She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 599 - She’s Not Going To Put Up With It Anymore!

Chapter 599 - She’s Not Going To Put Up With It Anymore!

Chapter 599 Shes Not Going To Put Up With It Anymore!

After Brenda left her office, she went to the special departments entrance. But when she dialed Morris number, she found that his cell phone had been switched off.

She broke into a frown.

When she turned to go back, she found the SWAT officers blocking her way.

Brenda narrowed her eyes and stared at the two of them. How dare you stop me?

The two replied, Captain Brenda, we are in the process of interrogating Nora Smith at the moment. You are not from the interrogation unit, so you are not allowed to enter your office.

Brenda immediately sneered, Is that so?

She rolled up her sleeves at once and said, Lets see if you two can stop me, then!

Then, she went on the offensive right away.

In no time, she had flipped the two officers onto the floor. Only then did Brenda dust her hands off and continue walking forward.

However, the other people at the door blocked her way once more. Brenda stared at them. Are you sure you want to go against me?

The few of them looked at one another. At last, they sighed and said, Captain Brenda, we were assigned this task! We will unconditionally obey all orders related to interrogation!

Brenda: !!

She was livid. She let out an icy laugh and said, Fine. Then you guys can come and try me! But as soon as she said that, Noras calm and dispassionate voice traveled over. Forget it.

Taken aback, Brenda looked at her.

With the SWAT officers in between them, Nora said to her, You will only be detained along with me if you come back. Its more comfortable outside. Why dont you go home for now?

You have been detained? How does Ruth have the right to detain you?!

Nora shrugged. Who knows?.

Brenda took a deep breath, turned, and started walking out. Ill go and look for Justin right away, Nora!

Seeing that Brenda had left, Nora returned to the room.

She closed the curtains and looked at Brendas white sofa.

That woman sure knew how to enjoy life. There was even a white fluffy blanket on the sofa that suited lying down just right. Nora could almost imagine Brendas lazy and charming appearance as she lay down on it. She shook her head, walked over, and lay down.

She would just catch up on sleep.

In the other room, Ruth stared at the monitor showing what was happening in Brendas office.

The surveillance cameras were newly-installed, but she could already see Nora lying on the sofa.

She bit her lip. Suddenly, she said to the person next to her, Go there and do this

When she was done speaking, a hesitant look came over the countenance of the person next to her. Isnt that kinda inappropriate, Ruth? Nora is also a member of the special department after all.

Ruth looked at him at once. Do you still think of her as part of the special department? Dont forget, her mother is the backbone of the mysterious organization! If it werent for her mother, the gene serum would never have emerged into the world! How many people have died because of the gene serum all these years? And how many children did they kidnap for human experiments back then?!

Ruth gritted her teeth hatefully. More than twenty years ago, as many as a thousand children had gone missing in the country. It was only in the end that it was discovered that they had been captured by the mysterious organization. It was only after they conducted brutal and inhumane experiments on the children that the gene serum was created! The members of the mysterious organization are simply devoid of all conscience! All these years, in order to capture the mysterious organization, how many of our comrades have we sacrificed? Now that Nora Smith holds clues to the mysterious organization, why should she be allowed to keep mum about it? Just do what I say! I will bear all the consequences!

The person felt that Ruth was right, yet also not.

For a while, he didnt know what to say. In the end, he could only say, Alright, I guess.

Elsewhere, Nora was lying on the sofa.

While she was resting, someone suddenly rushed into the room.

Nora opened her eyes to see a few people from the special department. They took a lamp and switched it on with a loud snap. After the lamp was switched on, piercing light illuminated the whole room, making it as bright as day!

Nora frowned.

She knew that this was an interrogation tactic. High-intensity light like this would irritate people and make them uncomfortable. Even if they closed their eyes, they wouldnt be able to fall asleep.

She clicked her tongue coldly.

So, was Ruth planning to use these interrogation tactics on her?

She raised her eyebrows and looked at the person who had switched on the lamp. The person glanced at her and tried to persuade her. Ms. Smith, why dont you show us what your mother left you? Dont try to tough it out anymore. Even if Captain Ford comes back, he still has to act according to the regulations!

Nora replied detachedly, No.

The man sighed. He could only leave the room.

At the door, Ruth stood there and looked at her with a smile. Ms. Smith, we have no choice but to do this. After all, this is a standard tactic. I hope you can understand! Of course, if you hand it over now, I can remove the lamp at once. Nora lowered her eyes and said nothing.

Seeing how she looked as if she didnt want to talk, Ruth said, Since you havent decided to make the right decision yet, you can continue to give it more thought!

After speaking, she left and closed the door with a bang.

Ruth had already asked around a long time ago

-sleep was the most important thing to Nora. Now that she couldnt sleep, she would definitely be exceptionally anxious while being detained in there!

In the room.

Nora leaned on the sofa and stared at the lamp.

The light was very glaring. After she closed her eyes for a while, she found that she really couldnt quite fall asleep. Moreover, with such a strong light stimulating her senses, she started to become a little irritated, making her seem a little impatient.

She decided not to put up with this anymore.