She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 632 - The Truth About Xander Yale

Chapter 632 - The Truth About Xander Yale

Chapter 632 The Truth About Xander Yale

Nora had hidden herself in the corner after she entered just now and had refrained from interfering with their family affairs.

Therefore, the few of them hadnt noticed her in the heated argument.

When she spoke, Helen finally looked up in a daze. At the sight of Nora, she wiped her tears and stood up. Ms. Smith Why are you here? Before Nora could speak, Jessica asked, Ms. Smith, what did you mean by that?

Nora sighed silently.

Helen was simply too much of a pushover. Being ladylike and soft-spoken were positive traits; gentleness was also part of a persons character. However, being excessively weak and delicate would only encourage others to bully one even more.

However, Jessica seemed different. She was more straightforward and the questions she asked hit the crux of the matter. Nora didnt want to comfort or persuade them about anything. She merely said, Thomas is not the father of Cecelias child.

As soon as she said that, the people in the room were dumbfounded.

Jessica was stunned. She said, He isnt? If he isnt, then what is Thomas doing? Also, why do you say that? Do you have any evidence?

Jessicas thought process was clear. Helen, however, was still looking at her in a daze.

Nora cast her eyes down. I checked his pulse the other time, he does indeed have asthenospermia. On top of that, his condition is very serious. Therefore, it stands to reason that Thomas will not be able to have children. However, he said that Cecelia is pregnant and that they only found out about the pregnancy today. So I went to check Cecelias pregnancy records. I found that her HCG levels are relatively high. Those numbers are impossible in a patient who is only a month pregnant. In addition, I also found out that Cecelia has prior medical records from more than one month ago. At that time, they had already diagnosed that she was more than a month pregnant. From this, we can conclude that she should already be three months pregnant by now. Helen, where was Thomas three months ago?

A dazed Helen replied, Thomas was in France three months ago. A project over there had run into problems. As it was relatively tricky, he stayed there for nearly a month

At this point, Helen spoke again. Did he go to France with Cecelia?!

She seemed astounded. But as soon as she said that, Jessica smacked her hard on the head and said, Helen Stewart, whats wrong with you?! What kind of situation do you think youre in right now? Yet youre still being jealous?! Is there anything about that man thats worth being jealous?! If you continue to be like this, I will really look down on you! Dont you know that women should be independent?! If even you look down on yourself, then how can you make others value you?!

However, Helen said in tears, Im not looking down on myself. But its true that I was married for three years, yet I didnt get pregnant

Jessica was exasperated. She yelled furiously, Hansel Lloyds wife also didnt have any children even after so many years of marriage, and they adopted a child in the end. But look at her, when has she ever felt inferior about it?! When has she ever not carried herself graciously? Do you know why?!

Helen nodded. Its because she is good at managing the company. She is actually the one in charge of Lloyds company

It was at this point that Helen finally suddenly understood. Her eyes reddened and she hung her head. Youre right, Mrs. Lloyd cant reproduce, but the Lloyds have never dared to look down on her because of that. Neither has she ever felt inferior because of it Only when one becomes strong will they not be looked down upon

Seeing that she had finally understood, Jessica looked at Nora again. I saw Cecelia at an event two and a half months ago, she couldnt have gone out of the country with Thomas. Therefore, the child really isnt his!

As soon as she said that, next to them, Mrs. Stewart, their mother, immediately banged the table and stood up. Since it is not his, then lets go over and tell them about it right away. Well throw the evidence right in their faces! And see how they still have the cheek to demand a divorce!



The room suddenly fell silent.

Taken aback, Mrs. Stewart looked at the three of them.

Jessica didnt pay any attention to Mrs. Stewart. Instead, she looked at Nora first and said, Ms. Smith, thank you so much for not revealing all this the moment you stepped in!

Nora merely smiled at her quietly.

Mrs. Stewart, however, was puzzled. Why didnt she say it? If she had, we would have been able to slap both mother and son in the face just now! How nice would that have been?

Jessica looked at Mrs. Stewart, who had the same personality as Helen, and felt rather helpless. Mom, what then?

Mrs. Stewart replied, When they are sure that the problem lies with Thomas, they definitely wont dare to divorce Helen anymore! And since all of this is because of the Livingstones themselves, they will only keep Helen happy in the future!

Jessica lowered her eyes. And then? What happens after that? Do you want Helen to stay by his side as he goes for medical treatment, and then let him do a return of the prodigal son?

Mrs. Stewart choked. Girl, those words of yours sting too much.

Jessica turned to Helen. She said, Helen, you have two options now. The first one: You go to the Livingstones immediately with the evidence and tell them the truth. You will then become the Livingstones hero.

Helen was taken aback.

Jessica, however, stared at her and said, But Ill be clear about this if you do that, then youre no longer my sister! From then on, even if the Livingstones bully you, dont ever come back here and cry to us about it!

Helen bit her lip.

Mrs. Stewart became even more hesitant. She said, Jessica, its better to demolish a temple than to destroy a marriage. If you do that

Mom! Jessica reprimanded her angrily. Have you really become muddleheaded from old age? Back then, we failed to ask around properly and find out what Thomas was really like before we allowed Helen to marry him. Now that we have finally seen his true colors, instead of making a quick escape, what are you people still staying in the hellhole for?!

Mrs. Stewart sighed. Never mind, I wash my hands off this. The world belongs to you youngsters now. Im old now, so I dont understand anymore.


She could finally see what was going on now. Jessica was the one in charge at the Stewarts, whereas the real mistress of the household didnt have any control over anything.

She looked at Helen too, wanting to know her choice.

Helen bit her lip and said, Jessica, Ms. Smith. Ive made up my mind I want a divorce! What should I do in the second option you proposed?

Jessica clapped her on the shoulder. Now, thats my sister, alright! No matter the occasion, you must always have the courage to face your troubles. Us daughters of the Stewarts dont have to worry about remarrying at all! Now that you have made up your mind, then its time for us to set things up.

Jessica said, We wont reveal the truth for the time being. Lets make use of the opportunity while the Livingstones are still willing to get a divorce to get all the divorce procedures done first! Otherwise, once the Livingstones know the truth, they will definitely refuse to divorce. The Livingstones are big and powerful, and even have the Hunts backing them up. We wont be able to beat them in a direct confrontation. When that happens, it will be very hard for you to divorce him! After that, we will find an opportunity to let the cat out of the bag! I will also use the next few days to find Cecelias adulterer!

Her thought process was clear, and she also had the courage to shoulder responsibility. Then, she turned to Nora and said, But youll probably have to suffer some injustice for the next few days as a result of this, Ms. Smith. The Livingstones will definitely spread the news and say that the blame lies fully with the Stewarts.

Nora raised her eyebrows and nodded. I understand.

This was precisely the reason why she hadnt immediately brought up the matter about Cecelia when she came in and found that the Livingstones were discussing divorce matters.

Jessica felt very bad about this. She said, I know the Livingstones very well. They dont want any blemishes on their reputation. Back then, when Helen was about to marry into the family, there wasnt any bad press about him out there. Even the matter about him impregnating someone when he was twenty years old was rumored to be the girls plot against Thomas. We were fooled by them!

She was about to say more when Noras cell phone suddenly rang.

She looked down and glanced at it-it was an overseas number.

Nora raised her eyebrows and gestured to Jessica that she was answering a call. Then, she went out and picked up the call. Calebs voice came from the other end: Ms. Smith, I heard that Mr. Hunt has an illegitimate child? Im calling to tell you the truth Ive found out about Xander Yale!