She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 626 - Whose Problem?

Chapter 626 - Whose Problem?

Chapter 626 Whose Problem?

Nora frowned. Mrs. Livingstone, its fate to have a child. We cant rush it. Theyve only been married for three years. Some couples only get pregnant after 10 years. This is very normal.

Whats normal?! Why did you give birth to two children when Justin only did it once with you? He even gave birth to a child with another woman Miss Smith, I know you dont want to have too many children and pressure Pete. You dont want Justin to have another son, right? But you dont understand our family. Our family has only had one heir for several generations, and we really need to have another family heir now.

Mrs. Livingstone rolled her eyes and continued to speak in a high and mighty tone, And you, Miss Smith. Dont despise Justin for having another child outside. The Hunts have such a big business, we cant let Pete handle it alone. You should treat the other child as your own! Women have to be magnanimous. You cant cry and restrain a mans hands and feet, understand?

Nora: ??

She almost sneered.

What kind of crazy idea was this?

After Mrs. Livingstone said that, she said to Helen, And you, since you cant give birth yourself, dont stop my son from giving birth with someone else. Its not like youre getting a divorce. Those women outside cant be taken seriously! Youre the only daughter-in-law in the Livingstones. You cant just be jealous every day, understand? Women cant be so short-sighted. If the Livingstones family line ends here, no one will raise you when youre old!

Helen clenched her fists tightly. She was so angry that her entire body was trembling.

Nora lowered her eyes and slowly said, Oh? I wonder how many sons Mrs. Livingstone has?

Mrs. Livingstone choked and continued, Our family has only had one heir for several generations. Of course, I only have one son!

Nora clicked her tongue. Mrs. Livingstone, youre too short-sighted. The Livingstones are big and powerful. How can we only let Mr. Livingstone take care of it alone? Why didnt you ask him to have more children with other women when he was young? Then, you could treat them as your own sons! Women shouldnt be too jealous, right?

Mrs. Livingstone: ??? She was instantly furious. Miss Smith, how can you say that? Im already old. Cant I criticize you guys? Havent you always been disrespectful to Mrs. Hunt just because youre Petes biological mother? Let me tell you, Justin has another son now. The future heir might not be Pete! Dont be too arrogant! Many people are eyeing the position of Madam Hunt!

Hearing her speak, Nora yawned heavily.

Mrs. Livingstone:

She felt like she was being looked down on. She was about to scold Nora a little more when Helen said, Grandma, dont say anything else. Pete has been raised as the heir for so many years. His status wont be shaken so easily. Besides, that child is just hearsay. We havent confirmed if it is true yet!

Mrs. Livingstone instantly changed her tone. What right do you have to control me? Youre a hen that cant lay eggs. I really dont know what the use of the Livingstones marrying you is! Youve already drunk bowls of medicine to nurse your body, but it has no effect at all. Instead, youve spent a lot of our familys money! If I were you, I wouldnt be able to raise my head outside!

Helen bit her lip. Grandma! Were here to see the doctor today. If you continue to be like this, Miss Smith wont let me see her!

Mrs. Livingstone only suppressed her displeasure when she was threatened. I

Beside her, Mrs. Hunt also reprimanded her. Stop talking! Im already old, I dont need anyone to respect me! I just want her and Justin to live happily!

After saying that, Mrs. Hunt looked at Nora. Good child, can you examine Helen?

She was worried that Nora would turn around and leave in a fit of anger.

After all, this was Dr. Zabes personal disciple. Other than her, probably no one else could treat this illness, right?

Nora really wanted to turn around and leave. From the looks of it, Mrs. Livingstone was an unreasonable person.

However, when she saw Helen and her red eyes, Nora sighed. Give me your right hand.

When Helen heard this, she was stunned.

She did not expect Miss Smith to not mind Mrs. Livingstones words and still treat her. A joyful expression appeared on her face. She walked to Nora and reached out her hand.

Nora sat on the sofa and took her pulse silently.

About a minute later.

Nora opened her eyes and met Helens uneasy ones.

How is it? Mrs. Livingstone stepped forward. Can she have children?

Her words were filled with anticipation as if she had already prepared a few women to deliver her son to have a child after the diagnosis was confirmed!

Nora sneered. She has no problem.