She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 602 - Full Confession!

Chapter 602 - Full Confession!

Chapter 602 Full Confession!

The interrogation officially begins?

The bodyguard was dumbfounded. Before he could understand what was going on, Nora suddenly came up to him. With a lazy demeanor and a bit of impatience in her facial expression, she stretched out her hand


A sharp cry of pain came from the interrogation room.

Even the interrogation rooms great soundproofing couldnt completely drown out the cry, which went to show just how loud the man in the interrogation room had been.

The people outside became nervous at once.

Damon and Mark went up to the door to the interrogation room and looked inside worriedly. They called out, Ms. Smith? Ms. Nora Smith? Are you okay?

But apart from cries of pain, no other sound came out of the room.

Damon couldnt help but ask, That guy couldnt have broken free and assaulted Ms. Smith, right?

A look of worry also came over Marks countenance.

Ruth stood at the side and scoffed inwardly. Here she was, thinking that Black Cat had really imparted a skill or two to Nora. As it turned out, they had just told her to torture them, that was all.

This was against the law!

Nora must have given up on herself after making up her mind to leave the special department, right?

When it came to things like torture, every report made was taken seriously.

Besides, with the way how those bodyguards from the mysterious organization were, it was impossible that one could make them talk just by torturing them. If it was possible, the special department personnel would have done it a long time ago.

She had a lot of faith in the well-trained members of the mysterious organization.

While she was thinking about it, cries of pain traveled over from the room one after another. She leaned against the wall outside leisurely.

After waiting for a full ten minutes, the door to the interrogation room suddenly opened.

Nora walked out of it calmly.

There seemed to be a little displeasure on her countenance, making the hearts of the people outside sink.

Ruth, however, became excited. She immediately said, Nora, did you get anything out of them? Or did you not manage to get them to say anything at all? Or did you get the same answer as I did just now? Also, you tortured him just now, right? Is the information received through such methods reliable? Will he give you false evidence?

Nora stared at her. I didnt torture him.

You didnt? Ruth sneered, How can that be? The mans voice was close to shooting up to the high heavens just now, we all heard it. Are you still trying to deny it?! Heh, Im going in to have a look!

She went straight into the interrogation room.

Damon and Mark also followed behind her closely. What the two of them were thinking, though, was that if Nora had really tortured the suspect, then they must find a way to cover it up for her.

Unexpectedly, when the three of them entered the interrogation room, they instead found the bodyguard drenched in sweat. Cold sweat was dripping from his forehead, but he actually didnt look like he had suffered any injuries!

Ruth refused to give up. She took a step forward and checked the persons vitals, but she couldnt find anything wrong with him.

Ruth hesitated.

Did she really not torture him?

Why was Nora so mysterious in everything she did, though? She really didnt know what she had done just now. However, Ruth suddenly didnt dare to let her make contact with the other suspects anymore. She frowned and looked straight at Damon. She said, Nora must not have gotten anything out of them, but we clearly heard something just now. Therefore, we mustnt let her interrogate the rest of the suspects!

Damon lowered his head. He, who had no affection for Ruth whatsoever, didnt feel like listening to Ruth talk at all at the moment.

Ruth wanted to say more, but Noras low voice had already traveled over. He has confessed everything. Re-interrogate him and get a statement from him. Everyone: ?? Ruth: ??!

After Nora said that, she glanced at the bodyguard in the interrogation room.

The simple glance from her actually made the bodyguard shudder all over. The big burly man had always been rational and aggressive before this, but it was as if he had become a completely different person.

Stunned, Ruth asked, What did she do to you?

What did she do to him?

The thought of what had taken place just now terrified the bodyguard.

He swallowed and suddenly said, Ill confess! Ill confess everything! Dont let her interrogate me anymore! Shes the devil himself! The devil!!!