She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 628 - Diagnosis Results!

Chapter 628 - Diagnosis Results!

Chapter 628 Diagnosis Results!

Thomas was the only son of the Livingstones third generation. He had been spoiled since a

He was usually very arrogant at home. The only child in Old Madam Hunts family was also very spoiled, which made Thomas even more arrogant.

Back then, when he married Helen, other than the Stewarts being famous for their sons, it was also because Helen had a timid personality and could let Thomas have his way.

After Thomas roared at Helen, he looked at Nora in disdain. Alternative medicine? Is this reliable? Let me tell you, alternative medicine is a sham

Mrs. Livingstone hurriedly said, Dont speak nonsense. Miss Smith is not only an alternative medicine doctor, but shes also a famous modern medicine doctor! Furthermore, shes your future sister-in-law!

Thomas and Justin were of the same generation. Although their relationship was a lot more distant, Old Madam Hunts love for her family made Thomas come over often when he was young.

Therefore, Thomas curried favor with Justin. When he heard this, he immediately smiled. Oh, my sister-in-law! Look, we became friends after a fight


Not only was this person spoiled, but even his personality was bad.

She took Thomass pulse seriously.

Thomas kept on nagging. Ms. Smith, take a good look at my pulse. When youre done, tell this woman that Ill definitely be fine. Make her give up on asking me to see the doctor all the time! Im fine! She always finds a reason to find faults with me. Heh, isnt she just afraid that Ill divorce her?

By the time he finished speaking, Nora had already opened her eyes.

Thomas hurriedly asked, Ms. Smith, how is


Nora stared at his expression for a while and asked a few regular questions. When she was done, she said with a serious expression, Indeed, the problem is with you.

These words stunned Mrs. Livingstone. She stepped forward nervously and asked, Whats wrong?

Nora said, He has asthenospermia. It means that his sperm has low motility. Thats why he has not been able to impregnate Helen for so many years. Mrs. Livingstones eyes widened. Can can this be treated?

Nora nodded. Of course. She looked down and picked up the paper. Ill prescribe a few doses of medicine. He must take them exactly as I prescribe. He should be good in a month.

Mrs. Livingstone nodded and asked, Whats wrong with him? How did it come to this? Our Thomas made his classmate pregnant at the age of 20! He didnt have this problem in the


Nora immediately looked at Thomas with a faint smile and said, Oh, its probably because he did it too frequently!

As soon as she said this, Mrs. Livingstone subconsciously looked at Helen and scolded, Vixen! Are you digging out my sons aura every night? Why are you so shameless?

Helens face turned red from the scolding. She said, Grandma, Thomas rarely comes back while I stay at home. How can I possibly

Ever since she went to the doctor, in order to make Helen pregnant, the Livingstones had asked Thomas to come back every month during her ovulation period.

He was indeed rarely at home.

Mrs. Livingstone was stunned. Before she could react, Helens eyes were red as she looked at Thomas. Y-You havent broken up with Cecelia yet, have you? Last time I found out, you promised me that if it ever happened again, we would get a divorce!

Thomas pursed his lips.

Only then did Mrs. Livingstone realize something. She slapped Thomas. How can you be with such a promiscuous woman? Youre still doing it so frequently. You really dont know how to keep it in your pants! Who is this Cecelia?! She seduced you until your body was sucked dry! You have to break up with that vixen!

With that, she turned back to comfort Helen. Helen, dont fuss about it with Thomas. Hes young. He likes to play around. This isnt a big deal. Why are you talking about divorce? But dont worry, Ill definitely watch over him well! I guarantee that hell drink a months worth of medicine and then you two can have a child!

Helen bit her lip and sobbed. I, I want to go home

Mrs. Livingstone nodded. Okay, okay. Lets go home Well talk when we get back. Well stop fooling around outside~ Helen shook her head. I want to go back to my mothers house.

At this moment, she felt aggrieved and could no longer hold it in.

It had been so many years. Because she could not give birth, her maiden family was disrespected by the Livingstones. It seemed unreasonable.

Her mother had even secretly given her all kinds of medicines. She even promised that she would give birth to three children in one pregnancy!

But it turned out that all those grievances were for nothing!

It was not that she could not give birth at all. It was all because of Thomas!

The reason Thomas could not impregnate her was not because of his health, but because he was doing it too frequently with someone else The word too frequently hurt Helen, and she felt that she was simply petty to the bone.

But how could Mrs. Livingstone let her go?

Knowing that it was not Helens fault, she continued to coax her.

However, at this moment, Thomas sneered. Alright, have you played enough?!

Helen was taken aback.

Thomas pointed at Nora and said, Did you two plan this? You want to push the blame on me! Hehe, Im a very strong man. How can I have such a problem?! You guys are really lousy at acting!

Nora frowned.

Mrs. Livingstone was even more stunned. Thomas, what nonsense are you talking about? Miss Smith is Dr. Zabes disciple!

Thomas sneered. What disciple? I think its just a scam! Mom, I already said that alternative medicine is a sham! And Helen wants a divorce? Then lets get a divorce! How can a barren woman have the face to stay at home?!

Mrs. Livingstone frowned. Dont talk nonsense, Miss Smith Shes lying to you! Thomas raised his chin and said proudly, I have evidence! Mrs. Livingstone was stunned. What evidence?