She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 631 - The Truth!

Chapter 631 - The Truth!

Chapter 631 The Truth!

Mrs. Stewart became even more infuriated when she heard this. She clutched her chest, unable to speak.

Helen was just crying her eyes out next to her.

Her father was not at home, so the two women from the Stewarts were obviously suppressed in momentum.

When Nora was about to take a step forward, Jessica, who was next to her, stepped forward abruptly and said loudly, Mrs. Livingstone, now thats not very nice! What do you mean Thomas didnt cheat? Is the child in her belly not Thomas? Did Thomas not have sexual relations with another woman while he is married?

Mrs. Livingstone choked at once.

Jessica went on. My little sister certainly hasnt given birth to any children, but are women mere baby-making tools? Are you saying that the Livingstones and the Stewarts union was solely for the purpose of having children? If so, then why didnt you just approach surrogate mothers instead? What is the point of having Helen there? Besides, do you have any medical evidence to prove that my little sister is infertile? This is complete sophistry. If you cannot produce a medical report, then I will sue you for slander!

Jessica was very aggressive, much like a hen protecting her chicks. She stood in front of her mother and Helen and blocked them from Mrs. Livingstone.

Mrs. Livingstone seemed a little afraid of Jessica. She subconsciously stepped back and said, No matter what, they have to get a divorce!

Divorce? Sure, but you have to give my little sister the compensation she deserves. The Stewarts are not to be trifled with either!

After snapping back at Mrs. Livingstone furiously, Jessica looked at Helen and said, What is the use of crying when your husband has already cheated on you? Times have changed, cant you even stand up for yourself? Helen, Im telling you, you have to divorce him! Are you planning on keeping that man so that he can bring back more illegitimate children?!

The sobbing Helen nodded. I will do as you say, Jessica.

She was thoroughly heartbroken.

When she got married, everyone had said that she was really blessed to be able to marry into the Livingstones. Given how close a relationship the Livingstones and the Hunts shared, she would surely welcome a good life in the future.

But who knew that Thomas would actually be such an insect?

Mrs. Livingstone sneered, Jessica, what do you mean by that? We Livingstones are decent people, we are not people who indulge in casual relationships! We wont just want any random woman! Jessica sneered, Oh, really? Considering how you can accept even someone like Cecelia, the Livingstones standards for women are really too low!

Mrs. Livingstone wanted to continue the argument about Cecelia, but she suddenly realized something. She sneered, The problem is not about Cecelia right now; rather, its about Helens infertility. On top of that, she even conspired with a doctor to shift the blame onto my son! What a pity for her, though, because Cecelia is pregnant, which just so happens to clear my sons name! On the other hand, even though it has been three years since Helen married into the Livingstones, she hasnt gotten pregnant even once, so the problem must lie with her. Since thats the case, then this marriage should be annulled! When the two of them got engaged back then, we had agreed that whoever does something wrong after marriage would receive a smaller portion of the joint financial assets! Therefore, Helen can only leave the Livingstones penniless!

Cecelia was pregnant.

The timing was simply too sensitive.

Should news of it spread, everyone would surely know that Thomas had cheated on his wife. If that happened, he would no longer be able to hold his head up high in the circle of the wealthy in New York.

That was why Mrs. Livingstone had come over to make a scene. Firstly, it was because a married couples joint property was indeed difficult to divide. Secondly, it was because she mustnt allow her son to be known as someone who had mistreated his ex-wife!

She mustnt allow her son to become the main reason for the marriages failure.

Jessica let out a contemptuous laugh. Suddenly, she lowered her eyes and said, We are all respectable people that dont wish to embarrass ourselves. The Stewarts will not ask the Livingstones for even a single cent more than what should be given. However, alimony must be given because you made Helen quit her job after she married Thomas! Because of that, she now has a three-year unemployment gap in her career! Mrs. Livingstone sneered, Then what about the money that the Livingstones gave the Stewarts when they got married back then?

The Livingstones had given them a large sum of money as a wedding gift.

By saying that, Mrs. Livingstone was demanding even that sum of money back, even though they had given it to them as a gift.

Jessica was about to speak when Helen suddenly looked at Thomas. Thomas, what is the meaning of this?

Thomas curled his lips disdainfully and replied, My mothers will is also mine! Ive found you really boring since a long time ago! You dont even move at all in bed. It was really no fun at all!

Helen turned paler. At last, she lowered her head and said, Fine, fine I will return you all that money the Livingstones gave us!

A shocked Jessica looked at her abruptly. Helen, what kind of nonsense are you saying?

If they returned that money, what would outsiders think?

Why didnt they take any money from the Livingstones during the divorce? But even gave them money instead?

Of course, it was because they had done something wrong!

People often didnt care about the details, they only looked at the results. Neither would they think that Helen was being generous. Instead, they would definitely think that Helen must have done something to let the Livingstones down!

Helen, however, shook her head. Jessica, I just want to be divorced as soon as possible.

She didnt want to be entangled with him any further.

She would just cut the Gordian knot. This way, she would be able to go home and live a carefree life!

Seemingly having understood the meaning behind her words, Jessica said nothing more.

Mrs. Livingstone sneered, Helen, are you feeling guilty? Well, that makes sense. We wont hold you accountable for wasting my sons time either. Well just let the matter go at that! I just hope that you wont bother my son

After that, Mrs. Livingstone, Thomas, and Helen settled on the time and date that they would come over to take the money, as well as when they would sign the divorce papers.

After making all the arrangements, before the two left, Mrs. Livingstone emphasized once more, Helen, the Livingstones wont hold it against you and your family this time! But remember this, the divorce is because of your infertility. It has nothing to do with the Livingstones!

Thomas nodded. Yes, thats right. Remember thisits I, Thomas, who doesnt want you anymore!

After saying that, Mrs. Livingstone and Thomas left.

After they left, Helen squatted on the floor and suddenly burst into wracking sobs. She clutched her head and murmured, I am so useless. Why couldnt I just get pregnant? Why? Im so useless

Only then did Nora finally take a step forward. She said, Its not your fault.