She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 600 - Black Cat!

Chapter 600 - Black Cat!

Chapter 600 Black Cat!

Initially, Nora had thought that even though it was obvious that Ruth was making things difficult for her, she was indeed acting according to regulations.

After interrogating the suspects and finding out that the mysterious organizations ultimate mastermind was Yvette, she should indeed interrogate Nora.

But Nora was not just anybody. She was internal personnel of the special department.

Even if they wanted to interrogate her, they should have asked Morris for permission first. After all, she was someone whom Morris had specially recruited!

When Ruth detained her and forbade her from leaving, she could understand and think of it as Ruth trying to prevent her from taking the opportunity to escape in case she really was involved with the mysterious organization.

Therefore, she had intended to cooperate with them in the beginning.

After all, once Morris returned, the truth would come to light.

That was why she had comforted Brenda and told her to leave just now.

But Ruth was actually installing a light like that in her room?

What kind of attitude was that?

Even in a normal interrogation, they should not be employing torture methods when there was no evidence of her involvement with the mysterious organization!

Nora closed her eyes and experienced for herself the pain and agony of someone under interrogation. Ten minutes later, she ultimately decided not to go against herself anymore.

Thus, she picked up her cell phone, tapped away on it a little, and sent out a signal from the room whose signal had been jammed. About five minutes later.

The SWAT officers from the special department looked warily at Nora who had exited the room.

She stood there, thin and frail and standing at a height of 57, yet all the men felt pressured by her presence.

Whats going on?

Ruth came over and asked. At the sight of Nora, her pupils shrank. A-are you actually thinking of escaping? Nora, do you have a guilty conscience?!

Nora flexed her wrists a little. No, I just think that getting this over with quickly would be better.

Ruth was taken aback. What do you mean get it over with quickly?!

As soon as she said that, Nora, who was in front of her, suddenly hooked her toes around the chair next to her. Then, she applied some force and the chair flew straight towards Ruth!

Ruth screamed and tried to duck. But would the target of Noras attack be able to avoid her?!


The chair crashed into Ruth, grazing her forehead and making her head buzz from the impact. She demanded furiously, Nora, what are you doing?! Are you trying to break out of jail?!

After shouting at her, she looked behind her at the SWAT officers and shouted, What are you people still in a daze for? She is attacking us! Hurry up and arrest her!

The SWAT officers took a step forward. Just as they were about to attack, Nora suddenly whipped out her cell phone-Morris face was displayed on the screen.

Nora hadnt had enough sleep, so she was very grumpy at the moment.

She felt a lot better after she hit Ruth. Only then did she say, Captain Ford, go ahead and tell them what you have to say!

At the sight of Morris, Ruths pupils shrank.


There was no signal at the area where Morris was. She had only started to target Nora after she confirmed that Morris was unreachable by phone, so how did she manage to give him a video call?!

On the screen, Morris lip corners were also twitching The woman obviously could have taken out her cell phone right away, yet she had to get violent instead

Never mind.

Morris coughed and said, Nora is someone that I specially recruited. Before recruiting her into the special department, I have already thoroughly investigated everything about her! She has nothing to do with the mysterious organization! In addition, I have been constantly kept in the loop about her communication with Trueman Yale. It was also because of her contact with Yale that we were able to pinpoint his place of residence and arrest those suspects.

His words clearly explained what had happened to everyone.

The members of the special departments interrogation unit understood at once that they didnt need to interrogate Nora at all. The members of the special department didnt have any feelings for Nora. After all, she was cold and distant in nature. Although she held a position in the special department, she hardly came to work.

However, the members of the special department trusted Morris a lot, especially after the Johnson incident.

Therefore, what Morris said must be true.

Moreover, given Morris high position in the department, if he was willing to be Noras guarantor, then they should not be interrogating Nora anymore.

Ruth also understood this. Even though she was filled with hatred, she knew that she had already missed the opportunity to do anything, so she did not dare to say any more.

Without Johnson providing her cover, everything she did now must be logical and reasonable in order for her to be able to stand her ground.

Thus, she said, Since Captain Ford has put it that way, then Ms. Smith can go. However, since her mother is related to the case, then it stands to reason that Ms. Smith should stay away from the investigation to avoid suspicion! Therefore, shouldnt Ms. Smith stop participating in further interrogations related to the case, Captain Ford? Even if she couldnt bring her down, she would drive her away!

Morris hadnt even spoken yet when Nora herself said, Sure.

Nora looked at the people in front of her lazily.

To be honest, there were indeed people who really couldnt fit into the team atmosphere after joining the group halfway.

Moreover, she had always come and gone alone. During this period of time in the special department, she hadnt felt any concern from them at all, either. All she had experienced was just pressure and restrictions.

She had already wanted to leave the special department a long time ago.


Nora went on. Let me interrogate those people before I go. After I am sure that they are telling the truth, I will leave. Her mother was indeed involved with the mysterious organization.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have told her to keep a low profile, bide her time, and avoid standing out, lest she attracted the mysterious organizations attention and put herself in danger.

But if her mother really was the leader of the mysterious organization, then why hadnt she gone abroad and met up with the mysterious organization after she fled from New York back then?

Given how the mysterious organization could move Trueman to places without anyone realizing it, wouldnt it also be a piece of cake for them to move her mother somewhere else back then?

Yet they hadnt!

Not only had they not done that, but Yvette had even gone to California, where she spent the rest of her life. On top of that, she even married a little ruffian like Henry Smith and entrusted herself to him.

Something was definitely wrong!

While she was contemplating, Ruth said sarcastically, Ms. Smith, I have already talked about this just now. Even if you dont trust me, dont you trust Black Cat? Its impossible for the interrogation proposal that I designed with Black Cat to have flaws.

Black Cat


After the spotlight incident, she felt extremely disgusted that how the woman was using her to brag.

Noras lip corners suddenly curled into a smile and she sneered, Do you really know Black


Ruth raised her chin at once. Of course. Black Cat and I are very good friends. Our colleagues have already seen us when we were discussing the proposal together the other time But as soon as she said that, Nora retorted dispassionately, But Black Cat doesnt know