She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 598 - Interrogation?!

Chapter 598 - Interrogation?!

Chapter 598 Interrogation?!

She was exactly the one that Nora was suspicious of! She narrowed her eyes and said, I have never doubted Black Cats abilities.

Only then did Ruth nod. In that case, you dont need to interrogate them. Captain Brenda, if you really refuse to let us take her away, thats okay too. I will ask her a few questions right now and right in front of you. Surely that would do, right?

Brenda looked at Nora.

Nora stared at everyone outside.

She knew that even she herself would probably have doubted someone in her position, let alone them.

Her mother was a member of the mysterious organization. Even if she wasnt, what was certain at the moment was that she was undoubtedly connected to the mysterious organization!

On top of that, she was being so mysterious. They definitely wouldnt fully trust her.

She nodded. Ask away.

As expected of someone who once dared to say on a public forum that Black Cats interrogation methods were problematic, Ruth was certainly skilled when it came to interrogation methods. She went straight to the crux of the matter and asked, Ms. Smith, Id like to ask, do you have any impression of your mother? Nora remained seated on Brendas sofa, her posture like a big boss. Her voice was cool and crisp as she slowly replied, If one could retain their memories from when they were a six-month-old baby, then perhaps I might still have had an impression of her.

Yvette had died a few months after she was born. How would she possibly have any impression of her?

Ruth then asked, Did she leave you anything?

Yes, an audio recording.

However, Nora lowered her eyes. She didnt want them to know the content of the recording.

Besides, she was certain that there was nothing related to the case in the recording. She looked straight at Ruth and answered, Yes, but it has nothing to do with the case.

Ruths voice instantly turned stern and severe. Ms. Smith, please cooperate with our investigation! We will decide whether or not it has anything to do with the case after we verify it. Please tell us what your mother left you and where it is!

Nora looked straight at her.

Ruth, however, was not afraid. She continued to stare at her as well.

Nora lowered her eyes.

Suddenly, it occurred to her that the Grays had wanted Anthony to marry her even after she became pregnant back then. They must have wanted something that her mother had left behind, right?

Later, Anthony had demanded the small pharmaceutical company that her mother had left behind. She had gone to the company premises and searched it before, though, but she hadnt found anything useful.

And now, Ruth was asking her if her mother had left her anything

Although she knew that this was a step in the interrogation process and was also a necessary procedure; had it been someone else who had asked her that question, she might not have thought too much into it. But if it was Ruth


Why was she getting the feeling that Ruth was also trying to sound her out to find out what that thing was?!

Nora did not speak.

The atmosphere suddenly died down.

Even Brenda looked at Nora and said, Nora, if its not very important, why dont you show it to them?


Nora replied, This involves my privacy. It is also my personal belonging. I have the right to refuse to show it to anyone.

She sounded very firm. Even if she were to present the audio recording, she would only let Morris listen to


Brenda fell silent for a while. Then, without any hesitation, she chose to stand in front of her. She faced Ruth and said, Nora does indeed have the right to do that.

Ruth, however, said aggressively, Finding the roots of the mysterious organization and taking all of them down in one fell swoop is what matters the most right now. Ms. Smith, as a member of the special department, cant you just cooperate with us?

She spoke as if Nora would be the special departments sinner if she did not cooperate with them.

The others also looked at her.

Ruth went on. Also, dont you find your past very weird? How did you meet Dr. Silvester Zabe when you grew up in California? And how did you learn everything you know about surgery? Dr. Zabe is in New York; surely he couldnt have run all the way to California to take you as his disciple, right?!

Why not

It wasnt just Silvester but also Quinn and

Nora cast her eyes down and said nothing.

Ruth went on. In addition, you came to New York at a time that is really too coincidental. We have already done the calculations. Not long after you came, Caleb Gray also arrived. After Gray came, Trueman Yale brought his bodyguards with him and came here too. Since then, Yale has been in constant contact with you. May I know why this is?! Every word Ruth spoke was insinuating that there was something between her and Trueman.

Nora cast her eyes down and sneered, If its about that, you can ask Captain Ford about it.

She had always kept Morris in the loop about her communication with Trueman.

However, Ruth said, Are you planning to have Captain Ford protect you? What bad timing, though, because something came up, he is out today. Therefore, you must explain this clearly today. Otherwise, Im afraid you wont be able to leave the special department. After Ruth spoke very aggressively, she stepped aside. At once, a group of SWAT officers from the special department came forward from behind her.

Brenda frowned. Ruth, what is the meaning of this?

Ruth adopted a very aggressive attitude and replied, Captain Brenda, I am in charge of all interrogation matters. Captain Ford has also given me the right to act according to my will! Now that Nora is involved with the key figures of the case, she can only be released after she has been thoroughly interrogated. Otherwise, we have firm grounds to believe that she has relations to the mysterious organization!

Brenda went forward and stopped right in front of Nora. Try taking another step forward! Im going to see which one of you has the guts to take her to the interrogation room when Im standing right here?!

We wont take her away.

Ruth said, We will interrogate her right here in your office. Give it some good thought, Ms. Smith. We will only be able to trust you if you hand over what your mother has left you!

After speaking, she took a step back and left straightaway.

Brenda frowned and looked at the SWAT officers at the door. She knew that they were there to monitor them.

Infuriated, she whipped out her cell phone at once and said, I will call Captain Ford right now and get him to come back! Unfortunately, after she took out her cell phone, she realized that there was no signal at all.

She was stunned for a moment. Then, she suddenly realized what was happening. F*ck! They actually jammed the signal in my office?!

She looked at Nora and said, Two days ago, when you were in a deep sleep, Captain Ford received a call for help from the border. Someone who appears to be from the mysterious organization has allegedly shown up there, so he took some men with him and immediately went over as reinforcement. Before he left, because Ruth looked like she was doing a decent job of interrogating the suspects, Captain Ford temporarily gave her the rights to interrogation. But I didnt expect that she would actually start targeting you!

Brenda went out with her cell phone at once. She said, Wait for me here, Nora. Ill go out and find a signal and call Captain Ford! ill make him come back right away. Even if he cant, I will make him call the department and release you!

Nora, however, leaned back on the sofa lazily and stared at the ceiling.

Even if they couldnt get him on the phone, Morris would have to come back the next day anyway.

No biggie, she would just sleep the day away!