She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 638 - Taking Action!

Chapter 638 - Taking Action!

Chapter 638 Taking Action!

When Thomas answered the phone, he heard Mrs. Hunt asking, Have you divorced her?

Yes, Ive collected the certificate.

Thomas said. When he turned around to look at Helen, he instead saw that she had already gotten in the car and left. The sight infuriated him at once. In his opinion, Helen had to be in tears and crying her eyes out when she left him. But judging from her appearance, why did it look like she was dying to divorce him instead?

While he was thinking about it, he heard what Mrs. Hunt said. Thomas immediately sneered, Grandaunt, in my opinion, she must just be talking big again! Dont worry! I know my body well! Theres definitely no problem with me! Also, I have already asked Cecelia about it. She is very sure that the child is mine! Because she is no longer in contact with her previous boyfriend!

Cecelia was a well-known socialite in the circle and had a chaotic private life.

Mrs. Hunt frowned and said, Even so, you should still be cautious. Why dont you visit a hospital and go for a checkup? Even if you dont trust alternative medicine, surely you trust modern medicine, right?

When Thomas heard this, he fell silent. It was only after a while that he finally replied, Okay, okay, I get it.

After hanging up the phone, he walked to his car.

He opened the door. In the passenger seat was a woman with heavy make-up-it was Cecelia.

Cecelia asked, Shall we go and register our marriage?

Initially, Thomas had said that he would register his marriage with Cecelia immediately after he divorced Helen. After all, they couldnt get married after Cecelias belly showed instead. If that happened, it would end up reflecting poorly on them.

But when he thought of what Mrs. Hunt said just now, Thomas suddenly felt that there was no need to rush. He kissed Cecelia and said, Tsk, whats the hurry? The test can be done once the baby is four-months-old, right? Well register the marriage after we do a DNA test. If you are in a hurry, we can hold the wedding first.

DNA test?

Cecelias eyes flickered. She said, I see, Thomas, do you not trust me? If you dont trust me, then why are you marrying me?! In that case, I will have the baby aborted right away! I dont want this baby anymore! It hasnt even been born yet, yet its father is already rejecting it! Why is my babys life so hard?! Thomas looked at her. Thats enough, what are you putting up that act in front of me for? Its all because you have a bad reputation, so the elders at home are worried. Once the baby is four-months-old, we can do a DNA test and put my familys hearts at ease. Why wouldnt I trust you? But is there any use if I alone trust you? My family has to trust you too! Be good- I know you are suffering injustice here, but if you have done nothing wrong, then whats there to be afraid of? Its just a DNA test. Whats so scary about it?

Cecelia bit her lip. She knew that Thomas had already made up his mind.

Cecelia could only lower her head. I am doing this all for your sake! You mustnt bully me in the future!

Okay, okay. Cmon, lets go, baby. Ill buy you a ring!

As the two drove off in the car, a touch of anxiety flashed across Cecelias eyes.

A day later.

News that the Livingstones had divorced Helen because she was infertile spread throughout New York.

Whats going on? Why are you implicated by this? Sheril, whose hair reached her shoulders, said angrily in front of Nora, Not only are they saying that your medical skills are lacking and that you were bribed by Helen, but they are also saying that you were planning to let the Livingstones be the scapegoat?

Nora let out a huge yawn. She took a sip of water and asked, You woke me up so early just to say that?.

A confused Sheril said, But its not early anymore. Its already eleven!

Nora always slept until one oclock in the afternoon!

She sighed and took out a slice of bread. As she tore it into strips and ate it, Sheril went on. Everyones saying that you are too young and that you only have superficial mastery of Dr. Zabes medical skills and not the essence, so your medical skills are lacking! They are too much!

Nora uttered an oh.

Sheril would like to say that she, an onlooker, was simply so much more anxious than the person involved herself!

She asked, What are you going to do?

Noras eyes were a little dark as she replied, Dont worry about it.

Shed thought that the Stewarts would take it slow, but unexpectedly, they had actually taken action so quickly and so aggressively!