She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 610 - A Woman’s Jealousy

Chapter 610 - A Woman’s Jealousy

Chapter 610 A Womans Jealousy

Lawrence and two bodyguards stood behind Ruth.

Justin sat on the sofa with a cold expression and a strong aura. At first glance, he reminded Nora of the first time she had met this man in California.

Only at times like these could Nora clearly see that this man had a noble status. When he was not in front of her, the mans expression was high and mighty. His entire body exuded an unapproachable aura.

He could not be bothered with Ruth and only lowered his head to handle the documents.

Lawrence was talking to Ruth instead. Miss Ruth, dont make things harder for yourself. Over the years, no one has ever been able to hide anything from us

Ruth did not want to bother with him at all and directly said to Justin, Mr. Hunt, its useless for you to ignore me like this. Arent you afraid of the publics opinion? If I just disappear out of nowhere, Im afraid the outside world will start talking about you silencing me!

Justin turned a page of the document, took out a pen, and signed it.

However, Lawrence said, Tsk, Miss Ruth, youre looking down on the Hunts too much, arent you? Do you think a battle of public opinion will matter to us? Do you think you can publish such news as you please with Y around?

Ruth was stunned.

She looked at Lawrence and saw strong confidence coming from this assistant. It was as if those things were nothing to him.

She bit her lip. Shut up! Im talking to Mr. Hunt. How can you interrupt?.

Lawrence raised his chin and sneered. Miss Ruth, you have to know that Im only here to talk to you because Im bored. Do you think you would otherwise have the chance to talk to me?

As Justins special assistant, Lawrences words had a very big say in New York!

Ordinary people would have to rack their brains if they wanted an opportunity to speak to him. He was very proud and aloof.

Ruth was furious. Who do you think you are? Do you know who I am? You cant afford to offend me!

Lawrence sneered. Who are you? Ruth wanted to say something, but she calmed down. You want to pry information out of me? I wont say anything Then, she looked at Justin again and said, Mr. Hunt, I suggest you let me go. Lets have a good talk. Otherwise, my people will call the police if Im missing for 24 hours!

Lawrence: Omg, Im so scared! He pursed his lips. Who do you think the Hunts are? Even if your people call the police, can they step foot into our property without any evidence?

Ruth frowned. You

Lawrence squatted down. So, I suggest you talk nicely. After all, we dont want to kill women either.

Ruth spat and saliva splattered on Lawrences face. Since I dared to come, Im not afraid of torture. Besides, you cant torture me! If I lose so much as a strand of hair, I guarantee that Mr. Hunt will regret it very much!

Lawrence frowned.

He did not know where Ruths confidence came from, but to be safe, he still looked at Justin.

At this moment, Justin finally put down the document. He slowly raised his head, but his gaze passed through Ruth and went straight to Nora. Then, he stood up.

He was still acting very cold and distant, but now, a smile suddenly appeared on his face. He strode to Nora and said, Youre here!

Nora nodded calmly and then turned her gaze to Ruth.

Ruth did not seem to expect her to come over, but the moment she saw her, she suddenly understood something. She looked at Justin again and frowned. You all teamed up to deceive me!

Nora and Justin could not be bothered with her. Only Lawrence bothered to talk to her. Of course. Did you just notice? Heh, Miss Smith and our Mr. Hunt can already talk with just their eyes. How could he have been stirred up by you? Let me tell you, your matters are nothing in Mr. Hunts eyes. Besides, Miss Smith is very magnanimous. She has been framed before, so she definitely wont fuss about anything!

As he spoke, Lawrence glanced at Nora carefully.


She turned back to look at Justin and saw that he was also sizing her up. It seemed like this person really cared about her opinion.


If Justin had really slept with Ruth, it would be quite disgusting. She simply waved her hand and said to Lawrence, Stop wasting time. Just interrogate her.

Lawrence instantly nodded. Just as he was about to call for someone to pull her down, Ruths eyes widened and she gritted her teeth. She looked at Justin and shouted, I slept with Mr. Hunt. Do you really dare to interrogate me? Do you dare to touch me?!

Everyone: ?

Lawrence was stunned by the logic of her words. Why cant we interrogate you?

Ruth looked at Justin. Mr. Hunt, can you really bear to? We had a one-night stand after all. How could you treat me like this?!

There was a silence.

After a while, a sneer came from Noras mouth. Her pretty face could not help but tighten slightly. She only felt that this womens brain circuit was damaged. She shook her head and mocked, Do you think youre filming a tv show?

Ruth bit her lip. Youre too shameless. Are you going to torture me? Im a woman. You guys call yourself men?!


Nora waved her hand. Forget it. Find a soundproof room. Ill interrogate her. Lawrence was stunned. Miss Smith, youre doing it?

Why? Cant I? Nora retorted. Lawrence hurriedly glanced at Justin and saw him nod. He then said eagerly, Of course! you can definitely do it!

With that, he got the two bodyguards to carry Ruth to the basement.

The dark room in the basement was very soundproof.

After the few of them went in, Ruth was tied to a chair. Her posture was still calm. Ive already said that you will only hear what I want to say. Youll never know what I dont want to say!

Lawrence also persuaded, Miss Smith, why dont we do it? After all, its not appropriate to let you do such a bloody thing, right?

Actually, he was thinking to herself, Miss Smith, you can treat illnesses, but can you interrogate people?

However, he quickly figured out that Miss Smith wasnt here just to interrogate her. She just wanted to take the opportunity to hurt Ruth!

Sigh, women! They were indeed petty. Although they said they were not jealous, they actually cared more than anyone else, right?

He wanted Miss Smith to have fun. Later, he would find an excuse to take care of her mood and do it himself!