She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 614 - Bring The Child Here!

Chapter 614 - Bring The Child Here!

Chapter 614 Bring The Child Here!

Ruths eyes widened, a look of despair forming in them.

She couldnt breathe properly and her throat felt like it had all stuck together.

Her brain started receiving insufficient oxygen and her vision blackened intermittently. Then, she blacked out from suffocation.


A basin of icy-cold water was splashed onto Ruths face, waking her up with a start. Only then did she realize that she had been released and had fallen onto the ground.

The basement was dimly lit, so she had no idea just how long she had been unconscious.

She wiped her face with her hand. When she looked up, she saw Justin seated on the sofa with his legs crossed, coldly looking at her.

The look in his eyes gave Ruth a shock. When she thought of what had happened before, she swallowed hard and said, Mr. Hunt, you cant kill me! If you kill me, that child will die too!

Because Justin had strangled her just now, thereby injuring her wind-pipe, her voice was hoarse. Additionally, the more she spoke, the more she ended up straining her throat, causing searing pain.

Ruth clutched her neck. In this instant, she became very sure of something Justin really had wanted to kill her just now!

While she was thinking, Justin suddenly took out a small chip. Is this how you keep Trueman Yale informed of your situation at all times?

Ruths pupils shrank. That was a tracker-cum-monitoring device that had been implanted in her. It allowed Trueman to check on her situation at any time.

It was only with this communicator and the child that Ruth could ensure her safety.

Yet even the communicator had been discovered?!

Justin threw the chip he was holding between his fingers onto the floor. Nora had reminded him of it before she left. After that, he had instructed Lawrence to bring him the relevant apparatus before he finally found it in Ruths stomach.

He crushed the chip with his foot. After breaking it, he scoffed, Do you think my men wont be able to find the child just because youre dead?

Blood drained from Ruths face. I I am the childs mother!


Justin countered dispassionately. His voice was low and rich, making him sound just like a demon in the dim basement. I can make it such that the child will never know that Im the one who killed you.

Ruth swallowed.

Seeing the strong murderous intent in the mans deep-set eyes, she knew that he was telling the truth!

She started shivering all over.

In this instant, she suddenly discovered that Justin was actually a hundred times no, ten thousand times more terrifying than Black Cat!

No matter how powerful Black Cat was, what she did was ultimately still torture. However, Justin had been dispassionate and unconcerned the whole time. It was as if nothing was a problem in his world, and that he was the king in control of everything!

Such arrogance and confidence werent to be found even in her brother, Trueman!

While Ruth was filled with fear and trepidation, Justin suddenly said lightly, Of course, whether that child exists or not, as well as whether he is my son or not, is still yet unclear.

Hes your son! I guarantee it! I have evidence to prove this! Ruth was terrified. She knew that she had to prove right away that the child really existed, and that he was indeed Justins. Otherwise, he really might kill her!

Also, from the situation just now, she now knew very clearly that Justin didnt like to hear superfluous rubbish.

It was just like how she had wanted to bargain with him just nowthe man hadnt given her a chance to speak and had almost strangled her to death instead!

She looked around in a panic. Then, she asked, Can I use your phone to log in to my email inbox?

Justin didnt move. It was Lawrence who stepped forward and handed her his cell phone.

Ruth behaved this time. She didnt dare to do anything funny. She obediently logged into her email inbox and found some videos.

She said, These are videos of Xander. You can have Y check if they are real. Once you watch the videos, youll know Im telling the truth!

Lawrence took the cell phone back from her and took a look first.

But when he did, a look of surprise immediately came over his countenance. He walked over to Justin at once and handed him the phone.

Justin took the phone and looked down at it to see a five-year-old boy in the video. He had a crew cut and was doing his homework seriously.

Seemingly sensing that someone was filming him, he raised his head in annoyance, his deep-set eyes glaring at the camera.

Those eyes that face they looked exactly like Justins!!

Pete and Cherrys looks were a combination of the good parts of both Justin and Noras, but Xander was totally a miniature version of Justin.

There was no need to do a DNA test for Justin to know that he was most definitely his son. Still, he was a little disappointed.

After all, before he saw the child, he had once wondered what if Nora was the one who had given birth to this child too?! Or perhaps Nora had actually given birth to triplets back then, so the child would have looked exactly the same as Pete and Cherry?

However, that was not the case.

Ruth shouted, Mr. Hunt, Xander and I are very close. You mustnt kill me!

Justin put down the phone and looked at her. Call Trueman Yale. I dont care how you do it, you have five days to get him to send the boy here. Otherwise, I wont hold back on you!

After saying that, he stood up at once and strode out.

But as soon as he walked over to the door, Ruth couldnt stop herself from shouting, Mr. Hunt!

Justin stopped but didnt look back.

Ruth shouted hoarsely, Why? Both Nora and I are mothers to your children. Why are you treating me like this instead?!

Justin sneered, Because you are not worthy. Then, he left the room.

What Ruth didnt know was that it wasnt because of the children that Justin was in love with Nora. Before he even knew that she was Petes mother, he had already admired her and fallen in love with her!

When Nora said that she was washing her hands of the matter, she meant it. First, she went to the hospital to treat Quentins condition. As this was already the second time, she only gave him a simple change of dressing. After fussing over him for five to six hours, she finally went home and fell into a deep sleep.

By the time she woke up, two days had already passed.

This time, she finally got enough sleep. She got out of bed refreshed. When she entered the study, she saw the two children with their heads together and staring at the screen.

As Nora walked over, she heard Cherry say, Did you see that, Pete? I told you he is really impressive! He solved all the Mathematical Olympiad problems you made!

They were currently on the phone, so a voice rang out: Of course! Im a genius, you know! Pete was still expressionless. He replied, You mean a fake one?

You are just jealous of how smart I am. I have an IQ of 301! No one can beat that!

Pete said, Sorry to disappoint you, but I have an IQ of 302.

Youre just bragging. The current highest recorded human IQ is 301, AKA mine. The little boy on the other end of the line said lightly, Youre being so competitive just to show off in front of Cherry. But no matter how hard you try, can you hold back your pee?

Pete flushed at once. He had always been a gentleman and never used such crude words. How could that guy talk about things like poop and pee so casually?!

Seeing that he was upset, Cherry hurriedly changed the subject. Have the rabbits recovered? The ones you were talking about two days ago.

The boy sounded a little disappointed as he replied, No, they showed symptoms of rejection, so both rabbits died.

Cherry: ?

She blinked. Oh, are you in a bad

Before she could say mood, the boy sighed and said, I am indeed in a bad mood.

Cherry was about to comfort him when he went on. After all, those two rabbits flesh is too low quality. They are so hard to chew! Cherry: ?

Pete: ??

Nora, who had just walked into the room: ??

Its okay, though. I also have another ten rabbits, fifteen cats, and more than twenty stray dogs. Itll be No. 3 and No. 4s turns next. But Im wondering if I should gouge out No. 4s eyes and put them in No. 3, or should I cut off No. 3s ears and put them on No. 4?

Say, if I plant wheat in a cow, will beef-flavored grains of wheat grow from it? Also, can a dogs head be installed on a cows belly?

Just the sound of the several questions he asked in succession was frightening enough.

The trio looked at one another. Nora suddenly asked, Cherry, what is your friends name?