She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 607 - Capture Her

Chapter 607 - Capture Her

Chapter 607 Capture Her

Justin did not plan to bother with this woman at all.

However, he did not expect Ruth to suddenly say such a shocking thing, making him frown.

Actually, he had dreamed of that night a few times recently. In his dream, he had not been robbed by some cold instrument. Instead, he had slept with a woman! He had brushed it aside thinking it was just a wet dream.

However, when Ruth shouted this, he frowned tightly.

For some reason, at this moment, he recalled very clearly that he had indeed slept with a woman five years ago!

This realization suddenly made him nervous. His heart clenched slightly as he subconsciously looked at Nora.

His first reaction was-would Nora be angry? The second reaction was-if that person was Ruth, he would definitely feel extremely disgusted. Damn it!

However, in his memories, he did not seem to be rejecting her that night

This thought made him feel like he had swallowed a fly. He felt like his body had betrayed him

As his thoughts ran wild, the bodyguards who had rushed forward to chase Ruth away were stunned. From what Ruth said, she seemed to have slept with Mr. Hunt?

Should they chase her away or retreat?

Everyone looked at Justin in confusion. However, their big boss was staring straight at Nora in front of him. He did not give them a single glance, making them unable to do anything!

Should they go forward and pull Ruth away or retreat quickly?

Boss, please give some instructions? They didnt want to watch some melodramatic scene here!!

While everyone had their own thoughts, it gave Ruth a chance to showcase her skills. She tried to grab Justins hand. The man dodged guiltily. Ruth did not get his hand, but she grabbed his sleeve. Ruth looked straight at him. Weve slept together before. Mr. Hunt, have you really forgotten me? Do you really not remember me?!

Justin: !!

He saw Nora standing there silently in the distance, her gaze fixed on him. He frowned in panic. Dont talk nonsense!

Im not talking nonsense. I have evidence!

Ruth was very anxious. She took out her phone directly. After we slept together back then, I took a photo to remember it.

With that, she handed the photo to Justin.

Justin stared at the photo.

He narrowed his eyes slightly. In the photo, he was lying on the bed, asleep. Ruth was beside him. Her cheeks were slightly red, revealing her fair shoulders. She looked shy and bashful.

Now, there was even evidence.

Justin felt that he could not explain anymore, especially when he met Noras cold gaze. It actually made him feel that he was dirty?! Justin felt like he had swallowed half a fly, and he was so disgusted.

He pushed Ruth away and strode towards Nora. Nora, let me explain

Nora waved her hand. Stay where you are.

Justin was taken aback.

Ruth bit her lip and looked over.

After seeing Nora, her eyes flickered with a fierce and cold light. But then, she looked at her pitifully. Miss Smith, dont be angry. It was an accident but but after that night, I never forgot Mr. Hunt Mr. Hunt also liked me. That night, he wanted me three times He even said he would be responsible for me

Her eyes turned red immediately. She stared at Nora and said, I know Im being very shameless in saying this, but I really love him I beg you, please help me and Mr. Hunt! You dont love him at all, anyway. Youre only with him because of the child

She lowered her head and cried.

Justins expression changed drastically. He pushed her away with disdain as if he was pushing away a pile of trash; as if being stained by her once was already very disgusting and dirty.

He shouted sternly, Dont talk nonsense! Nora, Im not, I didnt five years ago, you know, I had no memories! I was framed!

Ruth cried even harder. Mr. Hunt, how could you be like this You clearly wanted it that night. You seemed intoxicated when you rushed into my room

As she spoke, she looked at Nora.

However, this woman, who was usually very cold, was now covered in a layer of frost. She stared at Justin and suddenly sneered before turning to leave.

Justin strode forward, wanting to chase after her.

However, before he could move, Ruth had already grabbed his arm again. Mr. Hunt, you cant treat me like this!

When she blocked him, Nora had already gotten into her big black car and driven away.

Justins expression was very ugly. He lowered his head to look at her, his long phoenix eyes filled with anger and violence. He shouted softly, Let go!

Ruth was frightened by his appearance. The mole at the corner of his eye seemed to be filled with killing intent, making her take a step back.

At this moment, Lawrence suddenly walked over in rapid steps and handed the phone to Justin. He whispered, Mr. Hunt, bad news!

Justins eyes narrowed as he looked down. Lawrence explained, I dont know who sent this message saying that youre suspected of rape. It even has a photo of you and Miss Ruth from a few years ago!

Justin looked down. It was a photo of him breaking into Ruths room.

Lawrence said, Everyone is speculating now that you often used your power to force women to do in private and even took pictures of them. They say that there are many others that havent been photographed. Theyre requesting a strict investigation!

Justin suddenly looked at Ruth. You did this?!

Ruth bit her lip. Yes, I did it. Mr. Hunt, I can go out there and say that were boyfriend and girlfriend. Then, it wont be considered rape. Otherwise, youll definitely be sued!

Justin frowned.

Ruth stared at him. Mr. Hunt, can we talk now?

Justin thought for a moment before saying, Get in.

Ruth got into Justins car and they drove all the way to the Hunt manor. When they entered, she turned to look at the scenery outside, a light appearing in her eyes.

She was going to be the mistress here soon!

She did not see that Justin was looking down and sending a message to Nora. I brought her to the Hunt manor. No matter what we do to her here, no one will know. You can come over. Do you want me to pick you up?