She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 609 - Go to the Hunts to Interrogate Ruth!

Chapter 609 - Go to the Hunts to Interrogate Ruth!

Chapter 609 Go to the Hunts to Interrogate Ruth!

Cherry asked again, Where did your father go?

The other party: God knows. Anyway, thats not important. The important thing is that no one will care about me.

Cherry asked, Doesnt your mother care about


The other party: I dont have a mother. I lived with my father alone.

Cherry: ??

The other party replied, Alright, lets not talk about it. Im busy. Ill let your brother come and see how awesome I am another day!

Cherry put down her phone in resignation.

Beside her, Pete looked at her curiously. Who is this?

Cherry tilted her head and explained, This is a good friend I know from the Internet. His hobby is to grow wheat on cows. He can make the wheat smell like beef, dogs, rabbits, and dogs. Hes very smart. He once connected a dogs body to a cats head for two hours. Unfortunately, they died in the end.

Pete: Cherry, stay away from this person!

Cherry was stunned and asked in confusion, Why?

Pete said seriously, Because this person is either a lunatic, and everything he says is a lie, or hes crazy! Why did he connect the dogs body with the cats head? Did he torture the two pets to death just for fun? At these words, Cherry thought of a child torturing two little pets and instantly shuddered.

She swallowed. Pete, you make it sound so


Pete continued to teach her seriously. So stay away from him in the future!

Tanya and Nora, who were at the door, were speechless.

Tanya said, If not for Petes honesty and kindness, I would have thought he was jealous.


The corners of Noras lips spasmed.

In fact, over this period of time, she had long realized that however obedient and sensible Pete was, it was only on the surface. How could Pete be a good person when he grew up with Justin?

This fellow had many thoughts.

To put it bluntly, he was scheming.

She had just confirmed that Pete was jealous! Otherwise, he would not have said bad things about the other boy!

However, when did Cherry make such a weird friend? Which family was that child from? He was so young, but he was already so cruel.

Of course, Cherry was not easily fooled. She pursed her lips. Brother, I wont talk to him if you let me play games! Pete: !!

He was silent for a moment before he sighed and did not probe further. Forget it.

Cherry picked up her phone excitedly. The slightly intense dispute dissipated into thin air.

Nora looked at Tanya. See that? Its a good thing I came fast.


The scene of the two children being obedient returned to the room. Nora simply went out. Just as she was about to leave, her phone suddenly rang She took a look and realized that it was Morris.

She was stunned for a moment before answering the call. She heard Morris say, Caleb has escaped.

Nora was surprised. So fast?

Yes, everyones attention was on you and Ruth today. He found a chance to escape.

That was true.

After all, Caleb wanted to pretend that he had escaped. It was definitely appropriate for the special department to be in such a mess today, but

She suddenly felt a little regretful.

Previously, she had asked Sheril to make a few cough pills for him. As it was her first time making them, she had only made a few and was urgently making a second batch. Unfortunately, with him gone, she could not give them to him even if she made one, right?

As she thought about this, Morris suddenly changed the topic. I heard that Ruth and Mr. Hunt have returned to the Hunts? And Mr. Hunt is suspected of raping her?

Nora frowned and sounded a little unhappy. Is that so?

Yes, my people saw her enter the Hunt Manor with their own eyes. If possible, can you spare her life? I still want to use her to bait people.

Nora was silent for a moment before saying, Dont worry. Justin and I are good law-abiding citizens.

In the special departmentthe corners of Morriss mouth twitched when he heard the beeping sound on the phone.

Mark, who was beside him, looked at Morris carefully. Our people cant enter the Hunt Manor, so we dont know what theyre doing inside We really dont have a choice. Can we get Miss Smith to take a look? And report to


He did not pursue the matter with Ruth nor suspect her. He only chased her away. It was all Morriss bait. He wanted to see her contact the mysterious organization and take advantage of the opportunity.

However, who would have thought that Ruth would be taken to the Hunt Manor as soon as she left the special department, causing them to lose their surveillance?!

Morris looked at him and sneered. Report? In what capacity should I ask Miss Smith to report to us?! If she was still in the special department, then I could request her to go on a mission as her superior. But what should I do now?

Mark shut his mouth and lowered his head.

Why did it feel like the special department was in chaos ever since the moment Miss Smith left? The investigation that had finally gotten on track previously had become troublesome again

Nora got out of the car and was about to walk to the living room when she was grabbed by Mrs. Hunt.

Mrs. Hunt looked at her and saw that she did not look happy. She instantly trembled and coughed. She suddenly said, Miss Smith, um, you have to be forgiving

Nora: ???

The old lady suddenly felt guilty.

Although she was very arrogant in the past, after learning that Nora was Petes biological mother, she knew that this marriage was set in stone!

Even if it was just for Pete, she had to be Justins wife.

Therefore, she had to suppress Nora in the future. She could not let her be too arrogant in the Hunts.

But now!

Why was there another woman?

What if Miss Smith got angry and suddenly broke off the engagement?!

She was anxious inside, but Nora could not be bothered with her. She had already walked into Justins living room. As soon as she entered, she saw Ruth sitting calmly on the ground. Her hands and feet were already tied, but she was not anxious or flustered. She said with certainty, Mr. Hunt, I dared to come here alone with you because I have leverage. Your interrogation techniques are useless against me. Unless Black Cat comes in person, no one can make me talk