She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 627 - Whose Problem?!

Chapter 627 - Whose Problem?!

Chapter 627 Whose Problem?!

Nora stared at Mrs. Livingstone and said, She has no problem.

Mrs. Livingstone was stunned. She did not expect this answer, so she asked again, What do you mean no problem? If theres no problem, why cant she get pregnant?

Nora looked at Helen and asked, Is your family blessed with sons?

When Helen heard this, she glanced at Mrs. Livingstone and nodded.

Mrs. Livingstone sneered. Back then, our family took a liking to her family because they were blessed with sons. Thats why we married her into our family! Her elder sister gave birth

always triplets! Her second sister was even more ridiculous. She gave birth to triplets and even quadruplets! Our family doesnt yearn for those anymore. Cant she at least give birth to one? But it has been three years, and theres not even a shadow of a child! What a good-for-nothing! Or are you a mutant of your familys genes?

Mrs. Livingstone was really anxious.

When Helen entered the family, she had wanted to hug six children in three years. It was simply perfect. It could also break the curse of their familys third generation.

Therefore, when they first got married, she had been caring toward Helen. The two of them had lived harmoniously for half a year. Half a year later, there was still no change in Helens stomach. Her attitude changed drastically. She began to urge her and found all kinds of recipes for her to eat.

Helen lowered her head.

She did not know what was wrong with her or why she could not conceive.

She had seen many doctors, taken many drugs, and even used many methods, but none of them worked.

She was already trying for test tube babies.

But the procedure for the test tube baby was too painful.

She had to take ovulation jabs every month

As she was thinking, she heard Nora say, Mrs. Livingstone, It needs two people to conceive a child. Its not her fault.

When she said this, Mrs. Livingstone was stunned.

She reacted for a moment before suddenly understanding. She was stunned. W-What do you mean? Are you suspecting that theres something wrong with my son? Helen also looked up suddenly.

She bit her lip.

In fact, she had raised this question a few times over the years, but Mrs. Livingstone would always mock her and interrupt her. Theres nothing wrong with my son. You cant give birth, so you are blaming the man? Heh, he only provides the sperm. It must be your problem!

She had seen many doctors. Most of the doctors had persuaded her to let her husband come with them, but Mrs. Livingstone and her husband never listened to her. They even mocked her every time.

Her husband sneered and said, I got a girl pregnant five years ago. If not for her status being low and her being with me just for my money, I would have married her long ago. Now, you actually dare to doubt me! Ridiculous!

Therefore, the Livingstones had never admitted that there was anything wrong with him, and they had never made her husband see the doctor.

She looked at Mrs. Livingstone and bit her lip. Grandma, let him come and get checked. Miss Smiths medical skills are superb. Just by taking my pulse, she could tell that my family is blessed with sons

Shut up! Mrs. Livingstone shouted angrily.

Helen bit her lip and mustered her courage to say, Grandma, Ive suffered a lot all these years for the sake of bearing a child, but Ive never said a word about those hardships! But dont you want a child? If its really about my husband, cant you let Miss Smith treat him as soon as possible?!

These words made Mrs. Livingstone narrow her eyes. Beside her, Mrs. Hunt said, Helen is right. Ask your grandnephew to come over! Miss Smith is Dr. Zabes disciple and the godly surgeon, Anti. If theres no problem, then of course, itll be a happy ending. If theres really a problem, itll be easier to treat him as soon as possible!

Mrs. Livingstone was silent for a moment. When she saw that even Mrs. Hunt had spoken, she could only say, Even if I called him over, he wouldnt come!

Mrs. Hunt frowned. Tell him I want to see him!

Mrs. Hunt was Justins grandmother and was deeply respected. The other party did not dare not to ignore her command.

Mrs. Livingstone nodded with a smile, then glared at Helen. She picked up her phone and walked to the side to make a call.

After she went to the side, Nora looked at Mrs. Hunt.

Mrs. Hunt sat there looking very weak and a little pale. No matter what the reason, she was really good to Pete. Nora walked to her and did not say anything. She held her hand and felt her pulse.

Mrs. Hunt was stunned.

She stared at Nora.

The woman had her almond-shaped eyes closed, and her long eyelashes were hanging on her face. She was obedient, sensible, and beautiful. When she had her eyes closed, she looked like a quiet fairy on a beautiful portrait.

This appearance indeed made ones heart soften.

She was thinking when Nora suddenly opened her eyes. A hint of coldness shot out from them. It washed away the gentleness from before and she became a little more firm and indifferent.

Mrs. Hunt quickly retracted her gaze and heard her tsk. Dont worry. You wont die anytime soon.

Mrs. Hunt:

After getting so old, hearing things about life and death was the last thing she wanted. Noras words were really stabbing her heart.

Mrs. Hunt snorted. There are so many things happening at home, how can I not worry? So, can you get married sooner and raise that illegitimate son of Justin as your own? That way, Ill be fine too

Before she could finish speaking, Nora suddenly turned around and walked to the fish tank in the room.

Mrs. Hunt:

So her obedience and sensibility earlier were all fake!

Helen saw Nora walking over alone. She thought about it and followed beside her.

She whispered, Thank you.

Nora raised her eyebrows. Its just my job.

Helen smiled bitterly. Ive seen so many doctors. Every time they raise this question, I ask them to tell my mother-in-law, but she wouldnt agree Youre the only one who can persuade her.

When Nora heard this, she gave her a heads up. There might not be anything wrong with your husband. Maybe its because of psychological reasons that you werent able to get pregnant for a long time.

Helen nodded. I know. I just wanted him to get checked

Half an hour later, a fierce argument came from outside the door. A man was shouting, You called me over just to get me a check-up? Mom, I think Helen is crazy. How can I be sick?

Mrs. Livingstone whispered, I also know that youre not sick, but that Miss Smith is a divine doctor. You should let her take a look. This is also your grandaunts wish!

Hearing this, the man sneered. Sure, lets check. If theres nothing wrong with me, then our family can let Helen leave! She cant even have a child, is she even a woman?

A man in his mid-twenties was wearing a suit, but he looked very greasy. He said this as he walked in.

After entering, he looked at Nora.

He strode over and sneered. He reached out and let Nora take his pulse. Helen, you just dont want to admit that you have a problem, right? Alright, Ill make you give up today!