She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 636 - Good News~~

Chapter 636 - Good News~~

Chapter 636 Good News~~

Upon hearing what she said, Justin suddenly said, Im starting to feel more and more like Xander is our son.

Nora was taken aback. How so?

Justin suddenly smiled. He went to bed very early last night, but he is still asleep even now, and he always looks like he doesnt get enough sleep. Did he inherit that from you?

The corners of Noras lips spasmed.

In the bedroom upstairs.

Xander had actually already woken up a long time ago. In fact, he was even hiding behind the curtain at the windowsill and looking down at the lower floor.

When Justin picked up Cherry, a lump had even formed in his throat. For a moment, he really wanted to throw Cherry onto the floor. But when he thought of how they might be Cherry and Pete, the friends whom he had gotten to know through the Internet, he resisted the urge to do so.

That woman had given birth to Cherry and Pete.

The four of them were a family, whereas he, Xander, was an extra. Therefore, he wasnt going to join them.


The proud Xander continued hiding upstairs. He closed his eyes and continued pretending that he was asleep.

Xander was asleep, so after the family of four entered the living room, Nora sat on the sofa, closed her eyes, and rested.

Cherry was in Justins arms. She was showing him her ranking in her game on her cell phone. She said, Daddy, look! I have already achieved 100 stars in the game! Arent I amazing?!

Justin nodded. Yup, Cherry is the best. Cherry grinned happily at the praise. Next to them, Pete couldnt help sighing. Even if you stick your foot in his face, he would still say it smells nice.

Cherry: ?

She retorted indignantly, But my feet do smell nice!

Why would a little princess feet possibly stink?!


The few of them engaged one another in a rather vapid conversation. A while later, when Justin was about to invite Nora upstairs to pick a room for their master bedroom after marriage, footsteps suddenly came from the door. Then, with the help of the housekeeper, an unsteady Mrs. Hunt walked in.

As soon as she entered, her gaze fell on Nora. She said, I heard that Pete is back, so I came over to have a look. So, Ms. Smith is also here?

Nora opened her eyes, raised her eyebrows, and ignored her.

The old lady walked up to Pete. Pete, come over to Great-Grandma and let me see if youve lost weight? How have you been? Have you been healthy? Have you been eating well? Did the Smiths mistreat you?!

By saying such things in front of Nora, Mrs. Hunt was deliberately trying to anger her.

Unfortunately, she found that Nora was not affected by her questions in the least. Pete also answered earnestly, No, the Smiths are great too. Grandpa treats me very well. Seeing that Nora was still ignoring her, Mrs. Hunt suddenly found all this rather boring.

Thus, she stopped trying to be mean and sat on the sofa instead. She looked at Nora and said, Ms. Smith, I have already given the Livingstones instructions not to spread the news about your misdiagnosis!

Nora raised her eyebrows when she heard this.

What was she trying to say by that?

While she was thinking about it, Mrs. Hunt went on. I initially thought that your medical skills must be very impressive since you are Dr. Zabes disciple, but you ultimately still have too little experience in comparison with him. Only the elderly are good at alternative medicine! Its different from modern medicine.

She then said, Originally, Thomas thought you were in collusion with Helen, so he was hell-bent on publicizing the matter. I was the one who stopped him

After saying that, she looked at Nora.

Shed thought that Nora would thank her for it, but unexpectedly, the womans attitude towards her was actually still as halfhearted as ever. Mrs. Hunt became rather angry at once. Ms. Smith, I know you dont care about such thingsafter all, your reputation is already in tattersbut you still have to pay more attention to it in the future. After all, even if you dont care about it, the Hunts do!

As soon as she said that, Justin cast his eyes down and said, On the contrary, I think these things about fame and status arent very important. Havent I also been notorious all these years? How has that affected the Hunts?

Upon being talked back right to her face, Mrs. Hunt found herself at a loss for words.

A short while later, she finally stood and said, Fine, its this old lady here who was being too meddlesome! Thomas is a loudmouth. I daresay that if I tell them that Im washing my hands off this matter, news of Noras misdiagnosis will definitely become the talk of the city tomorrow!


Justin raised his eyebrows. Oh, its okay.

Nora still looked as though she wasnt intending to speak. Mrs. Hunt was infuriated. Fine, fine. Since all of you are taking that attitude, then Ill get someone to tell them about it right away!

As she spoke, she started walking out.

When she reached the door, Nora suddenly said, Mrs. Hunt.

Mrs. Hunt stopped and looked over. As expected, Nora must not want to be embarrassed either, right? So, was she giving in now?

But as soon as the thought flashed through her mind, she instead heard Nora ask, When are the Livingstones planning to get the divorce done?

Mrs. Hunt: ?

She was furious. I just received news that they have already gone to the court. Looking at the time, the two of them should be out by now!


Nora raised her eyebrows when she heard this. Then, she chuckled and said, In that case, I also have a piece of good news here to celebrate with you, Mrs. Hunt. Mrs. Hunt was taken aback. Whats the good news?