She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 625 - 90% Biological

Chapter 625 - 90% Biological

Chapter 625 90% Biological

The two of them stared at the phone.

Xander was led out of the elevator by the butler.

He bounced around as he walked, not at all calm and steady. His eyes darted around as he sized up his surroundings.

This basement was specially built for interrogations, so it was dark and damp. If an ordinary child entered, they would probably be afraid of the dark, but Xander seemed fine.

He was quite bold. Justin sighed silently in his heart. If it was his son, he had not embarrassed him.

As he was thinking, he saw Xander enter the interrogation room.

Justin switched to a camera and looked at the interrogation room. The furnishings inside were no different from before. The only change was that Ruth had collapsed in the corner.

Perhaps because she had not eaten for five days, she was very weak. However, she was not dead because there was still water in the basement.

Nora raised her eyebrows. She took good care of herself.

Justin said, She washes her face and rinses her mouth every morning. Its obvious that she has a strong psychological quality.

She was indeed well-trained.

The two of them were just thinking about this when Ruth slowly raised her head. When she saw Xander, her eyes shone with a pleasant surprise. Little Xander! Have you brought food for Mommy? Quickly bring it to me!

Xander threw a bag over.

Ruth hurriedly picked up the bag and searched inside. After searching for a while, she saw that there were only a few rotten leaves and a carrot in the bag. She instantly became furious. Xander!

She bit her lip. Youre taking revenge on me now that Im in such a condition, right?

Revenge? These two words made Justin and Nora look at each other.

Xander threw up his hands. Theres nothing I can do. This is the Hunts house. Justin didnt let me bring food for you. Its already enough that I could steal these.

When Ruth heard this, she immediately said angrily, Hes too inhumane! How can he be so heartless to a woman?! Cant he give me something to eat? Hes simply evil!

Justin, who was staring at his phone and inexplicably taking the blame, was speechless. Nora snorted and laughed. This child was quite interesting!

Ruth really thought that it was Justins order, so she did not care anymore and took out a carrot to eat.

After having not eaten for a few days, she ate the carrots exceptionally well.

After finishing a carrot, she looked at Xander. Go get me another one.

Xander shook his head. Justin is a great demon king. His people have been staring at me all along. I only got this one because I cried, threw a tantrum, and hung myself three times! He only agreed to give you a carrot every day. Ill steal more vegetable leaves for you tomorrow!

Ruth: !!

Ruth still wanted to say something, but Xander said, Oh, Im going upstairs. He asked me to only stay here for a minute.

With that, he turned and ran out.

Ruth was anxious. Xander, when did he say he would let me out?

Xander ignored her. Seeing that the little boy was about to run out, Ruth became even more anxious. She climbed to her feet, but unfortunately, her legs were too weak. She collapsed to the ground and could only shout angrily, Xander, dont forget what my brother told you when you came here!

I remember, I remember! Xander waved his hand. Dont worry! Dad also asked me to tell you to stay here at ease. You wont die.


After Xander left, Justin disconnected the video surveillance.

The two of them looked at each other.

Although Xander did not say anything unexpected, they could still tell that something was wrong

Nora could not be bothered to speak. Justin said, When Ruth saw Little Xander, her first words were a little sharp when she referred to herself as his mother. Although she did not make a mistake, she hesitated a little. This means that Little Xander did not call her mother when he was overseas.

Although Ruth had undergone training, she had been hungry for five days after all. Even if she reminded herself to be careful when she saw Xander, her reaction would be slow because her brain was short of glucose.

Nora agreed with Justin and nodded.

Justin suddenly asked, What do you think the probability of Little Xander being our child is?

Nora kept quiet for a moment.

This man did not even notice that his address for Xander had already changed to Little Xander.

He really liked this son, huh?

Nora lowered her eyes slightly and suddenly smiled. 90%.

When Justin heard this number, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Nora said slowly, The DNA comparison between strangers is usually only 23%. 84% is actually very high.

Even if his genes had changed, they could not change so much.

Justin took a deep breath.

Nora was about to say something when the butler beside Mrs. Hunt walked over. Miss Smith, Mrs. Hunt heard that youre here. She just happens to be unwell and wants you to take a look.

Nora raised her brows.

Justin said, Didnt Grandma take her medicines today? Is she not well?

The butler sighed. Its better to let Miss Smith take a look. Sir, dont worry. Mrs. Hunt is very concerned about Miss Smith right now.

Justin still wanted to reject him, but the butler said, Sir, this is to treat Mrs. Hunts illness. After all, theres a difference between men and women. Furthermore, someone from Mrs. Hunts maiden family has arrived

As soon as he said this, Justin understood something. He glanced at Nora and immediately pulled her to the side. He sighed. I know whats going on. Grandma didnt ask you to come over to treat her illness. She wants you to treat her grandnephews wife from her maternal family.

Nora: ?

Grandnephews wife Their relationship was a little complicated!

Justin added, That wife has a harder life. She was good to Pete in the past, so Nora understood now.

The reason Justin told her this was because he did not want to keep her in the dark.

But the decision was hers.

However, that wife was good to Pete. Furthermore, treating a patient was just a simple matter to her. It was no big deal. Therefore, she said, Ill go take a look.

Justin nodded and reminded her in a low voice, Its a gynecological problem, so I wont go over.

Nora gave him an okay gesture.

The butler heaved a sigh of relief and brought Nora out.

The Hunt Manor was very big, and Justin and Mrs. Hunt did not live together.

After walking for about 15 minutes, they arrived at the villa where Mrs. Hunt lived. Before Nora entered, she heard a voice from inside. Did he really have a son with another woman? And he looks identical to Justin? The moment he entered, he said that he wanted to snatch Petes position? Theres a good show to watch now. Look at that Smith woman. How can she still be so arrogant?! Didnt she ignore you because she gave birth to Pete and Cherry? She should be anxious now, right? Nora: ?

Had Xander ever said such things?

The butler coughed and reminded them that the person in the room had arrived.

Sure enough, the voice inside paused. Then, someone came out. It was a middle-aged woman in her forties or fifties. She was slightly round.

When she saw Nora, she instantly smiled and walked up. Oh, this is Miss Smith, right? Youre so good-looking! Im Mrs. Hunts niece-in-law! Im your elder. Just call me Mrs. Livingstone.

The old lady was the current head of the Livingstones, Mrs. Livingstone.

Nora did not speak.

The womans gloating words were still ringing in her ears.

She was not deaf.

Oh, Miss Smith, youre really introverted! Are you still shy?

Mrs. Livingstone continued to smile. Her voice was not loud, but it felt noisy.

Nora lowered her eyes and kept silent.

At this moment, a woman, about 25 years old, walked over. She said softly, Miss Smith, on behalf of my mother-in-law, I apologize for what she said earlier.

This open and honest attitude made Nora have a good impression of her.

She looked over and realized that the woman was very gentle. When she smiled, she looked very shy and likable.

The butler introduced her in Noras ear. This is Mrs. Livingstones daughter-in-law, Helen Stewart. You were asked to come over to treat this person.

With that, the butler pursed his lips, clearly looking at Helen with disdain.

Nora was a little stunned.

Treating her?

This person looked flushed and very healthy. What was wrong with her?

As she was thinking, Mrs. Livingstone sneered. Helen, how can you interrupt when an elder is talking?! So what if I criticized Miss Smith? You even apologized on my behalf With your lousy body, can you represent our family?

Helens face turned red.

She smiled awkwardly at Nora and lowered her head. She was clearly very self-conscious.

Nora was stunned. She asked, Is there something wrong, Mrs. Stewart?

Helen was stunned.

Ever since she married into the Livingstones, she had been called Madam Livingstone whenever she went out. This was the first time in recent years that she was called Mrs. Stewart.

As she was in a daze, Mrs. Livingstone laughed softly and mocked, Whats wrong is that she has already been married for three years and still cant have a child! As a woman, she cant even have a child. How embarrassing. Miss Smith, hurry up and take a look at her. Is there still a cure?!

Helens face turned red from the mockery.

Beside her, Mrs. Hunt frowned and scolded, How can you say that? Were outside. Pay attention to your familys image!

Mrs. Livingstone said unhappily, Mrs. Hunt, you know as well that our family has only had one heir for several generations. When it comes to this generation, were all very anxious. Why cant they have a child?! Let Miss Smith quickly take a look at Helen and see if shes hiding something. If she really has some hidden illness, lets get it over with as soon as possible.

Helen, who was standing beside him, was about to cry.

Nora could not watch on.