She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 62 - It Really Is The Carefree Pill

Chapter 62 - It Really Is The Carefree Pill

Chapter 62 - It Really Is The Carefree Pill

Justin strode over with a cold look on his face.

The conference was very noisy, and all the guests had gathered into their own respective little groups. Justin was low-key by nature, so no one had noticed him.

Moreover, this was a medical conference. Most of the guests here wouldn't be able to come into contact with people of his level, so they didn't know who he was.

However, this didn't include Deputy Dean Lucas.

Deputy Dean Lucas was stunned when he saw him. "M-Mr. Hunt?"

Justin, however, ignored him. He merely turned to Simon and said indifferently, "Uncle Simon, Hospital Finest will procure all of our traditional medicines from the Andersons. For every type of pill that Harmonia Pharmacy sells, we'll take 5,000 pills a month each."

All of them were dumbfounded.

5,000 pills… of each type!

Although it wasn't a lot, it was enough to sustain Harmonia Pharmacy's daily expenses!

He was practically a lifesaver.

Moreover, he had also chosen an appropriate quantity. Hospital Finest was definitely capable of finishing all 5,000 pills of every type of medicine, no matter what. Therefore, it wouldn't give others the impression that Justin was taking pity on them, so his actions showed sufficient respect toward the Andersons.

The way he handled the matter was both appropriate and meticulous.

Simon quickly recovered from his astonishment. He, Sheena, and Melissa looked at one another.

They still needed to feed so many people in the Andersons. Additionally, Sheena and Sheril were also leading research and development efforts for new drugs in the pharmaceutical department, so the future still held endless possibilities for them.

Simon didn't put on a pretentious act and refuse his offer. Instead, he said gratefully, "I will definitely sell all our medicines to you at the lowest price possible! I also guarantee that they'll absolutely be of the very best quality!"

Justin nodded and instructed Sean, "Get the Legal Department to draw up a contract so that we can have it signed as soon as possible."

After speaking, he looked at Nora.

She hadn't asked for any consultation fees or operation fees for his grandmother's operation back then. By helping them out a little and sending them some money, he would just take it that he was returning her the favor.

However, Nora frowned, seemingly a little troubled. "5,000 pills of each type? Does this include new products?"

New products?

Simon and Sheena were a little confused. They didn't have any new products, did they?

Justin, however, quickly replied, "Yes, it does."

Nora glanced at him and asked casually, "Are you sure? The new product is a little expensive."

A little expensive? How expensive could it get?

Justin didn't take her question seriously. He asked, "How much is it?"

Nora replied softly and unhurriedly, "The cost price is $800 per pill."

Justin frowned.

At $800 per pill, 5,000 pills would mean $4,000,000 a month!

Even the total cost of 5,000 units of every type of pill from Harmonia Pharmacy would probably only add up to less than a million dollars a month. Was she asking for that much right off the bat?

She was demanding quite the exorbitant price.

Justin frowned, his expression even turning a little cold. Although he had only interacted with her no more than a few times, she didn't seem like she was such an ungrateful person.

Simon and Sheena, who had finally regained their senses, hurriedly said, "Don't talk nonsense, Nora! We don't have any new products!"

Nora explained, "Sheril's making it at the moment. It'll be finished soon."

What was there for them to finish soon? It had been years since the factory's Research & Development department launched any new product.

However, in the presence of outsiders, Simon couldn't quite reprimand Nora for babbling nonsense. As such, he could only give Justin a vague reply and say, "New products aren't included."

But Justin instead stared at Nora and asked, "What do you think, Miss Smith?"

Nora hesitated.

Carefree Pills were developed using very expensive medicinal herbs. The cost prices of the various precious medicinal herbs in the pills were high from the start. Excluding the materials and manufacturing costs, a single pill could already cost up to $500 or $600.

A wholesale price of $800 was really very low. In fact, she had even been thinking of setting the retail price at $1,500 per pill.

She was originally thinking that the Carefree Pills would even allow Harmonia Pharmacy to recoup its capital and make a name for itself, but if she had to set aside 5,000 pills for him every month…

Ah, well.

What could she do? He was Pete's father. She would just share part of the profits with him, she supposed.

At the thought, Nora sighed and said, "You can have them."

Justin, "?"

She was obviously ripping him off, but why was she sounding as if she was reluctant to give him the pills?!

Upset, he suddenly lost interest in staying any longer. Simon hurriedly said, "No, Justin, this won't do… She's still young, so she doesn't know what she's saying."

Sheena also grabbed Nora and lectured her in a low voice. "What kind of nonsense are you saying in front of Mr. Hunt?! He's only helping us out because his father was friends with Sis. How can you raise the price like that? You're so…"

The word 'shameless' did a U-turn on the tip of her tongue when she thought of how Nora had defended her just now, and she forced herself to swallow the word back down.

While they were arguing, Justin instead said, "That settles it, then."

A gentleman should be true to his word. Since he had agreed to it, he mustn't go back on his word.

He would just treat the money as her consultation fee and take it that he was returning her the favor.

From thereon, they didn't owe each other anything anymore.

As soon as he said that, a loud voice traveled over from a short distance away. "Mr. Myers, I heard that you still have another Carefree Pill. How much would you be willing to sell it for?"

Nora turned and saw a handsome man with a pair of flirtatious eyes. He looked to be in his twenties and wore a gray suit, making him look tall and lean.

He was talking to a white-haired old man. "I'm willing to pay $150,000 for the pill in order to treat my uncle's illness!"

For some reason, Nora actually found the man very affable. She asked, "Aunt Melissa, who's that?"

After a moment's hesitation, Melissa answered, "That young man is Joel Smith, the current head of the Smiths. His uncle is Ian Smith…"

Ian Smith?

The man who never married for the rest of his life after Mom let him down?

While she was musing over this, the old man, Jon Myers, said, "Mr. Smith, it's not that I refuse to sell it, but there's only one left. It's our shop's treasure!"

Joel Smith's flirtatious eyes were upturned even when he wasn't smiling, making people feel warm and comfortable in his presence. Yet at the same time, he also inspired awe despite his mild exterior.

His assistant, who was standing next to him, reprimanded, "In that case, why did you give one to the Hunts? At the bottom of it all, is it because you think the Smiths cannot compare with the Hunts? Or do you think we, the Smiths, cannot afford it?"

Jon wiped the beads of cold sweat from his forehead and said, "That's not what I mean at all, Mr. Smith."

Joel didn't want to be thought of as someone who coerced others into selling, either. Thus, he suggested mildly, "How about we go over there and discuss this further?"

It was only after they left that Nora finally looked away.

Melissa sighed emotionally. "To think a pill can sell for $150,000!"

As soon as she said that, Deputy Dean Lucas, whose presence all of them had overlooked, suddenly said, "That's the Carefree Pill they're talking about; of course it'll be expensive! What kind of new product are you launching to actually have the audacity to sell it at $800 per pill? You're obviously trying to scam others!"

He hurriedly looked at Justin and said, "Don't be fooled, Mr. Hunt! The traditional medicine industry is a complicated one; how can a bit of lousy medicinal herbs be worth $800… Do you think you're selling the Carefree Pills?"

A sharp look glinted in Justin's eyes—he was obviously displeased.

What concern was it of Deputy Dean Lucas' that he was willing to be scammed of his money?

He was about to speak when the young woman's lip corners curled upward and she said coolly,

"You're right, we are indeed selling Carefree Pills."