She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 633 - The Truth: Ruth Is Not Xander’s Mother!!

Chapter 633 - The Truth: Ruth Is Not Xander’s Mother!!

Chapter 633 The Truth: Ruth Is Not Xanders Mother!!

Nora was taken aback.

To be honest, as early as Trueman had released Xander, she had wondered if Caleb knew anything. However, she hadnt taken the initiative to ask him.

Caleb had returned to the mysterious organization with the sacred mission of the special department on his shoulders. She mustnt bother him with her personal affairs, lest Calebs identity was exposed while investigating them.

Thus, she had never asked him about it, planning to look into it herself.

Besides, Lily was already comparing their DNA and would succeed sooner or later. It was just a matter of time.

But unexpectedly, Caleb had taken the initiative to call her?

A touch of gratitude rose from the bottom of Noras heart, and she asked, What is the truth?

Calebs voice was very low-obviously, he was making the call in secret. According to my investigations, that child has been hidden by Trueman in the headquarters all this time, so I have never seen him before. But when Trueman was talking with him on the phone, he accidentally let something slip. He told Xander to try his best to save his Aunt Ruth, but the child instead said, Why? She didnt give birth to me nor has she ever taken care of me. Am I supposed to save her just because she is your sister? Trueman then said, Then at least make sure that she doesnt die. Xander agreed and then he said, Dont worry, I wont give it away. At the very least, in my biological fathers eyes, Aunt Ruth is my mother.

Therefore, based on this, I would think that Ruth is not his mother.

Nora cast her eyes down.

To be honest, she had already guessed as much. Ruth and Xanders DNA match was only 20%. Even though Xander might have been injected with the gene serum, modifying his genes, it was still impossible for his DNA to change so drastically.

Therefore, at the very least, it was impossible for Ruth to be his mother.

Now that Caleb had confirmed it, they could get rid of Ruth first!

Trueman didnt seem to really care about whether his sister lived or not anyway.

With that in mind, Nora thanked Caleb over the phone. Thanks. Ill treat you to dinner when you return.

Okay. Calebs voice became a lot more relaxed. After a brief silence, he suddenly said, Nora Ms. Smith, can I call you that?

Yes, you can.

He had already done so anyway. Could she even say no?

The corners of her lips spasmed a little. Then, she heard Caleb speak again. He said, Nora, Im very sorry that I didnt keep Anthony in check back then, and ended up allowing him to humiliate you and annul the engagement.

You have already apologized for that.

Caleb chuckled, his voice gentle and mellow. Id like to apologize for it again.

Alright, then.

Nora yawned. She sounded relaxed as she said, Ive already forgiven the Grays.

To be honest, she had never once hated the Grays.

Although Anthony had looked down on her, ridiculed her, and mocked her all the time when she was fat, at that time, the only thing on her mind had been sleeping, so why would she take it to heart?

She said into the phone, It sounds like your cough has become a little better. I made more medicine and wanted to give it to you, but I didnt expect you to leave early.

Caleb laughed. A while later, he suggested, Why dont you send it to me via international express mail, then?

Nora raised her eyebrows and replied, Sure.

After hanging up the phone, Caleb, who was sitting alone in a luxuriously decorated room overseas, stared straight ahead of him.

He suddenly murmured, I wonder if shell visit me since I have given her the address? After all, he didnt have long to live anymore. He really wanted Nora to visit him before he died.

Unfortunately, he was completely unaware that such indirect methods were totally ineffective on an insensitive lout like Nora.

In the States, Nora didnt even take a look at the address. She forwarded it straight to Sheril and told her to mail the medicine out. Then, she gave the Stewarts a heads-up that she was leaving, and went back to the Smiths.

As soon as she arrived at the Smiths, she received a text message from Justin: I heard about the incident with the Livingstones. Do you want me to give them a warning?

A single word from Justin could scare the crap out of Thomas and his mother.

When Nora saw his message, she called him right away. She asked, Have you already given them a warning?

The mans voice was very low. He chuckled and replied, No, not yet. Didnt I ask for your instructions just now?

Nora liked that he didnt take the liberty to act on his own in everything he did. At the very least, if Justin had given the Livingstones a warning, Helen might not even be able to divorce him anymore.

She smiled and said, Nah, you dont have to warn them about it. We already have a plan. But if I cause the Livingstones to be utterly disgraced, will you be put in a spot, Mr. Hunt?

To be honest, he would indeed be very much put in a spot.

After all, Mrs. Hunt would come crying to him.

But since Nora had asked, then the answer could only be: No, it wont.

Thomas was Mrs. Hunts grandnephew. By right, now that Mrs. Hunts immediate family members were gone, the people from Mrs. Livingstones generation should be the only ones staying in contact with her. And once Mrs. Hunt was gone as well, the two families would no longer have any relations with each other. However, Mrs. Hunt cared for her maiden family, and on top of that, Thomas was always visiting. That was how he had forcibly made it look as if the two families shared a close relationship with each other.

For Mrs. Hunts sake, Justin was also willing to take care of the Livingstones a little. However, that was all just charity on his part.

Since the Livingstones were blind enough to offend Nora, then he didnt need to care about such things anymore. Justin was very clear about who mattered and who he should keep dear.

Nevertheless, he should still ask for credit where it was due.

Justin said straightforwardly, Even if Grandma hits me with a bat, I still wont be put in a spot.


Come to think about it, it seemed like Justin also had it pretty tough being caught in between her and Mrs. Hunt. Fortunately, he still chose to stand firmly on her side.

Satisfied, Nora uttered, Yeah.

Justin took the opportunity to make a request. He said, Then are you still coming over to the Hunts tomorrow? You were in such a hurry today that I didnt even have time to show you around, especially I intend to turn my villa into our home after marriage. Do you want to give your opinion on the renovations?.

Nora thought for a while and replied, I only have one request.


The bed has to be comfortable.


Justin also knew that that was the only thing she would ask for. He chuckled and said, Of course, it has to be comfortable. After all, if the bed is not sturdy enough, Im afraid it wont be able to support the two of us when we Nora: ?

Werent they chatting? Why was the man suddenly making innuendos? She rolled her eyes. While we do what?

Dont think too much, I was talking about us fighting on it. Didnt you say it yourself, Big Sister? Youll beat me up every time you see me

Nora: !

She suddenly felt like her fists were itching. Tsk, Big Brother, I suddenly feel like married life wont be that boring anymore. We can spar every day. This way, we can even exercise a little.


That wasnt the kind of exercise he wanted!

He said, Why dont you come over tomorrow and we make a pick for the master bedroom? Cherry and Pete havent been to the Hunts for really long too.


Nora agreed. She wondered what kind of sparks would fly among the three little fellows once Cherry and Pete met Xander?!

She raised her eyebrows and tried for a while to imagine the three of them together, but she simply couldnt. At last, she shook her head and said, By the way, Ruth is not Xanders mother.

When Justin heard this, his pupils shrank. Are you sure?


Nora answered.

The two chatted a little more before they hung up.

Justin sat in the study and thought about what Nora had said just now. Suddenly, he got up and walked to the basement.

He emitted bloodthirsty murderous intent all over.

He had been worried that Ruth could really be Xanders mother, so he hadnt gotten rid of her. But now that he knew the truth Heh.

He went downstairs. When he arrived at the basement, he found the butler standing guard at the door.

When Justin walked over, he realized that Xander was also there.

He was squatting on the ground and chatting with Ruth while facing her.

Rather than saying that they were chatting, though, it was more like Xander was making fun of Ruth. The little fellows chin was resting on his hands as he looked at Ruth and prattled away.

However, what he said stunned Justin!!