She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 630 - Divorce!

Chapter 630 - Divorce!

Chapter 630 Divorce!

Nora hacked into the hospital system and quickly found Cecelias medical records.

Cecelia was indeed pregnant. That much was clearly stated in the medical report from the hospital.

According to the medical report, Cecelia was already three months pregnant.

Nora originally thought that the pregnancy was fake, but in the end, it turned out to be real. This was out of her expectations. Therefore, she thought about it and then checked Thomas travel records. When she did, she found out that three months agoin other words, the period when Cecelia had become pregnant-Thomas had actually gone out of the country! In addition, Cecelia hadnt gone with him! A suspicion formed in Noras heart. She turned off the phone and looked at Thomas. How long has Cecelia been pregnant?

Thomas lifted his chin. Hmph! Its been more than a month!

It was just like what she had thought.

Nora lowered her eyes.

Cecelia was lying. By claiming that the three-month-old baby was only a little over one-month-old, her objective was self-evident.

She gave him a mocking smile and said, Oh.

Then, she turned and walked out.

Seeing how she was behaving, Thomas curled his lips disdainfully and then called out after her, Its okay, Nora! We are family, I wont spread the news that your medical skills are lacking!

After saying this, he looked at Mrs. Livingstone. Mom, since Cecelia is already pregnant and Helen is infertile anyway, why dont we get a divorce straight away?

Mrs. Livingstone was actually still hesitating and in an internal struggle.

Cecelia was no kind soul. How could she compare to Helens well-behaved, sensible, and filial personality? Cecelia was shrewish and had already become well-known in the circle as a rebellious woman a long time ago.

But when she thought of how Cecelia was already pregnant Besides, at least she wasnt a poor girl like the one her son had impregnated back in college. No matter what, one could at least say that the two families were equally matched in status this time.

Mrs. Livingstone made up her mind. Okay!

The two then bid farewell to Mrs. Hunt. How could one like Mrs. Hunt, who had experienced all sorts of ups and downs, possibly trust a stranger so easily, though? She asked, Thomas, is that Cecelia woman trustworthy? You must check everything out clearly, okay?

Thomas replied, Yes, yes, I know. Dont worry, Grandaunt! Its not like I want to be the father to someone elses child. Ive already asked about it a long time ago. Well be able to have a DNA test done once shes four-month pregnant!

When Mrs. Hunt heard this, she nodded. Okay.

After the two of them left, Mrs. Hunt looked at the housekeeper. She frowned and asked hesitantly, Do you think Noras medical skills are really that bad?

If they werent good, how would she be able to make the Zabe Corporations Calming Pill?!

The housekeeper, however, replied, Maam, who cares whether they are good or not? In any case, she has made a mistake this time! This shows that Ms. Smith is just enjoying a reputation unwarranted by any actual skill.

Mrs. Hunt nodded at her words.

She was right.

She wasnt going to care if Nora was an impressive woman or not! In fact, what she wanted was for Nora to not be that impressive. Otherwise, how would she be able to control such a well-known woman after she married into the Hunts?!

Nora went straight back to the Smiths after she left.

Cherry, who was sitting cross-legged on the sofa and playing games, was dissing someone. Hey, the person in the support role, youre not the Invisible Man, why are you hiding? Have I, a gunner, seen you even once during the entire session?

Hearing this, Pete sighed silently and continued to read with his head down.

When Nora glanced at the book, she found that her son was reading a book about world economics. The corners of her lips spasmed a little and she couldnt help thinking that the little fellow sure was a mutant.

She wondered how high Xanders IQ was. Would it be higher or lower than Petes?

While she was musing over it, Pete, who had noticed her coming in, hurriedly got up. He handed her the glass of water in front of him. Then, he took out a set of pajamas and handed it to her. Mommy, are you tired?



The longer she lived with Pete, the more she found that the little boy was really very caring and heartwarming. However, his behavior instead made Nora feel her sons desire for motherly love.

She indeed had too little time to spend with her children.

Thinking about this, she took the glass of water from Pete and took a couple of sips. Then, she placed it on the coffee table next to her and took the pajamas. She looked at Pete and asked, Pete, do you know Helen Stewart?

Petes eyes lit up at the name and he nodded. Then, he said with a bit of embarrassment, She is quite nice. Uncle Thomas often visits the Hunts, so Great-grandma told him to play with me. He is very well-behaved on the surface, but in private, he called me a little idiot. After he married Aunt Helen, every time he came over, she would bring me toys. When Uncle Thomas scolded me, she would also stop him gently

At that time, Pete had never experienced a mothers love, and he also felt nothing toward the nannies attempts to please him.

But Helen was truly kind and caring. On top of that, she was also filled with love and patience for children. People like her gave Pete a very comfortable feeling.

When Nora heard what he said, she finally understood why Justin had asked her to help them.

Just by how Helen had kept Pete company, she couldnt let the matter go unchecked. With that in mind, Nora suddenly said, Pete, Im going out for a while.

Pete nodded.

Nora turned around, went out of the house, and drove to Helens parents home, the Stewarts residence.

To be honest, she initially didnt intend to bother with the Livingstones mess. After all, Thomas fatherhood had nothing to do with her.

But since Helen had treated Pete kindly, she couldnt just sit back and wash her hands of the matter.

When she came to the Stewarts residence, the guards stopped her.

When she said that she was looking for Helen, the guard gave her a wry smile and said, They are kinda busy at the moment, so its not convenient for outsiders to enter.

Nora broke into a frown.

Just as she was about to reply, a car came up to them. Then, a hasty-looking woman got out. She was a little chubby and looked somewhat like Helen. She said to the guard, This is?

The guard explained, Ms. Jessica, this is Mrs. Helens friend. Shes here to visit Mrs. Helen, but Mrs. Livingstone has come over with Mr. Livingstone and they are currently making a scene in the house, so

When Jessica Stewart, the Stewarts eldest daughter, heard this, she said straightforwardly, For her to come over to look for Helen, she must be Helens friend. How can you refuse her entry? News of the scandal will spread sooner or later anyway, so whats there to be scared of? Let her come with


Only then did the guard let Nora through.

Nora raised her eyebrows, finding the young lady rather interesting.

The two drove into the residence together.

They parked the car. Before they even stepped through the door, they could already hear an arrogant Mrs. Livingstone saying, They must divorce! But this is all because your daughter is infertile, so were not going to give her anything! Also, the Stewarts didnt make her situation clear before the marriage, so this is fraud! On top of that, she also wasted three years of our time. Otherwise, the Livingstones would already have at least two children in the family by now! You have to compensate us for this!

Helens mother, Mrs. Stewart, said furiously, Divorce? So that she can make way for that homewrecker?! Mrs. Livingstone, are you that anxious that you cant wait even a second longer?!

Mrs. Livingstone sneered, Cut the crap. In any case, its the Stewarts who are in the wrong! As for Cecelias pregnancy, Thomas didnt cheat. Its because Helen is infertile, thats why he went to another woman!