She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 611 - Nora is Black Cat!!

Chapter 611 - Nora is Black Cat!!

Chapter 611 Nora is Black Cat!!

The basement was very big and spacious. It was dozens of square meters. Ruth was tied to a chair in the corner with some equipment for interrogation.

Justin sat on the leather sofa beside her, and the two bodyguards stood respectfully behind him.

Lawrence was explaining to Nora one by one. Miss Smith, this isnt an ordinary whip. There are thorns on it. Its especially painful! Even a strong man cant last five minutes with this whip! Do you want to use this?

Nora shook her head and sighed. Its too rough.


He could only walk to the other side and take out a box of needles. Miss Smith, have you seen this before? Do you know how you can prick her with these needles? It wont leave any marks on the person, but its super painful! You can also insert these needles into her body or along her blood vessels to slowly reach into her heart, tormenting her bit by bit

Nora also shook her head. This is too despicable.

Lawrence kept explaining one tool after another. Until he had introduced all the tools in the room. Nora did not find any one satisfactory.

Lawrence was a little speechless, but he was still very cooperative. At least, explaining these torture devices one by one was already psychological torture for Ruth!

When Lawrence saw that Nora was not satisfied, he could not help but sigh in his heart. Miss Smith was a girl after all. She probably could not stand these scary things. Tsk, tsk. What interrogation? She probably just wanted a little taste of it.

However, he still said, If Miss Smith doesnt like them, why dont the few of us go through these tools on her first and see if she can withstand it?! If she can, then well let Miss Smith do it again!

With that, Lawrence looked at Ruth.

However, Ruth calmly remained seated. There was no fear in her eyes at all. She sighed. Mr. Hunt, you forced your way into my room and raped me back then. Youve let me down. Besides, do you think these torture devices will work on me?

She was arrogant and looked very confident. However, it was unknown where this confidence came from.

This made Justin and Nora feel extremely surprised.

In fact, when Justin invited Ruth to the Hunts, he originally wanted to find another excuse, but Ruth had readily agreed. At that time, Ruths actions had exceeded Justins expectations.

No woman should be so stupid as to threaten a business tycoon.

Moreover, judging from what Ruth had done in the special department, she should be a meticulous person. She pretended to know Q and Black Cat and successfully fooled almost everyone.

In fact, if these two identities werent Noras own, Ruth might not have been slapped so hard in the face.

One should wonder how could such a smart woman fall into their trap so easily?

Moreover, she kept saying that her identity was not simple

Not simple

Lawrence suddenly said, Could it be that youre an agent who has undergone secret training?

Ruth sneered. So what if I am? So what if Im not? I didnt expect Mr. Hunt to be so cold-blooded to the woman he once had a relationship with!

After saying that, she looked at Nora again. And you! Do you really not care that I slept with him?

Nora replied calmly, Its already the 21st century. Are you still living in ancient times?

Regardless of whether Ruths words were true or not, even if they were true, it was five or six years ago. Modern people from the 21st century wouldnt care about such small things.

Moreover, it was under the circumstances where Justin was schemed against. How could Nora be jealous and act unreasonably because of this No way!

Nora would never admit that she was jealous. That was why she had not said a word to Justin since she entered.

Ruth bit her lip and took a deep breath before saying, We didnt just sleep together for a night! Nora raised her eyebrows and smiled. I had guessed it.

Ruth was stunned.

Nora continued, You were the one who schemed against him back then, right? But I dont understand. Whose side are you on?

Ruth stared at her. Alright, since youve guessed it, I have nothing to hide. Im one of your mothers people!

The message Trueman sent her had said that Noras pregnancy was all planned by her mother.

So if her mothers people had schemed against Justin, then Ruth was indeed one of her mothers people? But this was impossible! As she was thinking, Ruth suddenly said, Back then, I drugged Justin, but he was too strong. Even with the drug, he could still withstand it. I had no choice but to do it myself Only then did I obtain his sperm. However, later on, I became more and more jealous of you. I didnt want to be an invisible person. I also fell for Mr. Hunt, thats why I came here. How is it? Are you satisfied with this answer?


Nora sneered. There are too many holes. There are flaws in your logic. I guess youre from the mysterious organization.

Ruth sneered. How is that possible? Dont slander me here!

Nora rubbed her wrist and stepped forward. It seems like you really wont cry until you see the coffin. Since youre not cooperating, dont blame me for being ruthless!

With that, she arrived in front of Ruth.

Ruth glared at her. Im one of your mothers people, but Ive undergone training! Using these torture devices on me is a waste of time!

I dont like to waste time, either. Nora suddenly leaned closer to Ruth and whispered into her ear. You can only hype yourself up as an interrogation master by using my reputation. You dont know a thing about interrogation, Ruth!

Ruths eyes widened when she heard this.

She looked at Nora in disbelief. Her lips trembled. You, you, youre Black Cat?

How could this be?!

She was Black Cat Why was she Black Cat?!

No, she suddenly thought back to the times in the special department. Every time she mentioned that she knew Black Cat, Nora would always have a mocking smile on her face.

Furthermore, when Nora entered the interrogation room and interrogated those bodyguards, they started singing in no time. At that time, she had thought that Black Cat had guided her

While she was extremely frightened, Nora lowered her eyes. She took out two gloves from her pocket and slowly put them on. Last time, I needed five minutes to interrogate the top-secret agent known to have the toughest mouth. Guess how long will you last?