She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 63 - The Carefree Pill Belongs To The Andersons!

Chapter 63 - The Carefree Pill Belongs To The Andersons!

Chapter 63 - The Carefree Pill Belongs To The Andersons!


All of them were astounded.

Even Simon, Sheena, and Melissa felt like they must have misheard her, not to mention Deputy Dean Lucas. After all, the place was noisy and everyone was basically only talking about the Carefree Pill.

Deputy Dean Lucas was the first to recover. "What did you say? Are you kidding me?"

However, something seemed to click in Melissa's mind and she whispered, "Nora, do you have the Carefree Pill formula? I get it now! Your mother must have left it for you?!"

She had vaguely heard her husband mention before that Nora's mother was the one who had developed the Carefree Pill back then!

Nora nodded. "Yeah. I've already given it to Sheril. I reckon that we'll be able to commence mass production in a couple of days."

She had thought that everyone would be excited after she said that, but Simon's jaw was tense and he didn't say anything.

Sheena's brows drew together tightly. "Don't talk nonsense outside when the product hasn't been finished yet. As expected, a child like you is simply unreliable. You can't keep yourself calm and steady at all!"

The look in Nora's eyes turned a little cold.

Wasn't her second aunt being a little too hostile to her?

The thought had only just formed when Simon lowered his voice and said, "Nora, your mom only managed to make the Carefree Pills by coincidence back then, and even so, only a batch of five pills was successfully produced. The manufacturing process is a bit complicated and the success rate is extremely low. This is also the reason why the Carefree Pills hadn't been popularized back then. Even with the formula, it'll be difficult for us to mass produce it…"

At the sight of the awful looks on Simon and Sheena's faces, Deputy Dean Lucas sneered, "Tsk. Are you lusting for the Carefree Pill just because you saw that Mr. Myers has one? If the Carefree Pill was something that any Tom, Dick, or Harry could make, Mr. Myers wouldn't be treating the one he has as the treasure of his shop!"

Not far away, another loud laugh reached them. Everyone looked over to see Jon and Joel walking out together.

A relaxed look came over Jon's features after he laughed. He said, "That settles it then, Mr. Smith!"

Joel looked rather disappointed—it seemed like the talk just now hadn't gone too well. After nodding, he walked to the side with flagging interest and his interest in the conference became rather lackluster.

Nora watched him.

Joel's eyes were downcast at the moment and he had lost the warm smile he had just now. Perhaps because he was thinking of his uncle's condition, there was some sorrow and melancholy on his handsome and elegant visage.

… It was rather heart-wrenching to see him like that.

Nora found herself taken aback at the thought.

She had always been an apathetic person who'd rather make fewer friends if she could get more sleep in return. The empathy she felt today came rather inexplicably.

She shook her head, discarding the thoughts in her mind.

Someone nearby asked Jon, "Didn't Mr. Smith buy the pill?"

Jon sighed and replied, "The pill actually doesn't hold much use for Mr. Smith's condition. He's in poor health and needs regular nourishment to nurse his health. A pill is of little use to him."

Everyone understood now.

The Carefree Pill might be a lifesaver for others, but in the case of Ian whose bodily functions were barely supporting him, they needed one Carefree Pill per day to slowly nurse him back to health.

However, there was only a single pill left in the whole world now. Thus, it was useless to him.

Jon went on. "However, we cannot ignore Mr. Smith's condition, either. I've agreed to have Tina go over every day to conduct health checkups on Mr. Smith."

This way, he wouldn't offend the Smiths. He sure was smart.

Someone nearby flattered him and said, "Dr. York is the last student you ever took in; there aren't many who can have her conduct health checkups on them every day now!"

"Now that modern medicine holds such a prominent place in society, traditional medicine has become much less significant. The only thing we can be proud of now is the Myers Peace Pharmacy! Mr. Myers, I've heard that it's hard to get an outpatient appointment with you these days."

Someone suddenly changed the subject and asked, "Mr. Myers, how much are you selling that pill of yours? Name your price!"

"Yes, that's right! Mr. Myers, is that pill for sale?"

"I'd also like to buy it as a backup plan…"

A group of people flocked to Jon and surrounded him. and for a time, the Myerses basked in the spotlight like none other. Even Tina next to him was proud to be associated with them.

Jon smiled and said, "It's not for sale! That's the last pill we have, so it's our shop's treasure."

Tina raised her chin and said gently, "Mr. Myers has been using a special preservation method on the pill over the years. The cost of preserving it so that it won't expire already costs about $150,000 per year…"

"Hiss! That's a lot of money! No wonder that pill still hasn't spoiled even after 25 years…"

"With that pill, the Myerses can dominate the world of traditional medicine!"


Jon's gaze swept across the Andersons—who had been isolated and kept outside by the others—in the distance as he listened to the crowd's compliments. A sharp look flashed across his countenance.

He suddenly said, "Traditional medicine requires one to accumulate and build up experience. One must be content with what they have and calmly accumulate experience. More importantly, they mustn't allow themselves to be tempted by other things. Am I right, Simon?"

His words made everyone look at Simon.

Jon continued and said, "How glorious the Andersons were twenty years ago! There was no one who didn't know about the Andersons whenever they were mentioned in the traditional medicine and pharmaceutical industry. But all these years, you and your second sister have placed your time and efforts on making social connections and on making money instead. Your intentions in making medicine are no longer pure!"

Being reprimanded in public Simon and Sheena instantly flush.

Melissa stepped forward and said with a smile, "Mr. Myers, Myers Peace Pharmacy's main business is also the sale of medicines. Surely someone has to take charge of making sales, right? Speaking of which, back when our eldest sister was in charge of making medicines, I heard that you even came to us in person to ask for advice!"

Jon stared at her and sighed. He said, "Your eldest sister, Yvette Anderson, is indeed a rare pharmaceutical genius. She was the only one with any hope of surpassing my prowess back then. What a shame that she wasted her efforts on love and romance, and eloped with a man instead! How shameless! If she had behaved and been contented with her lot back then, she would probably have also been able to create the Carefree Pill!"

Simon was rather angry. He said, "Yvette was the one who made that Carefree Pill in your possession!"

Sheena was also furious.

Back then, Yvette had made five pills. Jon had borrowed two in the name of research and observation.

Afterward, Yvette had gotten herself in trouble before she could improve the formula. The three pills they had were also used on a patient, and all of them had forgotten to ask for the two Carefree Pills back!

But now, not only was he using those two pills to suppress the Andersons, but he was also claiming that he was the one who made them? How utterly shameless!

Jon smiled and said nothing.

Tina, however, frowned and said, "That's a very strange claim you're making, Uncle Simon. If the Andersons were really the ones who made the Carefree Pills, why would it be in my teacher's possession while you don't have any?"

"Exactly. How can the Andersons be so shameless? They're actually stealing credit for the Myerses' pills…"

"Carefree Pills are very difficult to make. The two that Mr. Myers has were only successfully made by chance. How can the Andersons claim they're theirs? If the Andersons had made them, why aren't they bringing them out?"

"Moreover, they're even saying that Yvette was the one who made the pills. She's already dead; without her around anymore, of course, they can say whatever they want. Unless they can produce the Carefree Pill, who would believe them?"

Amidst the speculations, and a cool voice slowly reached them: "Who says the Andersons don't have any Carefree Pills?"