She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 595 - Arresting Someone

Chapter 595 - Arresting Someone

Chapter 595 Arresting Someone

A shudder went through Sue when she heard his voice. Seeing that it was Karl walking in, Sue was reminded of the terror she had felt being dominated by him the last time, and her legs turned into jelly.

Karl was dressed in a police uniform, which covered all of his tattoos and made him look very righteous. It was just that there was no change to his simple and honest image.

As he entered, Karl grinned at Tanya and said, Im back.

Tanyas eyes reddened.

Joel put his arm around her shoulders. After greeting his daughter, Karl finally looked at Sue. Upon recognizing her, he frowned and said with displeasure, You again? Sue swallowed hard. No, its not me!

Karl: ?

Sue was so terrified that she didnt dare to speak. Instead, she said to Tanya and Joel, Um, I have something to do, so Ill be going now!

She hurried out after speaking, upon which she spotted the police car parked at the door.

Sue became even more scared and almost fell onto the ground. She got into the car and immediately told the chauffeur to quickly drive off. When they reached the gates, she saw the butler instructing his subordinates, Quick, close the gates. If anyone comes and asks about Mr. Joels in-laws, just tell them that you dont know anything!

Yes, sir!

The butler sighed. He even has the guts to steal a police car. Surely Mr. Moore didnt really break out of prison again, right?

Sue became even more scared and she didnt dare to say any more. She immediately urged the chauffeur to hurry up and drive back home.

But when she got home, the more Sue thought about it, the more scared she became.

She said to Samuel, People like Karl Moore are all devils who kill without even batting an eyelid. Do you think he will come to take revenge against me?

Samuel was, surprisingly, relatively calm. He replied, I know that family well. Although they seem cold and ruthless, they are reliable As long as you dont provoke them, they wont do anything to you.

Samuel just found Ian an eyesore, thats why he was always going against him. However, he had never harbored any thoughts of harming the Smiths.

Sue, however, said, But I have already made an agreement with the other party. They will give the Smiths a chance to bid for the project and I will give them money! This way, I would also become the matriarch of the Smiths. With that, wont all the Smiths little opportunities to make money be ours in the future?

Samuel curled his lips disdainfully. Dream on. The matriarch of the Smiths? You sure dare to dream big. With how stingy Ian is, he has all the power in the family tightly in his grasp, okay? His word is absolute in for the Smiths! Joel was personally taught and groomed by him. Do you think he will ever make you the matriarch of the Smiths? Dont even think about it!

Seeing that even Samuel wasnt cooperating with her, Sue got anxious. Why are you being such a loser? Havent you ever thought of improving our familys conditions?

She walked back and forth in the room. Then, she went out. No, this wont do. Im calling the cops!

Samuel was taken aback. What are you going crazy for?

Sue replied, I am a good, law-abiding citizen. Now that someone like him has broken out of jail again, I have to inform the police about it! Even if it is not for money, I am afraid that he will come over in the middle of the night and murder me! There are murder cases everywhere these days. Its not like you havent seen the news!

Before Samuel could recover, Sue had already left.

The forty to fifty-year-old woman was a bit chubby but didnt look swollen. She merely looked a little well-fed. Her butt twisted from side to side as she got into the car and went straight to the nearest police station. The moment she entered, she immediately said, Officer, Id like to make a police report! A murderer has broken out of jail and is now hiding at the Smith Manor!

At the Smiths.

Karl didnt have the time to bother with Sue after she fled. Instead, he asked, What project is it? I can talk to them!

He was now a hero in the special department. Morris definitely wouldnt reject him if he asked to give the relevant departments a heads-up.

Joel smiled and replied, No, its fine. Youve only just returned, you should take a good bath and rest instead!

The fact that Karl had returned in the uniform showed that what Nora had said was all correct. From the looks of it, Karls identity must have been reinstated.

The obstacle standing in the way of the Smiths would go away even without him speaking with the relevant authorities.

Upon hearing what Joel said, Karl sniffed himself. Then, he scratched his head and looked at Tanya. Do I smell? Ive been taking baths every day in the special department!

As he spoke, he even stretched his arm towards Tanya so that she could take a sniff as well.


She pushed Karls arm away and sighed. There are dumplings in the kitchen. Do you want some?

Karls eyes lit up. Yes!

Tanya walked to the kitchen straight away.

The servant in the kitchen said, What do you need, Maam? Let me do it!

No, its fine, replied Tanya. Then, she took out the frozen dumplings from the refrigerator and put them in the pot.

Karl came over. The servant smiled and said, Mrs. Smith made these dumplings herself. She didnt let us help at all! Youre so blessed, Mr. Moore!

The simple-looking Karl couldnt stop chuckling

Ian came downstairs at this time.

He could get out of the wheelchair and walk with crutches by now, and his recovery was going well. When he saw Karl, he huffily asked, Old man, why are you in my house again?

Karl craned his neck and replied, I dont have a house in New York, so where my daughter is is my home!

When Tanya saw Ian, she asked, Dad, would you also like a plate of dumplings?.

Ever since Joel started calling him Dad, Tanya had also changed her term of address for Ian.

But as soon as she called him Dad, Karl became jealous. Girl, why are you calling him Dad? Hes not eating!

Ian couldnt help but smile. The moment the smile formed, his good looks immediately revealed themselves. He had always been an attractive man. Now that he was keeping himself well-maintained, and his cheeks had become a bit fleshier, he looked a lot younger than before. His smile was very elegant. He said, Ill have a plate.

Initially, he hadnt wanted to eat it, but just for the sake of annoying Karl, he would have a plate of dumplings, no matter what.

Karl said, My daughter made them for me! You are not allowed to eat any!

Ian leaned on the crutches and sneered, This is my house! Get out of here!

While the two old men were arguing as if they were children, a group of police officers suddenly swarmed in through the doorway!

There were about ten officers. All of them were wearing bulletproof vests and had surrounded the living room. Ian frowned and asked, Whats going on? The perspiration-soaked butler came after them and replied, Sir, I tried to intercept them, but they refuse to listen to me

What accompanied his words was Sue walking in from behind the policemen. She pointed at Karl and shouted, Officer, thats him! He is a murderer! He even escaped from prison and stole your car! Karl:??