She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 635 - A Family of Five

Chapter 635 - A Family of Five

Chapter 635 A Family of Five

Even an ordinary unrelated person wouldnt have been able to starve a four-year-old for a whole week!

Even he, Justin, had never abused Xander after meeting the child, despite how much he hated Trueman.

Ruth was badly frightened when she heard Justins words. She swallowed. W-what are you saying? I am his mother. If you dont believe me, then ask Xander! Xander was standing at the side and looking at Justin in confusion. He didnt understand why Justin had suddenly come in, or why he was suddenly so angry.

But he still thought of the instructions Trueman had given him before he came to the States.

He had told him to cooperate with Ruth. It would do as long as it didnt expose her identity.

Therefore, after he came to the States, he had never once called Ruth Aunt Ruth. Ruths question at this moment was putting him in a spot, though. He didnt want to speak lies like Ruth was his mother.

The little fellow in an internal struggle said, She

Shut up! Justin suddenly barked in a low voice. The man had a very powerful aura around him and he gave off a very oppressive feeling. In this small and dark basement, he was clearly the king of this world, dominating ones life and death!

Those two words of his frightened Xander.

Then, the man said in a low voice, Wheres the butler?

Here, sir.

Take Xander upstairs and put him to bed.

Yes, sir.

Without another word, the butler picked up Xander in his arms and walked out of the basement at once.

For the first time, Xander became scared. Puzzled, he turned his head to the back and looked at Justins back. The figure was obviously getting further and further away from him, but in his eyes, it was as if it was instead becoming bigger and bigger This continued until the butler went out the door with him in his arms and then went upstairs.

When he was sure that Xander had entered his room, Justin finally looked at Ruth.

Then, he turned and shut the door to the basement.

Ruth looked at him, a touch of despair suddenly welling up in her

She asked in trepidation, M-Mr. Hunt, what what are you doing?

Sending you home.

The terrible screams from the basement were all blocked by the soundproofed walls.

In the guest room upstairs, Xander lay on the bed with his eyes closed. However, he pressed his ears hard against the bed and carefully tried to listen to the sounds downstairs, but he simply could not hear anything.

The little fellow couldnt help but rollover.

Then, he opened his eyes.

Had the tyrant suddenly become angry just now because of him?

Surely not?

The tyrant obviously didnt like him. Trueman had also said that the tyrant was in love with a woman. He would not like him for the sake of that woman too.

Therefore, the tyrant disliked him very much.

But if that was the case, then why was the tyrant punishing Aunt Ruth?

Xander couldnt figure it out, so he decided not to think about it anymore.

That night, Xander had another nightmare.

In the nightmare, a big tiger kept chasing him and said that it wanted to eat him and his rabbits. He ran and ran, but he simply couldnt keep running anymore.

Just when he thought he was going to be eaten, a big and tall figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

He couldnt see the tall figures face because his back was to him, but for some strange reason, in the dream, he found the figure very reliable, and he gave him a strong sense of security.

Early the next morning, Nora brought Pete and Cherry to the Hunts manor.

As soon as they entered, Cherry dived into Justins arms like a butterfly. In her young and tender voice, she shouted, Daddy, Daddy! Did you miss me?

Justin caught the little girl and picked her up. Then, he replied, Yes, I did.

Cherry immediately gave him a kiss on the forehead. I missed you too! I even dreamed of you!


Justin sounded pleasantly surprised. What did you dream?

Cherry started to talk about her dream. Pete followed beside the two of them with a disdainful look, his expression as though he had nothing to live for anymore. At this moment, Justins large hand suddenly landed on his head and ruffled his hair.

Pete immediately lowered his head and avoided his hand. He said, Ty Daddy, you mustnt touch a childs head. Otherwise, they will become stupid.

But Justin instead replied, Well, you have a high IQ anyway, so its okay even if you become a little stupid.

Justin then looked at the back.

Nora dragged her feet and yawned as she walked behind the three of them. Obviously, she hadnt slept enough yet. He asked, What time did you sleep last night?

Nora rolled her eyes. Its because I got up too early today.

Had she woken up early so that she could come over to meet him?

Justin smiled.

He suddenly paused for half a step. When Nora walked up to him, he said, Ive taken care of Ruth.

Taken care of her?

Nora was a little surprised. What did you do to her? The special department still has their eyes on Ruth and is planning to look for clues through her.

Justin asked, If Ruth really knew anything integral to the organization, do you think someone like Trueman would have allowed her to come to the States?

Nora also felt that Trueman didnt care about Ruth at all.

Hearing this, she uttered an oh and didnt bother any further with the topic. She said, Just dont give the special department anything to use against you.

Of course not. I dont do anything illegal.

Justin said, I only sent her home.

Ruths home was located abroad. It had nothing to do with him if she was killed in a gun robbery outside the country.


She understood now. She raised her head and glanced upstairs. Then, she looked at Cherry and Pete and asked, Where is Xander?

She wondered what kind of scene the three little fellows would make?