She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 637 - Thomas The Huge Cuckold!

Chapter 637 - Thomas The Huge Cuckold!

Chapter 637 Thomas The Huge Cuckold!

Nora cast her cat-like eyes down and slowly said, I have never made any mistakes in my diagnoses.

Mrs. Hunt frowned.

She clenched her jaw. Heh, are you trying to say that your diagnosis of Thomas is correct?

Nora raised her eyebrows and said nothing.

Mrs. Hunt balled up her fists. As someone who had experienced so many things in life, she had actually already had her own suspicions when Thomas said that Cecelia was pregnant. She had even personally brought it up to the Livingstones.

At that time, Mrs. Livingstone and Thomas had clearly promised that they would investigate it properly.

Since they had proceeded with the divorce, shed thought that it was because Thomas had already made sure that the problem didnt lie with him, or that he had confirmed that the child in Cecelias belly was his! But judging from how confident Nora looked

She couldnt help but think of the Zabe Corporations Calming Pills that Nora had made. Dr. Zabe was the only person in the world who could make those pills, but he had long since become bedridden and unable to make medicine anymore.

Nora was the one and only disciple whom Dr. Zabe had personally accepted. When Mrs. Hunt thought of this, she suddenly became flustered.

She hurriedly walked out with the help of the housekeeper!

Seeing her staggering back, the corners of Noras lips lifted into a smile.

Justin looked at the cheeky smile on her lips. For some reason, he suddenly found it terribly difficult to resist the urge in him. He couldnt help but step forward and give her a kiss at the corner of her lips.

As soon as he did that, both of them were stunned.

Even Cherry and Pete were dumbfounded.

Then, Cherry turned away and covered her eyes. Yikes, how shameful! But I cant see anything anymore! Mommy and Daddy can continue what they are doing!

As for Pete, he lowered his head and said calmly, Did something happen, Cherry? I was working on my problems just now, so I didnt see anything.

Cherry shook her head wildly at once. Not at all, not at all! I was playing games the whole time, so I didnt see anything either


She kept quiet for a while, but in the end, she couldnt help but expose Cherry. You havent even logged in to your game. Cherry paused. Then, she picked up her phone and said, Really?

She sighed silently. These detestable underage restrictions! The child lock is still stopping me from playing games! Alas!

Justin also couldnt resist exposing Pete. Your book is upside down.


He straightened the book in silence. He was about to say something when Justin suddenly exchanged a look with Nora. Then, as if they were telepathic, the two of them picked up the two kids and gave Cherry and Pete each a kiss on the cheek.

Cherry and Pete, who were caught off guard and kissed by their parents, reacted completely differently.

Cherry blinked and said, Mommy, your mouth smells nice~ I feel like my heart is soaring through the skies from the kiss, and I feel like Im in such a good mood that I can play a hundred rounds without losing my temper!~

Nora replied, It seems that youre only allowed to play for an hour a day, though? Cherry:

Hmph, Mommy is so mean! Why does she always have to poke her where it hurts?!

As for Pete, he wiped his cheek in silence with a look of disgust.


He looked at the son in his arms, and then at his soft, tender, and sweet-talking daughter. Justin suddenly felt like he had kissed the wrong person!

The brat simply mustnt be pampered.

While the four of them were being rowdy, upstairs, Xanders eyes were widened as he watched them in disbelief.

It seemed like he had never seen people kissing one another like that.

He touched his mouth and suddenly curled his lips disdainfully.

Mouths were meant for eating. Wasnt it dirty to kiss people like that?

Hah, those two stupid kids!

But he nevertheless touched his lips with his fingers. Then, he put two fingers together and rubbed them against his cheek.

Was this what a kiss felt like?

Xander was in a daze. But right after, he suddenly shuddered. Yuck, how gross! He would never do such childish things.

He would never play with them either!

With that in mind, Xander shrank back and crawled back into the bedroom.

The family of four downstairs didnt see Xander come down even when lunchtime came. When Nora went upstairs to take a look, she found that Xander was pretending to be asleep. However, since he wasnt sick, she didnt expose him.

After all, even though Xander might be her son, the final results werent out yet. She didnt want to invest her emotions in him too early.

In the event that it turned out that they werent parent and child in the DNA test, yet she had already developed feelings for the child, things would become troublesome.

And she had always been someone who hated trouble the most.

Therefore, Nora went down the stairs and played with Cherry and Pete for a while. After that, the four of them went upstairs to pick the master bedroom.

Princess Cherry straight-up took two rooms. She wanted to merge the two rooms and then put her dolls in them.

Petes room was beside Cherrys.

Even though Justin hadnt brought it up, he had also wanted to merge two rooms for Pete. However, Nora said, I think you can merge these two rooms and use one of them as a study. Petes robots and books can be placed in there.

She felt that their father was being too partial to one party, so she had to even things out.

Petes eyes, which were looking at Nora, lit up brightly at once. At the sight, even Nora couldnt help but ruffle his hair with a smile.

Justin originally wanted to say that they didnt have to go about it in such a troublesome way. Once the brat grew up, he would just give him a small house and let him stay there instead of living with them.

However, this was the only suggestion Nora had given about the renovation, so after a 0.1-second-long silence, Justin still agreed to it in the end.

When they left at night, Nora left Cherry there.

After all, she couldnt let Justin be all alone either, could she?

She had completely forgotten that when she first learned about the two children, she had wanted to kick a certain someone away and escape with the two kids.

Bye-bye, Mommy, I will miss you!

Cherry stretched out her chubby little hand. After she said that cutely, she immediately took Justins hand and raised her head. Her black jewel-like eyes were damp and moist, making it unbearable to see her like that. She said, Daddy, Im so sad that I cant play my games! Can you really bear to make a cute little girl like me sad?


Daddy, can you ask Y to write me a program that can fool the system and make me look like an adult?

In response to his pitiful daughters demands, Justin only made one request: Dont tell your mom about it!

Dont worry, Daddy!

Cherrys eyes were bright and shiny. I love Daddy the most!


After that, Cherry went upstairs happily.

While the family of four was happily spending time with one another, Mrs. Hunt was deeply troubled.

After Nora had said that, she had returned to her house and called Thomas right away. When she called, Thomas and Helen had just exited the court.

As he looked at the divorce decree in his hand, Thomas said, Helen, you should also understand that for wealthy families like ours, heirs take top priority. Nobody would want a woman like you who cant reproduce! On account of how we were married for three years, why dont you stay with me? Im going to marry Cecelia, though-after all, I have to give my child a proper identity! But dont worry, I wont treat you badly. What do you say?

Helen clenched her fists as she listened to the disgusting things he was saying.

She took a deep breath. A moment later, she slowly said, Thomas, what is so good about being with you? Are you that good in bed? Do you know how happy I am to be able to divorce you?! At last, I dont have to tolerate your incompetence and inexplicable self-confidence anymore!

Her words stabbed right into Thomas sore spot. He had always been smug about his great stamina in bed. Thus, he immediately got angry and said furiously, Good going, Helen! You shameless ingrate! Okay, then well see just how miserable youll be in the future! Heh, dont expect that Ill hide the truth for you when others ask me why we divorced!

He turned around to leave after shouting at her. However, it was at this time that he received a call from Mrs. Hunt.