She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 608 - My Dad’s Not Here~

Chapter 608 - My Dad’s Not Here~

Chapter 608 My Dads Not Here~

Nora replied, No need. Ill come over later.

Just now, outside the special department, although Nora and Justin hadnt said a word, when their eyes met, Justin instantly understood Noras meaning.

It was outside the special department. The special department was half a police station. It was a fair and strict place. It would be inconvenient to interrogate Ruth there, so it was best to take her away. Therefore, Nora took the opportunity to act. Normal girlfriends would be jealous at that time, right? Therefore, it was normal for her to be angry and leave.

Subsequently, Ruth directed and acted in a public opinion battle. It seemed like she was forcing Justin to lower his head, but Justin was only beating her at her own game and taking advantage of the situation.

Justin put down his phone and narrowed his eyes again.

Ruth should be thankful because if not for Nora coming to interrogate her about her role in what had happened back then, he really wanted to kill Ruth on the spot!

Unfortunately, Ruth seemed unaware of this fact.

The car arrived at the Hunt manor and drove into Justins residence.

The car stopped and Justin got Ruth out of the car and into the living room. As soon as they entered the living room, Justin was about to call for someone to take Ruth down when Mrs. Hunts voice suddenly sounded. Justin, youre finally back!

With that, she walked over with her walking stick, trembling. Whats with the report on the Internet? Whats going on between you and that girl?

After saying this, she saw Ruth following behind Justin.

Mrs. Hunt was stunned. She frowned in surprise. This is?

Ruth immediately stepped forward and held Mrs. Hunts hand. Mrs. Hunt, Im Ruth, and Im also the girl from the report. Mr. Hunt and I are

At this point, she glanced shyly at Justin and then lowered her head. Its that kind of relationship.

Mrs. Hunt immediately frowned and looked at Justin in surprise and confusion. Justin, youre

Ruth was about to say something when Justins face turned cold and he said, Grandma, I have something to discuss here. Please leave for now.

Mrs. Hunt was actually afraid of Justin.

He used to listen to her when he was young, but when he grew up and had his own views, he would never listen to her again. Mrs. Hunt knew very well that apart from respect, Justins feelings for her were of familial love.

She would not do anything to hurt their relationship, so she said, Alright, then you guys talk. You guys talk

The old lady leaned on her walking stick and walked out slowly.

After she left, Ruth looked at Justin and directly spoke her mind, Mr. Hunt, I want to be Mrs. Hunt!


Nora returned to the Smiths and saw Tanya standing outside the door. She asked anxiously, How is it? Tanya: Theyre still arguing. The reason she rushed back was that Tanya had sent her a message saying that the two children had gotten into a fight!

They had a fight!

This was the first time she had heard of it. After all, Cherry was a little cutie who spoke her mind and made people love her.

And Pete was a sensible and obedient little gentleman.

How could the two of them get into a fight?

Hearing the two words still arguing, Nora instantly heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, I came back quickly.

Tanya nodded. Yes, go talk to them

As soon as she said this, she heard Noras next words. Otherwise, I wouldnt have had the chance to see what their fight looks like!

Tanya: ???!

Was this something a mother should say?! When Nora entered, Cherry was arguing with Pete.

Pete said sternly, Cherry, you cant play games every day. You should learn something.

Cherry refused to let go of her phone and hugged it in her arms. Pete is bad. If you keep trying to control me, I wont love you anymore! Why should humans learn, anyway?!

Pete lectured her seriously, Its to make yourself better!


Then, when you grow up, you can learn many techniques. You can also control everything without being confused by the butler!

And then?

Pete: After that, you can live a happy and blissful life.

Cherry was being unreasonable. But I have my parents and you. Im already living a blissful life!

Pete: ?

He could only explain again, Cherry, you have to make your life valuable. You cant live every day in vain! This is wrong!

Why? Making life valuable is to satisfy your own desires, right? Its also to make you happy? But the value of my existence is to get first place in the game! Im being needed every day! Without me, Chesty cant even get first place in the national server! Cherry patted her chest. Im very awesome!

Pete: I cant out-talk you, but you have to learn knowledge, especially your English. You have to make up for your idioms and poems!

I know how to memorize 300 poems- Cherry was very persistent.

Pete: But you dont know Mathematical Olympiad questions! You dont know how to do programming, and you dont know how to make a robot either. You still have a lot to learn!

Cherry bit her lip. Pete, what youre saying is too boring. Boohoo. But I also know someone whos very good with these things. Hes a genius!

With that, she picked up her phone and opened an application. There was a lot of chat content inside. She sent a voice message. Are you there? My brother wants to compete with you!

After sending the message, she said to Pete, I met him overseas. Hes five years old this year, just like you! Dont force me to study. Go compete with him!.

The other party replied with a voice message. It was a young voice, but this voice had a hint of ruffianism. Where did you get a brother from? Dont you only have one brother? Cherry: My biological brother. My mother found my biological brother!

The other party: Tsk~ So what if hes your biological brother? Ill definitely beat him, but I dont have time to compete with him now.

Cherry: Why? What are you busy with?

The person said, Im dissecting a small animal. I plan to replace the rabbits leg with another rabbits.

Cherry was stunned. Didnt your father stop you from playing with those things?

As soon as she said this, the other party replied, Hehehehe, my father will be away for a few days. Im simply too free!