She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 613 - Justin’s Glorious Coldness

Chapter 613 - Justin’s Glorious Coldness

Chapter 613 Justins Glorious Coldness

Ruths pupils constricted as a flustered expression flashed across her face.

After finding out that Nora was Black Cat, she was in a mess. That was why she said so much in one breath. However, she did not expect Justin to still remember what had happened back then?

Justin stared at the panic flashing across her eyes and sneered. He moved aside and said to Nora, Nora, looks like Ill have to trouble you


In other words, Ruth was still lying and needed Black Cat to interrogate her.

Nora moved her wrist. No problem.

She pressed down on Ruths arm. The next moment, a silver needle was inserted into one of her acupuncture points. A sharp pain enveloped her instantly.

Ruth felt like her entire body was about to be torn apart. All the pain was concentrated on that point, which gave her an intense urge to dig that piece of meat out.

It hurt.

It hurt too much.

She had never experienced such pain before!


A shrill scream was heard. Then, she saw Nora pick up the scalpel again and about to slash her body. Ruth shouted, I told you, no matter what you do to me, my brother will take revenge on that child!!

These words made Nora pause.

She stared at Ruth and saw that her forehead was already covered in a cold sweat because of the pain. Her hair was wet as she glared at Justin fiercely. Hes your son. Do you really not care about your own son?!

Justin frowned. You are full of lies. We didnt have any relationship at all back then, but you made it sound like it was true. Do you think Id still believe you?

Ruth bit her lip. Heh, dont forget that I had drugged you back then. It was easy for me to get pregnant with your child! Even if everything else is a lie, the child is real!! I swear! Your son is in my brothers hands! If you dare to let Black Cat interrogate me again, your son will suffer the same pain! Justin was stunned.

Seeing that he finally hesitated, Ruth then looked at Nora. I also gave birth to a child for him. Now, you dont have any upper hand!

Nora pursed her lips and suddenly took off her gloves. How boring.

She left the interrogation room after saying those cold words.

Justin hurriedly followed behind her. When she saw the two of them leave, Ruth finally heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, an unprecedented pleasure rose in her heart. See, she had said it before. No woman could withstand such jealousy!

At the mention of the child, Nora finally could not take it anymore, right?

Noras face was cold. She walked from the basement to the living room. Justin followed behind her. His tone and demeanor were hesitant. He wanted to explain, but he did not know what to say.

At this moment, Nora suddenly stopped in her tracks. What she said about the child should be true.

Justins pupils shrank.

He pursed his lips and organized his words before saying, I dont have any memories of that night. I only lied to her before she immediately exposed herself. That woman is full of lies. Her words cant be trusted.

However, Nora lowered her eyes. Shes very smart. Her words are 80% true and 20% fake. You cant tell them apart. However, although the needle I put in earlier hurts, I could still judge her speech and blood flow, as well as her heart rate. When she mentioned the child, she didnt seem to be lying. Justin was enlightened. So you pretended to be jealous and paused the interrogation?

Nora rolled her eyes at him.

She wanted to say that she was not pretending to be jealous, but she could not say that. She instead said, Im worried that she might have a tracking chip in her body. My methods of torture are a little cruel. If its really like what she said, what if the shameless and immoral Trueman really is torturing that child?

Nora was worried about that child who might not really exist!

Even if that was the child of Ruth and Justin, she could not bear to hurt him!

Perhaps it was because she had felt guilty toward her son since he was young. When she was overseas, she had interacted with many children. She had even gone to places like Africa and seen some hungry children who could not even eat well.

She could not ignore the life of a five-year-old child.

It could be said that this was her only weakness in life.

Not to mention that this child was Justins son, but even if he was a stranger, she would still be soft-hearted.

Nora knew her own weakness, so she simply withdrew from the interrogation. Anyway, she already knew most of the things she needed to know.

Next, it was up to Justin!

Justin knew that Nora was avoiding suspicion, but when he looked at her like this, he suddenly felt a pang of indescribable guilt.

He really had a child with someone else

Nora would definitely mind, right?

He lowered his eyes and said, Yes, leave the rest to me.

Nora nodded and turned to leave.

Before she could leave, however, Justin suddenly called out to her, Nora. Nora turned back.

Justin suddenly sighed. Dont worry, Ill definitely give you an explanation.

Nora was a little stunned. Then, she nodded. I trust you.

She had always been the type of person who either did not love or completely believed the other person if she did. She no longer hid her many identities from Justin.

After Nora left, Justin returned to the basement.

His gentleness and love from earlier had disappeared, and he was exuding a bloodthirsty aura. As he entered, everyone in the basement lowered their heads. Feeling his aura, they did not dare to speak.

Justin came to Ruth and asked in a deep voice, Where is that child?

Ruth bit her lips. She felt a terrifying pressure from him. It was even more terrifying than when she first learned that Nora was Black Cat. She replied, Hes with my brother.

Justin lowered his eyes. Whats the childs name?

Xander Yale.

Ruth continued, He took my surname.

Justin did not pursue this matter further. Instead, he stood up and looked down at her. Get someone to bring the child here. I can let you leave. A life for a life.

Ruths pupils constricted. No way

The child was her bargaining chip. How could she give the child to him so easily?

However, before she could finish speaking, a hand as hard as steel grabbed her neck! It was as if it would snap her neck the next second!