its only natural that you would have less experience. Besides, its probably very difficult to tell through ones pulse that they have a condition like asthenospermia, right? Therefore, this is not your fault.

Ms. Smith, even though you didnt inherit the essence of Dr. Zabes skills in alternative medicine, it doesnt matter. After all, you are great at modern medicine! For people like us, our hands would be shaking if we had to hold a scalpel, yet you can even operate on peoples brains! Thats really amazing!

Ms. Smith, when are you and Mr. Hunt getting married? Has the wedding date been


A group of women surrounded Nora and chattered away non-stop. Nora felt a headache coming on, and she somewhat regretted attending the party.

It was Helens birthday today.

Yes, the day after her divorce was her birthday, but Thomas must have forgotten all about it, right?

In order to wash away the dispirited air around her younger sister, Jessica, the eldest young lady of the Stewarts, had organized a grand birthday party for her.

Jessica, who had married into the Scotts, had six children-four boys and two girls. Her status in the family was also very high.

Since she had personally organized the birthday party, on account of the Scotts, most of the invited guests would attend.

Moreover, Jessica was also intending to seek a new partner for Helen at the birthday party.

The best way to shake off a previous relationship was to start another one right away.

Nora had also been invited, so she was also here.

She nodded at the people around her indifferently and walked to the side.

After she left, the few people said mockingly to the people sucking up to her just now, Shes not even Mrs. Hunt yet, I dont know why you people are flattering her so much! Besides, her medical skills arent that great either!

The few of them, however, sneered, Even if she isnt Mrs. Hunt, shes still Ms. Smith. Besides, you make it sound as if you people are that great. I really dont know what gives you the idea that you can look down on others?

The people mocking them suddenly choked on their breaths.

Elsewhere, Nora had walked up to Helen, who looked listless and as though she couldnt get her spirits up at all.

Jessica was lecturing her. Cant you psych yourself up a little? Is that scumbag really worth you doing this?. Helen hung her head and sighed. Jessica, Im not doing this for him. But I really find it pointless to announce the truth at the party. So what even if everyone knows that Im not infertile? Do we want the people approaching the Stewarts to propose marriage only for Stewarts ability to reproduce?

Sometimes, people who had been hurt too deeply found it a chore to even fight back.

Jessica looked as if she had expected better from her, yet she also choked at her words.

At this moment, a flurry of activity suddenly came from the door.

The three of them looked over to see a woman with heavy make-up walking in-it was Cecelia!

Helens pupils shrank at once and she stood up.

Cecelia smiled and said, Helen, its your birthday today, so Ive come to give you a gift. Id also like to offer you my apologies. Thomas really shouldnt have spread the truth everywhere like that. His actions are too hurtful towards you

Helen, who had looked utterly listless just a second ago, immediately got all fired up!

Nora: ?

As expected, the one capable of stimulating Helen would only be the enemy she hated the most, right?