She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 597 - Interrogation Results!

Chapter 597 - Interrogation Results!

Chapter 597 Interrogation Results!

After hanging up the phone, Nora stroked Petes head. Then, she looked at the sleeping Cherry and whispered, Look after Cherry. Dont let her play games all day.

Pete nodded seriously and replied, Okay.

Nora then got up, changed, and went out.

Justin drove her there.

Nora was in the passenger seat. On the way to the special department, she suddenly thought of Trueman. She opened her chat record with him and found that he still hadnt answered the question that she asked him the last time.

Nora asked again: Who plotted my pregnancy?

The person who had managed to plot her pregnancy must also be capable of drugging Justin. This was definitely no simple person.

Trueman didnt reply to her right away.

Nora frowned.

As if he could sense her emotions, Justin suddenly said, No matter what happens, it has nothing to do with you.

Taken aback, Nora turned to look at him.

Justin then said, The previous generations affairs have nothing to do with us. Even if your mother has really done something, it has nothing to do with you.

Nora lowered her eyes.

After a while, she nodded.

To be honest, she had already seen it coming. Just like what Morris had said at the beginning, he had also suspected Yvette of being involved in the production of the gene serum. Back then, on the grounds of treating someones illness, Yvette had escaped after she left the police station.

With that in mind, she arrived at the special department.

As soon as she entered, she noticed that the way the people there looked at her had changed a little.

Nora frowned.

At this moment, Brenda rushed out, grabbed her, and took her straight to her office. After entering, Brenda closed the door, blocking out the gazes and gossips of the people outside. When she looked back behind her, she saw that Nora was already seated on the sofa in her office.

Brenda said, Excuse me, Nora, she is already starting to bully you. Why are you still so calm?!

Nora raised her eyebrows. Alright, tell me, how did she bully me?

Brenda sat in front of her and explained, She has already made them talk. Those people are saying that your mother, Yvette Anderson, was a member of the mysterious organization! On top of that, her status in there was pretty high!

Nora nodded. And then?

Brenda sighed. All the bodyguards who were arrested are saying the same thing. They came back to the States this time to look for your mother! They even said that

Brenda glanced at her and went on. that you are also involved in this. They said that you are their undercover agent.

Following what she said, the door to Brendas office was pushed open. A few people from the special department stood outside, all of them staring at Nora.

Brendas expression changed at once. She looked at them harshly and demanded, What do you think youre doing? Are you staging a rebellion?

The few of them hesitated for a moment. Then, they said, Captain Brenda, its like this. The suspects have said that Nora is their undercover agent

Brenda sneered, And you believe them?

They sighed and replied, We dont believe them, either, but according to the regulations, we have to ask her a few questions.

Brenda let out a hmph. What kind of questions? Dont you know what she has done for the special department? Two days ago, it was none other than Nora who exposed Johnsons conspiracy here and allowed one of our undercover comrades to return to the light. It was also her who let you people know who the more reliable one between Captain Johnson and Captain Ford is! But now youre actually running over to interrogate her? Also, have you people asked Captain Ford for permission to interrogate her?

Reprimanded by Brenda, none of them dared to speak.

At this moment, a voice reached them. Dont be mad, Captain Brenda. Everyone is just trying to do their jobs

The few of them stepped aside, upon which Ruth walked over from behind.

Ruth had been very popular in the special department recently because of the interrogation plan that she and Black Cat had designed. Everyone had become a believer of her.

In addition, all of them had interrogated the suspects for many daysin fact, some of them had even started to employ torture methodsyet none of them had managed to make the bodyguards talk. Despite that, Ruths interrogation methods had easily made them talk, which gave everyone a new perception of her interrogation abilities.

Originally, because of the Johnson incident, everyone had distanced themselves from Ruth somewhat. However, everyone here admired capable people.

Ruths ability had made everyones fondness for her grow exponentially.

Moreover, because the interrogation plan was designed by Black Cat and her, Morris had left her in charge of all interrogation matters.

Ruth looked at the two of them, a smile still on her face. Her dimples made her look like a little girl next door.

Brenda stared at her. What? You want to interrogate Nora too? Are you worthy of that? Ruth lowered her eyes. How would I dare to do that? I know Ms. Smiths status in the special department is special, and also know very much just how much Captain Ford values her, so how would I possibly dare to interrogate her?

Then hurry up and get the hell out of here! Brenda shouted sharply.

Ruth sighed. Captain Brenda, all the bodyguards are now saying that Yvette Anderson was the second-in-command in the special department back then. She was also involved in the development of the gene serum and other issues. All of them came to the States just to search for her! Moreover, they also said that she is in possession of all the theories and mechanics of the gene serum! Yvette Anderson alone can establish another mysterious organization!

Brenda sneered, So? Yvette Anderson is dead!

Ruth looked at Nora. But her daughter is still alive.

Brenda immediately said, I didnt know that the special departments principles involve imposing parents crimes onto their children? Even the children of murderers have to be arrested, right?

Ruth sighed and looked at her helplessly. As I said, Captain Brenda, we will not be arresting Ms. Smith. We just want to summon her to answer a few of our questions. Isnt it in her interest to clear her of all suspicions as soon as possible?

To be honest, according to the rules and regulations, Ruths approach was appropriate. She occupied the moral high ground this time.

On the contrary, Brendas interception at the moment was a bit unreasonable.

As Yvettes only daughter, even if Nora was not involved with the mysterious organization, she was obligated to assist the special department in their investigations.

But when Ruth became the interrogator, there was no way Brenda would allow Nora to suffer such grievances. She was about to say more when Nora got up and said, I want to interrogate the bodyguards.

Ruth and the others were stunned.

A contemptuous smile immediately formed on Ruths countenance. At once, she said, What do you mean by that, Ms. Smith? I can understand if you suspect that my proposal is problematic, but this proposal was designed by Black Cat and me. Are you saying that you doubt Black Cats interrogation abilities?