She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 612 - Child!!

Chapter 612 - Child!!

Chapter 612 Child!!

The basement was very dark.

Ruth looked at Nora. Her voice was very low, but there was a little coldness in it. It sounded arrogant and domineering.

The mottled light shone on her face, making the womans body flicker between light and dark. She was like an envoy from hell No, it could be said that she was a demon from hell!

Ruths nervous breathing stopped. She suddenly recalled that scene back in the special department-after Nora came out of the interrogation room, the bodyguard had shouted that he would confess as long as the demon did not interrogate him again!!

Furthermore, Black Cats achievements were famous all over. International agents were known to have the strongest mouths. No matter what mission they received, it would be strictly confidential. It had almost become the benchmark of the agent world. However, that person was defeated by Black Cat.

On a mission, Black Cat only needed five minutes to knock out the employers name from his mouth

Five minutes

Ruths mentality collapsed.

She believed that she had undergone strict training and was stronger than those bodyguards, but she was no match for the strongest agent!

Therefore, before Nora could do anything, she suddenly closed her eyes and shouted, Ill say it. Ill say whatever you want me to say! Noras hand paused slightly. She placed her hands on either side of Ruths chair and approached her with a strong aura. She asked, Whats your relationship with Trueman?

Ruth bit her lip.

Seeing that she was silent, Nora sneered. Do you want to know how I got the strongest agent to speak? Its actually very simple. My scalpel is very sensitive. I cut his tissue layer by layer, letting him feel his skin being peeled off bit by bit without anesthesia

She took out a small and exquisite scalpel from her pocket.

Ruth shivered and shouted suddenly, Trueman is my brother!

Nora paused.

Even Justins movements stopped for a moment.

Ruth shouted, Trueman is my brother! I come from the Yale family! So you cant attack me. The Yales will never let you go!

Nora narrowed her eyes. So youre really from the mysterious organization?

Ruth gritted her teeth. Yes.

Nora continued to ask, Then were you the one who plotted my pregnancy six years ago?!

Ruth shook her head. I didnt plot it. I was just involved!

Nora suddenly let out a deep breath.

Ever since she learned that her pregnancy was planned by her mother, the uncomfortable feeling of being schemed against had finally dissipated.


Her mother would rather sacrifice herself to protect her. How could she have done such a thing without her knowledge?

Nora lowered her eyes. Why did you scheme against me?

Ruth stared at her. It was your mother who betrayed the mysterious organization first. We only wanted to break your agreement with the Grays! Besides, you were so well hidden. Wasnt it just right to punish you when we found you?!

With that, Ruth stared at her. Also, you should thank me. You were fat and ugly back then. No one wanted you! I heard that Anthony Gray proposed to break off the engagement many times, but he was rejected. If not for me, where else would you have found such a good man?! And you were so lucky to have a child for him!


She raised her almond-shaped eyes slightly and suddenly looked at Justin before saying calmly, Yes, I want to thank you for this. If not for you, I might never have met him. Her words made Ruth bite her lip tightly. Yes, if you hadnt given birth to his child, how could Mr. Hunt have fallen for you?! You should thank your stomach for doing so!

However, Nora asked again, Then why him? If it was to punish me, wouldnt it be better to find a random bad man?

Ruth frowned. How would I know? I told you, I didnt plan it. I just cooperated. My mission was to scheme against Justin!

Nora was puzzled. Was it planned by Trueman?

Ruth sneered. Thats right. My brother has really found a good man for you.

Nora lowered her eyes and said after a while, How did you scheme against Justin?

Ruth looked at Justin and took a deep breath. This is very simple. I drugged his food, but I didnt expect him to be so strong. In the end, I had to do it myself

At this point, she looked at Justin. So, Mr. Hunt, you and this woman arent even married yet, but weve already done it! You cant treat me like this!

Justin still ignored her.

However, Nora sneered. Who cares about marriage? Children are the most important. Cant you even see this?

As soon as these words were out, Ruth was furious. She suddenly looked at Nora and Justin. Children? Heh, do you think youre the only one with a child? What if I say that I gave birth to a child for Mr. Hunt too?!

Mr. Hunt, I also got pregnant that night. I gave birth to a boy! That child is yours! If we really count, were even more intimate!

In the underground interrogation room, there was a sudden silence.

Even Lawrence, who was watching the commotion, suddenly shut his mouth. The smile on his face disappeared.

He looked at Ruth in disbelief.

Justin also raised his eyebrows and looked at Ruth in surprise.

This was the most unexpected answer in todays interrogation.

Noras eyes narrowed and she froze on the spot.

Seeing that none of them spoke, Ruth sneered and finally found her place. Why did I come here with Mr. Hunt? Dont I know that he takes both black and white? If I didnt have a trump card, I wouldnt be here!

She looked at Justin. Our son is in the hands of my brother overseas. I want to tell you that I have to video chat with my brother every day to ensure nothing happens to him. Otherwise, our son will suffer every pain I do! If I break a finger, he will also break a finger! Since you love your children so much, you wont ignore the well-being of our child, right?! Justin narrowed his eyes.

Ruth took a deep breath as finally had the upper hand. She slowly smiled. However, she did not expect Justin to stand up the next moment. He walked over step by step, his tall figure filled with oppression. He finally said his first sentence ever since entering the basement. Do you think I really forgot what happened that night?