She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 629 - The Real Reason!

Chapter 629 - The Real Reason!

Chapter 629 The Real Reason!

Thomas gaze swept across everyone present. He sneered, Cecelia is pregnant!

The whole living room was silent.

Everyone looked at him. Even Mrs. Livingstone was stunned. She subconsciously uttered, Really?

Thomas nodded. Of course. We just found out during a checkup. I was with Cecelia when you called me just now! Mom, you dont have to beg this woman anymore. You can finally have the grandchild that you wanted!

Then, he looked at Helen and gave her a mocking smile. Tsk, tsk. I really didnt expect you to spin such lies just so you could shirk your responsibilities! Heh!

Helen bit her lip and looked at Nora. Her voice shook as she asked, Can people with asthenospermia still reproduce?

Nora kept quiet for a moment before she replied, Without medical treatment, chances of reproduction are very low.

It was so low that it was almost negligible.

However, it was indeed still possible.

As soon as she said that, Thomas sneered, Wow, so now youre going to use probability to mislead us? Ill tell you thisCecelia was also pregnant a year ago! It was just that I didnt want the child then, but shes pregnant again now! How are you going to explain that? If theres really something wrong with me, then how am I able to impregnate Cecelia so many times? Also, Ive never felt that I couldnt do it! On the contrary, Helen, youre so loud in bed every night, yet look at what has happened. Just who is it thats infertile, you or me?

Helen: !!

She flushed completely crimson.

Why was he saying such things in public? Besides, she had only done that to compliment him To be honest, the man really was very average in bed.

But when they had first gotten married, he simply kept asking her about it and kept forcing her to answer even when she didnt feel anything. As a result, she could only pretend to feel it

Helen shook her head hard and tried not to think about those disgusting things.

Yes, that was right. The monthly sexual intercourse was a form of torture and something disgusting to her.

In Thomas, she could only see a mans self-satisfaction and inexplicable self-confidence

She clenched her fists.

The situation had suddenly reversed. In the living room, Mrs. Livingstone had just been coaxing Helen a moment ago, for fear that she would really divorce Thomas; yet now she suddenly looked like a victorious rooster. She lifted her chin, looked at Nora, and then let out a sarcastic laugh. Asthenospermia? What nonsense. The way I see it, Ms. Smith also has moments where she makes mistakes in her medical diagnoses, right?

Nora broke into a frown.

Mrs. Livingstone snorted and looked at Helen. Didnt you want to return to your parents? Sure, Ill send you there! Ill get the chauffeur to take you home right away! You cant even lay an egg after marrying into the Livingstones for three years. Whats the use of having you here? I want my own grandchild! Divorce! The two of you must divorce!

After speaking, she looked outside and said, Wheres the chauffeur? Cmon, take Helen home right away! While youre there, tell her family members that the Livingstones dont want an infertile woman in the family! Yes, maam.

The Livingstones chauffeur replied. Then, he entered and walked up to Helen. Helen bit down hard on her lip.

A moment later, she lowered her gaze and then looked at Nora. She said, Sorry, Ive implicated you.

Then, she left.

After she left, Mrs. Livingstone directed the line of fire at Nora again. She said, Ms. Smith, in my opinion, you must have lived abroad for too long. You havent even mastered half of Dr. Zabes medical skills! How can you misdiagnose us?! Dont worry, though, I wont publicize this. After all, if word spreads, its the Hunts who will be embarrassed. After all, not only are you the young lady of the Smiths, but also the future mistress of the Hunts!

Also, you shouldnt be so arrogant. After all, we, the older generation, have so much life experience that you can learn from!

Sigh, just because they have been touted about so much, some people end up naturally feeling that they are so impressive, when in fact, they are so unremarkable! To think they can even misdiagnose someone as having asthenospermia, yet they cant even see the problem with an infertile woman! Ms. Smith, youd best not provide medical consultations anymore, lest you misdiagnose them with some kind of illness when they are perfectly healthy, and end up ruining their health! Not everyone is as magnanimous as us to condone your mistakes. Oh, and also~

You should just stay at home instead of going outside and treating peoples illnesses. How unhygienic is that? Youd best just stay at home and take care of your husband and children instead. Youd be doing a meritorious deed just by grooming the future heir to the Hunts Ms. Smith, Im talking to you. Why are you always using your cell phone? Youre so rude!

While Mrs. Livingstone was prattling on and on, Nora was staring at her cell phone. She had just hacked into the hospitals system and found Cecelias medical records.

When she read the records, her lips suddenly curled into a smile.