She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 601 - Black Cat’s Interrogation!!

Chapter 601 - Black Cat’s Interrogation!!

Chapter 601 Black Cats Interrogation!!

Black Cat didnt know her?

Ruths pupils shrank and her head whipped towards Nora. She clenched her fists nervously and retorted, What? I dont understand what youre saying!

Oh, you dont? Then Ill explain it to you carefully.

Nora hadnt slept well, and on top of that, she had only eaten a bowl of oatmeal after she woke up, so she was a little tired. She suddenly pulled a chair next to her over and sat with the back of the chair facing her. She propped her arms on the back of the chair and slowly said, Youre aware that Karl has been acquitted,


Black Cat was the number one assassin in Karls Assassin Alliance. However, outsiders were completely unaware that Karl had never actually met Black Cat before.

Following what Nora was saying, everyone immediately understood that she had met the real Black Cat before.

Everyone in the special department gasped.

Nora stared at Ruth. The wound on her forehead was still bleeding. She was holding a tissue against the wound, but her eyes were already starting to become evasive. Nevertheless, she said insistently, Yeah, I know that, but I have no idea what you are trying to say.

Nora sighed. She said solemnly, Arent you very smart? Yet you dont even understand something as simple as this? Then let me put it more bluntly for you!

She slowly said, Black Cat said that they dont know you at all. So, which Black Cat did you design the so-called interrogation plan with?

Ruth choked on her breath.

Of course, she knew that the Black Cat she had spoken with was a fake.

She was about to use the same trick again when Nora said lightly, Surely that Black Cat of yours didnt also deceive you, right?

Ruth: !!

During all her previous interactions with Nora, she had always found the woman very stupid, and thought that she didnt really know how to speak properly. She didnt expect that she would also know how to diss someone!

Her rhetorical question had rendered Ruth speechless. Her throat moved a little, but even after a long while, she still couldnt squeeze even a word out of her mouth.

It was surprisingly Nora who couldnt be bothered with her anymore. She looked straight at her cell phone and said to Morris, Im going to interrogate those few suspects.


Morris agreed without any hesitation.

Ever since the Johnson incident, because of Morris meritorious contributions, the word acting had been removed from the front of his job title. He could now make the decisions for everything pertaining to the special department.

Now that he had spoken, those who had obeyed Ruths instructions were no longer under her control.

Nora walked straight to the interrogation room.

Morris picked a few people to work with her.

As for Ruth, she remained where she was.

Mark and a few others who had cooperated with Ruth also awkwardly stood where they were. In particular, the staff member who had installed the spotlight in Noras room for Ruth just now felt even more embarrassed. He couldnt help but stare at Ruth and say, As it turns out, you dont know Black Cat at all? You are so full of lies. Which sentence of yours is actually true?!

Ruth bit her lip.

She clenched her fists tightly. A short while later, she suddenly looked at the man and retorted, Regardless of whether I know Black Cat or not, the interrogation proposal I produced has indeed yielded useful information, and that is what I am capable of!

The way people all around looked at her suddenly changed.

In particular, Damon immediately said, Previously, I thought you were just deceived by a fake Q, but you actually used the same trick time and again. I have finally seen your true colors!

Ruth knew that she couldnt carry on the act anymore. With nothing else to lose, she threw the handle after the blade.

She took a deep breath and said, Yes, I dont know Q or Black Cat, I made up all of it! But my ability is real! There is absolutely no problem with that interrogation proposal!

Then, she looked at Noras back and followed after her.

The others also followed after her.

Ruth stared at Nora and sneered, You just dont give up, do you? So, you dont believe that all of this has something to do with your mother and that your mother is the mysterious organizations second-in-command? Okay then, go ahead and interrogate them yourself! Lets see what you can get out of them!

There was anger in her words.

But at the same time, there was confidence!

Her interrogation methods were viable and were the real deal! Besides, the bodyguards had all been trained by the mysterious organization, and would never easily reveal the mysterious organizations location. How would they possibly tell the truth?

By stupidly going over to interrogate them, Nora was doing nothing more than a final struggle.

She knew that whatever Nora was about to do was nothing more than a few tips the real Black Cat had given her. However! When it came to interrogation, the actual person had to be present in order for it to work.

Black Cats capabilities werent something that one could learn with just a few words. If that was possible, Black Cat could just publish a book. Why would everyone have to admire Black Cat so much?

Black Cat had their own style and momentum!

Therefore, Ruth was confident that nothing would come out of Noras interrogation!

Nora ignored her. Before she entered the interrogation room, her cell phone vibrated. She looked down to see that it was actually a reply from Trueman.

This time, Trueman did not dodge her questions. Instead, he answered her questions directly. Her question was: Who plotted my pregnancy?

Truemans answer, however, made her pupils shrink.

Nora cast her eyes down. A moment later, she put down her cell phone and instructed the people accompanying her, You guys wait outside. I will go in alone.

The special department staff members wanted to say something, but the video call with Morris was still connected, so he said, Do as she says. With that, all of them stood outside the door.

Nora entered the interrogation room and closed the door.

The moment the door closed, all the sounds outside were cut off. All the sounds inside the interrogation room were also isolated.

Ruth stared nervously at the door to the interrogation room.

She knew that if Nora got a different answer from hers in her interrogation, then she would most likely be fired from the special department.

But there was no way Nora would be able to get anything out of them.

She comforted herself.

In the interrogation room.

Nora sat opposite one of the bodyguards. The bodyguard, who was shackled down with iron chains, was seated opposite her. The two looked at each other. Suddenly, Nora asked, You said that my mother was involved with the mysterious organization, right?

The bodyguard nodded. Yes.

Nora cast her eyes down. Is that really true?

The bodyguard nodded again. Yes, it is. Our purpose in coming to the United States this time is precisely to take over what she has left behind. You are her descendant! So that makes you a member of the mysterious organization


Nora stared at him. I will ask you once more -is what you just said true?

Yes, its true.

The bodyguard answered firmly.

Oh, okay. Nora got onto her feet and disconnected the video call with Morris. Then, she flexed her wrists and said, In that case, the interrogation officially begins now.