She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 593 - Welcome Home!

Chapter 593 - Welcome Home!

Chapter 593 Welcome Home!

About the child?

Justins footsteps paused as his long and cold eyes looked at her. However, he only glanced at her casually before getting into the car.

He had nothing to say to Ruth about the child.

The car started and Ruth chased after it. Just as she was about to reach the car, Lawrence suddenly came out and grabbed her. Miss Ruth, lets talk!

When Ruth saw that it was him again, she bit her lip in anger and said, I really have something important to discuss with Mr. Hunt! Its about the child! His son!

Lawrence lowered his eyes. Whats wrong with Pete? Tell me first.

Ruths eyes were firm as she slowly said, No, I must discuss this with Mr. Hunt face to face. I wont say anything until I see him!

The corners of Lawrences mouth twitched. This trick again. Are you going to ask him out on a date when you see him? Miss Ruth, Ive already seen this trick of yours a million times. I advise you to behave yourself! Mr. Hunt has a fiance! Its Miss Smith, do you understand?

He pursed his lips and looked at Ruth up and down. Please take a good look at yourself. What about you compares to Miss Smith? Your face? Your figure? Or your talent? Tsk! Look in the mirror if you have the time!

Lawrence got into the car and left behind Justin.

Ruth was left alone in embarrassment.

She clenched her fists tightly and took a deep breath after a moment. Just wait and see! Ill expose the person you like sooner or later and make her fall from grace!!

The limousine was driving back to the Smiths.

Justin personally drove so Nora could rest without any hindrance. He drove the car so smoothly not even a little vibration could be felt.


Nora lay on the big bed on the backseat and slept with her eyes closed.

She had only fallen asleep when she suddenly sat up.

She hesitated for a moment. Did we forget something?

Justin looked at her. What can I forget? Just go to sleep.

Noras face was pale and listless. Her almond-shaped eyes were lowered and she could barely open them. When she heard Justins words, she thought that it was probably nothing serious, so she lay down again. This time, she really fell into a deep


Not long after their car left, Karl was released from the special department.

Everyone in the special department stared at him.

Janson had gone to settle Old Terrys funeral matters, so Mark represented him as he stood there. The moment Karl came out, he stood straight as a wall and saluted.

An undercover colleague was someone they should admire the most. However, under Captain Johnsons guidance, he had instead humiliated Karl several times over the past few days.



At this moment, Mark really felt that he had been wrong. Sir, I was wrong! Please hit me and vent your anger!

Young officers were always hot-blooded. However, they could realize their mistakes and change. They did not always have bad intentions.

Karl looked at him and thought of his younger days

He patted Marks shoulder and said, You did the right thing. Even if theres no evidence and you have doubts about the enemy, you must have complete faith in your comrades!

Just as he himself had never doubted Old Terry all these years.

Even if such a thing had happened before, it should not have caused the people in the special department to have a crisis of distrust toward their comrades.

Marks face turned even redder. But Captain Johnson turned out to be like this. Can our comrades be trusted?.


Karl replied affirmatively, There are always exceptions. But those willing to give up everything for the people deserve respect. They could not let the people in the special department have a trust crisis because of Captain Johnson.

Mark nodded thoughtfully. At this moment, Morris held a uniform in his hand and walked to Karl with steel steps. He suddenly saluted Karl and handed him the uniform. Karl, welcome home.

Welcome home.

These words made Karls eyes turn red.

With trembling fingers, he slowly took the uniform and returned Morriss salute.

Then he turned and walked out.

Along the way, people from the special department kept looking at him. People saluted Karl one after another as he walked past them. With everyones attention on him, Karl went out the door.

In the solemn and tragic atmosphere, Karls voice suddenly came from outside the door. Wheres Nora? This heartless person. Did she not think of taking me home?! Do I have to take a taxi home?!

Everyone was speechless.

Morris hurried over and arranged for a car from the special department to send him home.

At the Smiths.

After reaching the Smith Manor, Justin picked up Nora, who was in deep sleep, and took her inside.

The matter had been resolved, and Austin had not come to the country.

Ian was very satisfied. It was rare that he did not have a bad expression of Justin.

Justin went upstairs and gently placed Nora on the bed. Then, he heard the commotion downstairs.

His brows drew together tightly.

He went out and looked downstairs. He realized that it was Sue. At this moment, she was pointing at Tanya. Tanya, your status is so awkward now! Your father killed a person and even killed a policeman! Hes simply too lawless!

Tanya rolled her eyes and ignored her. However, just as she was about to go upstairs, Sue said, Youre now the mistress of our family. Its too embarrassing to have a murderer as a father! Look, so many invitation letters have been sent to my house. No one dares to invite you. Therefore, Joel, dont you think I should be the one appearing as the mistress of the Smiths?

Many people wanted to curry favor with the Smiths to do business. As the mistress, she could get many gifts from them.

Being the mistress of the Smiths was a very glorious thing.

Sue was using Tanyas bad reputation to vie for this position!

She really courted death every day.

Joel lowered his eyes. I wont trouble you with that kind of thing.

How is it trouble? Im also a member of the Smiths. Besides, Tanyas status is too awkward now, and shes not suitable to appear in public. Isnt it my responsibility then?

Almost as soon as she finished speaking, a police car stopped outside the villa with a screech.