She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 592 - About the Child?

Chapter 592 - About the Child?

Chapter 592 About the Child?

Nora was very focused when she worked. When she was overseas, she would often work for a few days and nights in a row. After that, she would sleep for a very long time. Therefore, she had specially made a vitamin solution to prevent hypoglycemia in her sleep.

Lily only needed to inject this solution into her body. She did not need to wake up herself. She could sleep for 72 hours, or even more.

Captain Johnson was stunned. How how is this possible? Nora raised her eyebrows. Because she had not slept enough, her temper was a little grumpy as she spoke impatiently in a hoarse voice, The inspection unit has already collected the needles and syringes I used on Old Terry that day. They have checked the composition inside and confirmed that it is indeed a vitamin solution. Why do you think Captain Ford and I were let out?

They had been acquitted!

Furthermore, the Inspection unit had cooperated with them and put on a show!

As for the medicine used on Quentin

The gene serum Nora had pretended to inject was all a cover to fool Janson into convincing Captain Johnson.

The drug actually used for Quentins treatment was administered later on!

She did not sleep for three days and three nights to synthesize an excellent drug for the recovery of his bones using the medical skills given by her master, Dr. Zabe. This medicine was the Bone Adhesion Balm.

Quentin was finally able to stand up because of that drug. The drug would not take effect that fast, but to help her convince Captain Johnson, Quentin had stood up forcefully and walked back and forth.

Now, he was lying on the bed again. He had been injured for a hundred days, not to mention that his bones had been rejoined. He had to recuperate well later on.

As for Old Terry

Since his temples had exploded, there was no way to save him and he had died on the very same day. However, how and when to tell the others about his death was all planned by Nora. At this point, the truth was revealed. Captain Johnson was arrested and taken away by the Inspection unit. What awaited him next was trial and execution. The death penalty was unavoidable. After all, his crime was too serious.

Janson realized that his father had really passed away and started crying. Mark and the others felt as if their worlds had collapsed.

Just as everyone was feeling mixed emotions, Ruth suddenly rushed out.

Her arm was still wrapped in bandages and her charming face was filled with fear. She said, Officers, I want to report something!

When she said this, the people from the Inspection unit looked at her.

Ruth said, Captain Johnson had asked me to develop a plan to interrogate Karl. I found it very strange at the time, so I kept delaying the plans. Now, I understand. Fortunately, I trusted Captain Ford. So thats how it is! Anyway, I want to report something!

The people from the Inspection unit and the surrounding special departments all looked at her.

Ruth said righteously, When I went to his room to find some information, I realized that his computer was switched on. He had logged onto an external network. I checked his records and realized that Captain Johnson had posted a message on a foreign underworld forum. He said that Nora had a gene serum, he was trying to attract overseas organizations to fight for it. I think the reason he did that was also to stop Old Terrys treatment.

Her words made the expressions of the people change drastically.

Captain Johnson had already committed a heinous crime by killing people for money. However, they did not expect him to be in contact with foreign underworld? They definitely needed to investigate if he was a spy! The officer from the Inspection unit said, Comrade Ruth, the intelligence you have provided is very important. We will thoroughly investigate the matter! If any of you people have any other information for us, you have to tell it in time!

Ruths eyes were red as she lowered her head. Although I grew up overseas and was recommended by Captain Johnson to join the special department, I knew this place was my home when I came to New York. I didnt expect Captain Johnson to be such a vile person

The people from the Inspection unit could only comfort her. Its okay. This has nothing to do with you. Ruth sighed. I know it has nothing to do with me, but it was Captain Johnson who recommended me to the special department. This

The people from the Ministry of Supervision immediately calmed her down. Its okay. The special department welcomes all talented people! Besides, youve done a good job by reporting Captain Johnson!

Ruth heaved a sigh of relief.

This was the reason she had rushed out to snitch against Captain Johnson.

She had been recommended by Captain Johnson. If he left, she was afraid that the department would chase her away.

She hurriedly looked at Morris and said, Captain Ford, Black Cat and I have already sorted out the interrogation plan. If we interrogate them accordingly, I guarantee that they will all speak!

Morris stared at Ruth.

Morris was a person who cared about principles when he did things. Although Ruth had always been against Nora in the past, she had never done anything against his principles.

Moreover, Captain Johnson had just been arrested. If he turned around and dealt with Ruth, he would leave a bad impression on the other people in the special department, making them feel uneasy.

At the thought of this, Morris said, Work hard. Dont spend so much time on those trivial matters in the future!

Ruth blushed and she said, Yes Sir!

Morris then looked to the side and wanted to speak to Nora, but he saw Nora and Brenda already walking out when he turned his head.

Nora was so tired that she did not want to speak, but she still looked at Brenda in confusion. You are quite good at disguises. Your acting was very realistic. Brenda said, Of course. Im made use of my makeup and forgery techniques to the limit! Nora was curious. Can you impersonate anyone?

Brenda said, No, it would be very difficult to impersonate you. After all, your head is smaller than mine. I would prefer someone with a big head. I just need to add some skin and stuff like that. If I had to impersonate you Do you think I can peel off a layer of skin?

The two of them walked along busy chatting. Just as they left the door, they saw Justin standing in the parking lot. His tall and slender figure was noticeable at a glance.

He was leaning against the car with his legs crossed. When he saw the two of them, he immediately stood up and walked toward them.

Brenda clicked her tongue twice and said in a lazy and charming tone, Justin, you were married to your job when you werent with Nora in the past. Now that you have Nora, have you thrown your job away in some cold corner?

Justin ignored her.

Instead, he opened the car door and said to Nora, Lets go home and catch up on your sleep.

Nora nodded and got into the car.

Justin walked to the other side and was about to get into the car when Ruth suddenly came running out of the special department. When she saw him, her eyes instantly lit up and she hurried over. Mr. Hunt, I really have something to tell you!

Justin did not even look at her and got into the car.

Ruth had no choice but to bite her lips and shout, Its about the child! Youll regret it if you dont listen!