She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 594 - Going Home

Chapter 594 - Going Home

Chapter 594 Going Home

The Smith manor was still some distance away from the gates.

Thus, when the police car stopped, the security guard hurriedly popped his head out the window and was badly frightened. Are they here to arrest someone again?

Puzzled, the butler went out and went up to the police car politely. Just as he was about to speak, the car window rolled down, revealing Karls face. He asked, Is Tanya at home?

The butler was taken aback. Mrs. Smith has been home all along. Mr. Moore, have you hijacked a police car?

Had Karl broken out of jail and even stolen a police car?

Wasnt he a little too bold?

The butlers thoughts terrified him.

Upon hearing what he said, Karl broke into a grin. He even patted the steering wheel and asked, Is this car dashing or what? The butler:

Cmon, cut the crap and open the door! Im going in to look for my daughter! Following Karls words, the butler swallowed. He ultimately didnt dare to stop Karl from entering, so he opened the gates.

The car swayed about as Karl drove carelessly on the driveway.

In the living room.

Tanyas eyes were lowered and she kept quiet.

With a cold look on his face, Joel said, Grandaunt Sue, I dont find my wifes status awkward at all.

Sue curled her lips disdainfully and said, You dont have to glorify her anymore. All of New York already knows by now that her father is a murderer. This has pretty much been cemented. We also have our own contacts that we can use to find out the information we want! Tanya is not invited to any of the events in the New York circle these days. If you dont believe me, then why dont you go out and have a look yourself? Think of all the invitations that the Smiths had received when Yvonne was still around. Who is going to send the Smiths any invitations now?

She went on. Its not just Tanya. Even Nora is also What is a good girl like her doing being a forensic doctor? Doesnt she find it crass dealing with dead bodies every day? Its even taboo for many people, thats why they are not sending invitations to Nora anymore, either.

But there are many things that require a woman to come forward and take care of. Take a look at the Smiths now, how many presentable women are there?

Besides, Im here this time because of a huge transaction!

Joel narrowed his eyes and looked at Sue.

Sue said, There isnt any land available for purchase in New York lately, right? The real estate business is gradually failing. The part of our familys business in the real estate hasnt produced any profits this year! But I daresay that this project of mine is definitely the most profitable in the real estate industry!

Joel immediately understood what project Sue was talking about.

He immediately cut her off and said, The Smiths will not brood over certain businesses. The real estate industry is not doing well anymore. It was a wise choice that we pulled out in time!

He didnt give Sue a chance to speak, but stood up and pushed her out instead. He said, Grandaunt Sue, we have a lot to do. Why dont you go home for now?

Tanya watched the two of them.

Joel had always been a wily little fox. Even if he was obviously unhappy about something, he would still keep a smile on his face. He maintained a smiley disposition all year round and then decimated his enemies behind their backs.

He seldom got angry on the surface back then.

But he was actually starting to get physical now. It must be because what Sue was about to say had something to do with her.

As soon as the thought formed, Sue said, Joel, dont push me. Isnt it for the sake of letting the Smiths profit that Im here to talk about the project today? Are you going to deprive the Smiths of such huge profits just to protect your wife?

Sue rushed up to Tanya and said, Do you know? There is a big project in New York that all the companies are bidding for right now. The Smiths could have easily fought for it; its all because of you that we have let this project slip by us!

Tanya frowned and looked at Joel.

Joels voice became even colder. Grandaunt Sue, dont force me into taking action against


Sue, however, lifted her chin and said, Then why dont you do it? But before you do, I still have to make this clear!

She looked straight at Tanya and said, This huge project was to build a courthouse on a plot of land in the suburbs! And since this building is so special, they require an engineering team with a crystal clear track record with the law! The Smiths have indeed never broken the law before even after being in business for so many years! But we now have a daughter-in-law with a murderer for a father! Youve utterly ruined the Smiths reputation! We cant bid on the project anymore just because of you!

Tanya bit her lip when she heard this.

As for Joel, he immediately shouted, Wheres the housekeeper?!

Lucy entered the room and said, Im here.

Show Grandaunt Sue out!

Yes, sir.

Lucy took a step forward as she spoke. She grabbed Sues hand right away and started to drag her toward the door.

Sue, however, sneered and said, Joel, do you think this problem will just go away if you drive me out and stop me from talking? Even if I dont say anything about it, both of you should know that its all because of her father that we have been barred from the project! Hah, we, the Smiths, have never so brazenly broken the law all these years, but we have totally embarrassed ourselves this time! Are you still going to defend a wife like that? To be honest, building a courthouse didnt bring much profit.

However, it was a representation of ones corporate reputation in the country!

It was indeed extremely unsightly that the Smiths engineering team didnt even qualify to bid on the project.


Joel refuted her. We may not be able to win the project even if we bid for it, anyway! How can you blame it all on Tanya?

Sue sneered, With what all the outsiders are saying, the Smiths have utterly embarrassed themselves, yet you are still defending her! Not only is a matriarch like her unable to do anything for the Smiths, but shes even giving us a whole lot of trouble! Joel, I told you, I came here with a project! As long as you let me be the matriarch of the Smiths on the surface, I can convince the Department of Housing and Urban Development to give the Smiths a chance to participate in the bidding! Whether we make money or not doesnt matter; what matters is earning back the reputation we have lost!

Joel frowned. He was about to speak when police sirens came from the door.

Sues eyes lit up at once when she heard the police sirens. She pointed at Tanya and said excitedly, Hear that? The police are here again! Have we become at constant loggerheads with the police? Tanyas father must have gotten himself in trouble again, theyre here to arrest Tanya now!

As soon as she said that, a wild and boorish voice came from the door. Who dares to arrest my daughter?!

Upon hearing this, the few of them looked over one after another and saw Karl striding in wearing a police uniform!